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Zombie Panic Source 2.3 更新釋出

樓主 小侑倫神父 ncccccs
全新的角色 : Vanessa
現在近戰武器也有爆頭判定 實用性大增
新地圖zpo_corpsington. (製作團隊的新遊戲大作的MAP)
有新的準心 ....等等許多改變
=====2.3 (7-26-2012) =====

+ Included map zpo_corpsington.

+ Added ammo specification for NeedAmmo message.

+ Fixed delay when displaying new map at loading screen.

+ Fixed Panic reequipping active weapon.

+ Fixed starting round walking.

+ Fixed spawns disabling.

+ Fixed grenade timer bug.

+ Added entity to disable automatic weaponry balance.

+ Added option to not spawn a weapon/ammo under a certain amount of players.

+ Added server convar to disable bunnyhop block, sv_bunnyhopblock.

+ Added ladder prediction.

+ Added Community Map Rating system.

+ Changed crosshair.

+ Fixed most stuck cases.

+ Added max ammo weight support for third party modding.

+ Added convars to limit ragdolls, cl_maxragdolls and sv_maxragdolls.

+ Added ragdoll persistence.

+ Readded infected collision.

+ Joined walk and lunge keys.

+ Fixed ZPA bugs.

+ Added game_image entity.

+ Added font support to game_text.

+ Added Display Weight and Hide Empty Ammo options.

+ Added fire spreading.

+ Changed Ammo, Stamina, Health, Armor and Weapon HUD.

+ Added Melee headshot.

+ Added trigger for phone primary attack, trigger_phone.

+ Added ConVar for head shots only mode, mp_headshotsonly.

+ Fixed PushAway force.

+ Tweaked Barricades physics impact resistance.

+ Fixed survivor detecting zombies in chat and mic.

+ Fixed winchester reloading animation.

+ Added math entity to remember between rounds, math_static.

+ Fixed server overwriting player default model.

+ Improved sv_gravity changes.

+ Added survivors seeing what the teammate is carrying.

+ Added late join with zombie and weaponry scaling.

+ Added infection to random player when there's not enough zombies.

+ Fixed being carrier in a row.

+ Added key to drop all unused ammo (ALT).

+ Increased player ability while crouching.

+ Tweaked shotguns.

+ Added system to remember players who left after joining.

+ Added crouch walking.

+ Enabled picking damaged boards.

+ Readded option to drop smaller amount of ammos.

+ Added dropped items grouping.

+ Fixed triggers not interacting with weapons and items.

+ Added new character Vanessa.

+ Fixed remaining health for medkits, pills and armor.

+ Added zombie group health indicator.

+ Added option to drop armor on ammo menu.

+ Fixed Push recharge time when missing objects.

+ Fixed setting cl_playermodel to carrier model.

+ Fixed USE sound blocking other sounds.

+ Fixed wasting lunge without lunge speed.

+ Removed Commons collision.

+ Fixed zombie respawn with a life available before death.

+ Added distance for info_beacon.

+ Fixed Can't init entities bug.

+ Removed beacons limit.

+ Fixed plugin's ChangeTeam compatibility.

+ Fixed IEDs stuck with players while there's an active IED.

+ Added new Zombie Vision. (Press L to toggle between new and old)

+ Added item_delivery and trigger_itemreceiver.

+ Added client and server convars to enable sprays.

+ Added option for info_beacon to display only for a selected team.

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