LV. 41
GP 3k

【情報】王國風雲3 1.10 蒙古鐵騎來臨;直轄、綁架流GG?宣誓功能上線 (個人翻譯...有錯請指教)

樓主 比翼の羽根 S50694

# Game Balance
- A woman being close to the fertility cutoff cap (3 years) now gives the 'Low Fertility' marriage penalty.

- Being unable to inherit titles no longer blocks claim inheritance. The Castrated, Bastard, and Disinherited traits still block claim inheritance. Only from within your dynasty for Disinherited

- Building a new Temple now gives much more piety, you can't do it too often anyways

- Cities and Temples now follow the same cost scale as Castles

- Clan rulers now desire fewer spouses the lower their tier is. The Piety penalty only triggers if they are below desired spouses. The numbers are: Baron/Count wants one, Dukes two, Kings three, and Emperors four.
氏族統治者中所需配偶數量會與頭銜等級掛勾。虔誠懲罰低於閥值才會觸發;男爵/伯爵 想要1、公爵2、國王3、皇帝4

- The Piety hit from being below desired spouses has been doubled.

- Confederate Partition now ignores land held by vassals with title allegiance when there's titles with their own separate succession (E.G., elective titles, titles with their own gender laws). This means no more creating a kingdom where all the vassals will go with another title
-聯盟分割法中會忽略這些領地當有自己的繼承法(例如選舉頭銜,不同性別法的繼承法)的頭銜下的封臣 這意味著不再均分出新的頭銜導致其法理下的封臣一同轉而變成另一方

- Courtiers you have a kid with are now slightly more likely to stick around

- Creating a title will now cause vassals dejure under it to lose title allegiance if their allegiance is to a title of the same tier. E.G., creating the empire of Italia as the HRE will cause the Italian vassals to lose allegiance to the HRE

- Denying Call to Arms now costs Fame, potentially reducing your Level of Fame. Denying offensive wars has a small impact, but denying defensive calls have a massive impact.

- Denying a defensive war now reduces opinion with your ally by -50 for 25 years (decaying)
拒絕參加防禦戰爭會減少盟友關係  50點持續25年(衰減)

- Denying an offensive war now reduces opinion with your ally by -20 for 5 years (decaying)
拒絕參加進攻戰爭會減少盟友關係  20點持續5年(衰減)

- Slashed the opinion modifier from Diplomacy by half

- Diplomacy skill now gives a prestige mult % (with offset)

- Electors should now be less inclined to form or join independence factions, unless they're another faith than their liege

- Fixed pregnancy chance remaining unchanged for significant fertility spans before dropping drastically. Now the reduction in pregnancy chance is gradual instead. E.G., before the couple's fertility dropping from 53% to 52% would cause the chance of pregnancy to drop from 3% to 2% per month, while now it'll go from 2.52% to 2.47%

- For player cultures, the culture head now updates within a month when one ruler becomes bigger than another
對於玩家文化,文化領袖會於1個月更新 - 當有另一個統治者大於另一個統治者。

- For player dynasties, the dynast now takes at most one month to update when someone else becomes more than 10% stronger, rather than up to a year
對於玩家的宗族,族長將於1個月更新 - 當有人比其他人多10%強大,而不是原本的1年。

- Giving away a holding of the wrong type as an ambitious or greedy character will no longer incur stress

- Greedy gift-receivers now no longer demand insane amounts of additional gold

- The AI is now much more likely to demand the conversion of heretical vassals, if their refusal would result in them being marked as criminals. This should make the AI less likely to collapse to heresy.

- Heresiarchs will no longer accept demands of conversion.

- Denying a conversion request now gives the liege a revoke reason, in addition to the imprisonment reason they already got.

- Outbreaks of heresy now increase the Fervor of the affected Faith much more positively. This means that large faiths are more likely to bounce back to max Fervor after a Heresy outbreak.

- If a vassal asks for something in return for you asking them to convert faith, denying their request no longer gives you an imprisonment/revoke reason on them (you're being impious by not parting with simple material wealth!)

- If you have Partition and your primary title has a special election form, the heir to that title will be the primary heir for your Partition and get a share as long as they're a valid player heir, even if they otherwise wouldn't have been part of the Partition, or later in the Partition order

- Increased cooldown on asking vassal to convert faith to 15 years

- Inheritance succession can now go up to 6 generations upwards to find a distant relative rather than just 3

- It is now harder to murder someone you're at war with, or murder their vassals/courtiers

- The maximum success chance/secrecy of Abduct Schemes are now 85% (down from 95%).
綁架計畫的最大成功/隱密為85% (原本是 95%)

- It is now practically impossible to abduct someone you're at war with, with a lesser penalty to their vassals/courtiers

- It's now much harder to scheme to abduct Rulers (especially Foreign Rulers) and subjects of a foreign court.

- Knights will more often gain prowess and blademaster traits in battle
騎士在戰鬥中會更容易獲得  英勇和劍客 特質

- Large realms are now unlikely to convert religion in wars

- Lowered the attack stat of Pikemen

- Lowered the recruitment costs of MaA

- Made a number of interactions unavailable if you're at war with the target (E.G., it makes no sense to ask the Pope for money while you're at war with her)

- Made diplomacy affect the opinion gained from gifts much more (x3)

- Military prestige/piety maintenance costs no longer reduce you Fame/Devotion gain
- 軍事維護費用的聲望/虔誠不再減少你名望/奉獻獲取

- Opinion from multiple elective titles no longer stacks for each title with the law, it happens once per vassal based on their title allegiance's law.

- Outnumbering the enemy now further increases the survivability of your knights

- The Pechenegs are now a bit more stable at game start

- Rebalanced debt so that it now comes in levels. The higher the level, the harsher the penalties. Penalties include levy reductions, to make severely indebted realms collapse easier.

- Reclusive characters will no longer host feasts

- Removed the stress loss for lustful characters when renouncing celibacy, as it could lead to free stress loss

- Significantly nerfed the 'resurging saoshyant' modifier

- Slightly reduced the cost of Main holdings

- Vastly empowered the Mongol Empire's armies. Now you will truly learn to fear the horsemen of the steppe!
-極大地增強了蒙古帝國的軍隊。 現在,您將真正學會恐懼草原的騎兵!

- Temujin & co now starts off with substantial prowess scores.
鐵木真和 co (不知到指甚麼)  現在 武力值

- Temujin now starts with a full roster of knights, as well as a few Han siege engineers.

- The Mongol Empire is now much more aggressive, and will attack several times per year, if opportunity arises.

- Weak realms are now much more likely to agree to subjugation by the Mongol Empire.

- The Borjigin Dynasty is no longer obscure, and starts with a few Warfare legacies unlocked.

- Ask to Take the Vows cooldown increased to 10 years.

- Ask to Take the Vows now costs piety to use, rather than giving you piety.

- Ask to Take the Vows improves the opinion of your Court Chaplain and Head of Faith when used.

- The 'Take the Vows' interaction can now be used on characters of 10 years or older (used to be only Adults).

- The 'Take the Vows' interaction can now be used on characters that are married or betrothed.
要求宣誓可以用於 已結婚跟訂婚的角色上

- The 'Take the Vows' interaction can now be used on characters that stand to inherit titles, this means that it's possible to prune your partition inheritance by disinheriting children using this tool.

- The AI acceptance values of Ask to Take the Vows have been massively reworked to take many things into account. Most notably having a Learning Education makes children much more likely to want to go to church.
-大量修改了AI接受誓言的接受值,會考慮到許多因素。 最值得注意的是,接受學習教育使孩子們更有可能想去教堂。

- Using Ask to Take the Vows on someone now moves them away from your court, into the court of a theocrat in the realm (if there's one) or into the pool.

- You can not force characters married/betrothed in the incorrect lineality to Take the Vows (i.e. Women in a Patrilineal Marriage).

-You now need a Strong Hook to force acceptance of Ask to Take the Vows. Weak Hooks give a bit of acceptance instead.
-現在,您需要一個“強掛鉤”,以強制接受“要求誓言”。 弱掛鉤則是增加接受閥值。

-The AI is now more inclined to buy certain MaA based on their culture

- The AI is now more inclined to recruit their cultural MaA

- The AI is now much more likely to request money from their Head of Faith, especially if their HoF is very rich

- The AI is now reluctant to betroth boys to old women, regardless of them sharing their dynasty or not.

- The AI now only wants to spend money on recruiting guest claimants that have claims on bordering realms

- The AI (primarily War Defenders) will now consider White Peace more often, to avoid dragging wars on needlessly. They'll look at how long the war has lasted for, and compare that to their current War Score. This should reduce the number of extremely drawn-out wars.
-AI(主要是戰爭防御者)現在將更頻繁地考慮白和平,以避免不必要地拖沓戰爭。 依據戰爭持續時間,並與當前的戰爭得分進行比較。 這應該會減少曠日持久的戰爭

- The AI will now account for Bankruptcy when considering White Peace. Starting at -100 gold, the AI will then progressively pursue White Peace more as they fall deeper into debt (-2 years of income, and -4 years of income), offsetting this by how close they are to winning (at 80 or above War Score, the AI will try to 'toughen it out' as the winnings from the war is more likely to outweigh the expenses of maintaining their army).
-當處於破產時會考慮“白和平”。 從-100開始,當AI陷入債務(-2年的收入和-4年的收入)時,AI將逐步採取更多的“白和平”行動,當計算於他們接近勝利(接近80或更高)的水平 戰爭得分,AI將嘗試“硬撐”下戰爭中獲得的收益是否更可能超過其軍隊的開支。

- The AI will now only demand conversion from vassals if they have the money to pay their demands, if the vassal is unlikely to simply accept straight-up.

- The AI will now take age and fertility into account when marrying away any character of a reputable house, not only their own. This should make it less likely for interesting characters to end up in fruitless marriages.

- The Exclave Independence game rule now triggers closer to succession for AI rulers
(遊戲開局設定)對於AI統治者  由於繼承導致的飛地獨立遊戲規則現在觸發時判定距離會更近

- The Inbred trait is now much less likely to be inherited, but further reduces fertility

- The Renown gain from alive dynasty members is now capped at 2/month (100 alive members)
現在活著的家族成員而獲得收益上限是每月+2 (100活著成員)

- The Strong Blood dynasty modifier now only improves the chance of characters with no inherited genetic traits getting a positive one by 400%, rather than 40 000%. +400% means that the chance of getting Comely for instance is 2.5% instead of 0.5%
-強血王朝遺傳(宗族樹那個技能)現在只會將沒有遺傳遺傳特徵的角色獲得正值的機率提高400%,而不是40000%。 + 400%意味著獲得美麗的機會是2.5%,而不是0.5%

- The holder of Jerusalem is now unlikely to accept Populist demands

- The opinion hit from being unallied as a Clan vassal has been increased to 15 for non-powerful vassals, and 30 for powerful vassals.
增加氏族制下的封臣現在未結盟的關係懲罰; 非強力封臣為-15  強力封臣為-30

- Titles automatically destroyed due to a ruler getting unlanded now gives that rulers claims if they received claims on the counties they lost

- Turks are now more likely to assimilate to local cultures than they were

- Under Partition, higher-tier titles no longer reduce the number of counties you get. In practice what this tends to mean is that in some (but not all) cases where your primary heir would get only one or two counties, they get one more

- Very non-zealous characters will now revoke titles from other-faith vassals if that'd be the best for the realm, presuming that there's no tyranny loss.

- Viking vassals are now more restricted when it comes to overseas conquests

- Wandering characters who decide to marry will now prefer to marry a character traveling with them, rather than creating a spouse

- Winning a Great Holy War as the attacker now refills all the levies and garrisons in the counties taken

- Wounded Knights are now less likely to die in battle

- You can now manage the focus of your children even if they're landed, as long as you're their liege

- You may now revoke the last county of someone who holds a duchy or higher that is impossible to revoke (E.G., a head of faith title). That will lead to that higher title getting destroyed

- You must be at peace to create a new faith.

- Your liege now gets "opinion of predecessor" towards your heir when you die, if they end up your heir's liege and your heir had no liege or a different liege

- wandering characters with absurd amounts of gold will now tend to spend it all on improving themselves (no more inviting wanderers with 7000 gold and banishing them!)

- Added more restrictions to the check for if characters are willing to cheat on their partners

- Alan culture now starts with Compound Bows researched in 867 as well as 1066.

- Germania can no longer be created by spiritually-headed Christians, who must create the HRE instead.

- Increased the Level of Splendor gain from the "Dynasty of Many Crowns" decision from 75 to 1000
決議中的“10個獨立國王級頭銜家族成員” 輝煌等級獲得從75增加到1000

- Increased the area for Stammesherzogtum to include parts of Bavaria and northern Germany, so all German cultures are able to gain the innovation.
-增加了部落公國(Stammesherzogtum 科技)的涵蓋範圍,其包括巴伐利亞和德國北部的部分地區,因此所有屬德國文化都能夠獲得創新。

- Increased the base fortifications slightly for castle holding upgrades.

- Indimitated vassals are now slightly-less-deterred from joining factions

- Jarl Haestinn now starts at Fame Level 5 instead of 6
Jarl Haestinn 現在開始名望從等級5開始而不是6

- Made the 'Religious Construction' county modifier focus more on bonuses for temple holdings specifically instead of development in general.

- Nerfed the 'Supplies' siege event to grant a total of 20% Siege progress, down from 40%.

- Peasant Leaders now get a discount on raised levy maintenance, making popular revolts less likely to succumb to crippling debt

- Peasant and Populist Faction Leaders now gain gold contributions from faction members when war is declared, so that they can pay army maintenance. The gold is removed once the war has ended.

- Reduced the chance of children reincarnating with an ancestor's sinful personality traits

- Removed claimants with pressed claims from the pool of potential court physicians

- Removed extra 6th holy site of Alexandria from Waaqism

- Removed extra 6th holy sites of Wadan and Kisi from the Siguic and Bidaic faiths, respectively
-分別從Siguic和Bidaic信仰中刪除了第6個聖地 - Wadan和Kisi

- Restricted the Intrigue(Scheming) event "Confused Heritage" to players only, as the AI was going a bit wild with it and turning everyone into bastards unnecessarily
-將詭計(策劃)事件" Confused Heritage”[造謠不是你的孩子的]僅限於玩家使用,因為AI對此有些瘋狂,不必要地將所有人打成是私生子

- The AI is now less likely to want to spend gold on Guests during war, and when their coffers are running low

- The AI should now be more inclined to build Castle holding upgrades

- The regional innovation Stammesherzogtum now also reduces the likelihood that vassals will join Independence Factions
部落公國(Stammesherzogtum 科技) 現在也會減少封臣加入獨立派系的慾望

- There is now a 5-10 year grace period on game start before Populist Factions will form

- Vassals are now increasingly likely to join factions the more in debt their liege is

- Zbrojnosh Men-At-Arms now counter Pikemen in addition to Archers.
Zbrojnosh(Czech Slovien) 兵士  克制弓箭手還會克制長槍兵

- restoring the HRE is now easier & more rewarding, whilst still requiring a decent amount of prestige, realm size, & controlled kingdoms.

- Independence faction now has domains of all faction members as war goal

- When you successfully ask a vassal to end an offensive war, the defender now gets a small opinion bonus towards you.

- The maximum penalty for being over your domain limit is now -100% taxes/levies, increased from -90%.
超出直轄限制時 懲罰是 -100%   而不是-90%。

- If you vastly exceed your Domain Limit for more than one year (the grace period for new inheritances/conquests), all buildings will deactivate until your domain limit is lowered.