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樓主 紅茶 IthilEternal
Dear ArenaNet,

I'm a player whos account belonging to Taiwanese district.

On March 31th, NC Taiwan posted an announcment that says:
Taiwanese district will end its service on May 1st, because of the contract between ANet and NCTaiwan becomes due.

And we will not be able to connection to International district after April 1st.
Unable playing RA, TA, HA..etc.

I remember that GG said ANet DON'T have any plans for closing any district.

What will happen to my account?
We also paid about $100 on Guild Wars, just like other players in American/Europan district.
How could our great efforts in Guild Wars just diappearing?

Best Regards, 名字

Closing of Taiwanese District?! 之類的

整個很無言 很想哭 ._.