LV. 21
GP 70


樓主 小時 ddrtime







#COURSE:; - 組曲名稱,只單寫此參數的話此組曲就在不休息模式出現(Nonstop Mode)
#LIVES:; - 生命條,可以設定1到10條,若寫入此參數之後此組曲就變換為鬼模式(Challenge Mode)
#REPEAT:; - 重複遊玩,只能寫YES或NO,寫入YES的話此組曲就會變成無限模式
(Endless Mode)
#SONG:; - 要選用的歌曲,其格式如下:

        範例: #SONG:Nicolai Rimsky-Korsakov/Flight of the Bumblebee:BASIC;
        範例: #SONG:Oldies/Jump Jive and Wail:MANIAC:sudden,shuffle,reverse;
        範例: #SONG:*:MANIAC;
        範例: #SONG:*:8..10:1.5x,reverse;
        範例: #SONG:Classical/*:3..6;
        範例: #SONG:Techno/*:MANIAC:1.5x,reverse;
        範例: #SONG:BEST1:TRICK;
        範例: #SONG:BEST4:MANIAC:1.5x,reverse;
        範例: #SONG:WORST4:MANIAC;
        範例: #SONG:WORST1:TRICK:1.5x,reverse,drunk;

難度名稱可以用KONAMI DDR官方歷代任何的難度名稱,除了鬼譜面必須要用CHALLENGE才可以






#MODS:TIME=2.80(要啟動特效的撥放時間點):LEN=4.00特效時間長度:MODS=n* (特效啟動速度) n%(特效強度) Flip(特效名);





Speed Mods:

x Speed *x Changes the speed mod, where x is a float.
Constant Speed C* Changes the song to run at x, which is a float.
Random Speed randomspeed (SM4) Adds a random float to the current speed modifier for each instance of notes. at the moment the range in terms of Speed-to-percent is unknown

Acceleration Mods:
Boost boost Adds double the speed of the current player in an arc halfway through the chart
Brake brake, land Subtracts quadruple the speed of the current player for the whole chart, creating a sharp arc
Wave/Fuwa-Fuwa wave Causes the arrows to stop and go, creating a wave effect, several times through certain points in the chart
Expand expand Causes the arrows to scrunch together and expand in relation to certain points in the chart
Boomerang boomerang Creates half of an arc, causing arrows to drop after appearing behind the arrow targets, halfway through the chart, and accelerate towards the targets

Turn Mods:
Turn turn When used as no turn, removes all turn mods.
Mirror mirror Flips the stepchart so that all lefts becomes rights, ups become down, and so forth
Left left Wraps the stepchart one target to the left
Right right Wraps the stepchart one target to the right
Shuffle shuffle Shuffles the stepchart randomly
Super Shuffle supershuffle Shuffles the stepchart randomly for each note

Effect Mods:

Drunk drunk Causes the notes to drift from side to side
Dizzy dizzy Causes the notes to rotate and become unintelligable in terms of direction
Mini mini Shrinks the notes so that the stepchart becomes smaller and more becomes available to read
Flip flip Flips the formation of targets, making the notes hard to read and correlate
Tornado tornado Causes the notes to twist at certain intervals on the stepchart
Tipsy tipsy Causes the targets to drift around vertically, and make arrows visually offbeat
Bumpy bumpy Causes the notes to bounce outwards and inwards as if the stepchart was a bumpy road
Beat beat Causes the chart to twist in time of the beat
Invert invert (SM4) Causes the directions of arrows to become flipped, making the rows inverted
Tiny tiny (SM4) replicates Mini from older versions.

Appearance Mods:
Hidden hidden Causes the notes to disappear, and reappear halfway through the stepchart, creating the effect that you can only see them in a far distance
Sudden sudden Causes the notes to disappear, and reappear halfway through the stepchart, creating the effect that you can only see them in a close distance
Stealth stealth Hides the arrows.
Blink blink Causes the notes to blink every second
Random Vanish randomvanish Causes the notes to disappear in the middle of the stepchart, and re-appear, and simultaneously, randomize the arrows so that they do not appear the same as they did before they disappeared

Transform Mods:
Little little Destroys all notes that are not 1/4t'hs
Wide wide Adds an arrow to random singular notes, making them jumps
Big big Fills gaps between 1/4ths with 1/8ths, making them runs
Quick quick Fills gaps between 1/8ths, making them 1/16th Triplets
BMR-ize bmrize Fills gaps between 1/16ths, making them 1/32nd Drills
Skippy skippy Adds a note 1/24th after a singular note, making the chart have " skippy " timing
Mines mines Adds mines to random singular notes
Echo echo Fills the gaps between any 1/8th space in the chart, making it endless and constant
Stomp stomp Causes all singular notes to become jumps
Planted planted Converts all singular notes to holds, and makes the holds last 1/4th of a beat
Floored floored Converts all singular notes to holds, and converges neighboring notes into holds, creating a chart that causes the player to keep to the floor, often using hands
Twister twister Same as Floored, except creates major opportunity for Quads
No Jumps nojumps Removes all Jumps.
No Hands nohands Removes all Hands.
No Quads noquads Removes all Quads.
No Holds noholds, nofreeze Removes all Holds.
No Mines nomines Removes all Mines.
No Stretch stretch (SM4) Eliminates far double notes ( IE: 1 player left, and 2 player down/up/right ), making the chart much easier to complete when need be

Scroll Mods:
Reverse reverse Causes the notes to scroll to the bottom instead of the top of the screen, and in neccesary modes, scroll to the top instead of bottom
Split split Splits the 1st half targets into reverse, and the 2nd half is left to normal scrolling
Alternate alternate All even targets are set to Reverse scrolling, and Odd targets are left alone
Cross cross Causes all vertical targets to become reverse
Centered centered, converge Forces the targets into the middle of the screen

Visibility Mods:
Dark dark Makes the targets invisible
Blind blind Makes the judgment window invisible
Cover cover Covers up the background of the current song with black

Perspective Mods:
Overhead overhead Disables any tilt in the targets and stepchart
Incoming incoming Tilts the stepchart as if the arrows are coming towards to the player, from the center
Space space Tilts the stepchart as if the arrows are coming towards to the player, tilted ala the intro of Star Wars
Hallway hallway Tilts the stepchart as if the arrows are coming towards to the player, but from the center of the targets instead of the screen
Distant distant Same as Space, but centered between targets

Misc. Mods:
Passmark passmark When active, if the lifebar is not greater or equal to the modifiers percentage, the player fails the song ( IE: if player 1 passes a song with 75% life, but the passmark is 80%, player 1 fails because he did not reach the mark )
Pro Timing protiming When active, uses a number judgment that represents how accurate you are in percentage/float numbers
No Positioning nopositioning  ?
Clear All clearall Clears all mods.


Bar bar Uses the normal LifeBar.
Battery battery Uses the battery (Oni) LifeBar.
Number of Lives xlives Sets the number of battery lives to x.

Life Drain:
No Recover norecover, power-drop You don't gain life back.
Sudden Death suddendeath, death One non-combo step means failure.
Normal Drain normal-drain Normal life drain applies.

Fail Conditions:
Arcade/Immediate failarcade, failimmediate Fail as soon as your life bar drops to 0.
30 Misses fail30misses Fail as soon as you accumulate 30 misses.
End of Song failendofsong Waits to fail you until the end of the song, providing you failed.
Fail Off failoff No failing.
Default faildefault Sets the fail mode to the default, depending on what's set in the Metrics.

Assist Tick assisttick
Auto Sync autosync

Save Score savescore  
x Music *xmusic Sets the music playback rate to x, which is a float.

Disable no Disables a specified mod. no dizzy
Percentage x% Makes the mod act at x percent. 150% dizzy
Approach Speed *x Makes the mod approach at x speed. *2 150% dizzy



此MODS sample的內容:
#COURSE:MODS sample;
// 組曲名
#MODS:TIME=13.30:LEN=2.40:MODS=25% Flip;
#MODS:TIME=18.10:LEN=2.40:MODS=75% Flip;
// %的差異
#MODS:TIME=37.30:LEN=2.40:MODS=400% Reverse;
// 特效跑不完的差異
#MODS:TIME=46.90:LEN=2.40:MODS=300% Dizzy;
#MODS:TIME=51.70:LEN=2.40:MODS=*2 300% Dizzy;
// 加速特效的差異
// 變化時間的差異
// 復合使用的變化
// 變化的時間點的復合差異
#MODS:TIME=80.50:LEN=4.80:MODS=75% Stealth;
#MODS:TIME=82.90:LEN=1.20:MODS=25% Stealth;
// 特別的特效組合
#MODS:TIME=85.30:LEN=2.40:MODS=*5 30000% Dizzy;
#MODS:TIME=90.10:LEN=2.40:MODS=*8 0% Dizzy;
// 方便的回歸原始方法
#MODS:TIME=94.90:LEN=2.40:MODS=0.5x,50% Boomerang;
#MODS:TIME=97.30:LEN=2.40:MODS=2x,*3 500% Hallway;
// 特效復合使用範例
// 將套用的歌曲位置以及難度



Player course attack launch
Player course attack ending