LV. 39
GP 1k

【通關】解決nwn2聖體高塔(pinnacle of Host Tower)卡關問題

樓主 黑色咆哮 kaichong


NPCs at pinnacle of Host Tower not responding (Back to Top)

If you have reached the pinnacle of the Host Tower, and the NPCs on the other side of the locked gate do not respond and do not run their in-game cutscene, the best way to continue is by running a particular script. First, press ` or ~ to display the command console in the upper left of the screen and then type the following to enter DebugMode:

DebugMode 1

Once you have done that, prepare for a fight, and then open the command console again and type the following:

dm_runscript 2q6k_startfight

NOTE: There is a single space between the dm_runscript command and the name of the script.

The gate should open, and the NPCs should attack you. Once they are disposed of, you can turn off DebugMode with:

DebugMode 0

Then, read your journal entry and use your Stone of Recall to report back to Aarin Gend and finish the chapter. Note: This issue has been fixed in the v1.64 patch

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