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樓主 I choose.....RAPTURE leika

使用 HL2 引擎開發中mod Alien Swarn: Infested,不過視點是top down式的。

  • $1,000,000 Make Something Unreal Contest
    - Phase III: Best Non-FPS Mod - 1st Place.
    - Phase III: Best Level Using Original Content - 3rd Place.
    - Phase III: Best Voice Pack or Audio Modification - 1st Place.
    - Phase IV: Best Non-FPS Mod - 1st Place.
    - Grand Finals: Best Mod - 4th Place.
  • Gamespy - Mod of the Year 2004
    - "Interesting ideas like this are always common in the mod community, but rarely do they actually see the light of day and turn out this well. It's the perfect game to break out at your next LAN party."
  • Computer Games Magazine - Runner up Mod of the Year 2004
  • PC Zone UK - 89%
  • PC Gamer UK
    - "A brilliant bug-blasting mod."
  • PC Gamer
    - "Alien Swarm is one of those inspired total conversions that make you laugh out loud in appreciation of a clever concept well-executed. Black Cat Games has crafted something special here."
  • PC Format
    - "Playing with friends and shouting in horror as you hose down waves of bugs like aliens is extremely enthralling."
  • - Mod of the Month, March 2005
    - "Alien Swarm has raised the bar in original mod design."
  • Modsquad - 9.5 / 10
    - "...a mod like this, Alien Swarm, that reminds me what gaming love is. This gift Black Cat has given us is one of the GREATEST games I have ever played."
  • - 8.6 / 10
    - "Gameplay and the overall presentation of the game is what make Alien Swarm one of the best mods I have ever seen."
  • - 4 stars
    - "A mod good enough to be its own game only comes about once in a blue moon, get in on it now."



缺點嗎...前作是強制Friendly Fire,武器威力又亂強一把,不小心shotgun沒射好就TK了....



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