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DS2精靈城市 Aman'Lu 之背景翻譯

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September 23, 2004 - Ah the elves. Who doesn't like them with their flowing locks and uncanny bowmanship? They're just so pretty and feminine, even if they're male. On top of that, they work for the forces of good, or at least most of them do and they're certainly nice to have around in an adventuring party. Even better, if you just happen to come across a town of elves called... oh, I don't know... Aman'Lu while trying to save the world from the slimy and corrupted stinky grabby hands of evil, things will be good.
But what are these fair creatures all about really? Are they really that nice? Could they possible be that serene and beautiful? What might I find in a town like Aman'Lu? Food? Clothing? Party gifts? Elves? Good questions all and ones that Gas Powered Games and Microsoft hope to answer before the Dungeon Siege II is released next year. To help facilitate this knowledge, we've got a large bunch of info for future adventurers to peruse and discuss along with some new screens. Just remember to let your brain digest the article 30 minutes before swimming.
2004 年九月 23 日 - 啊,精靈。 誰不喜歡他們漂逸的頭髮和不可思議的弓術? 即使他們是男性的,他們就是如此漂亮和溫柔。 更甚的是,他們只幫助正義,或至少他們大部份都是,而且他們也喜歡一起冒險。 如果當你嘗試從邪惡的、貪得無厭的魔王解救世界的中途時,偶然發現一個精靈的城鎮被叫做…啊,我不知道怎稱呼…Aman'Lu ,前途將會更光明。
但是這些美麗的生物是否真的如傳聞一樣? 他們真的是那般美好嗎? 他們真的可以這般尊貴和美麗? 我可以在像 Aman'Lu的城鎮中發現什麼? 食物? 衣服?禮物? 精靈?

Many races, common passions
Aman'lu is home to the Elves but the Elves welcome people of all races who come seeking a deeper understanding of nature and magic. There are Dryads, Humans, and Half-Giants living alongside each other, brought together by these common interests.
With its benevolent leaders and open community, members of any race wishing the time and environment to master their trades have made pilgrimages to Aman'lu.
Aman'lu 是精靈的家,但是他們很歡迎那些尋求自然和魔法更深理解的人。例如有樹精,人類和半巨人,因為這些共同的興趣而相會。

Elven empathy
One of the driving forces behind this polyglot society is the Elven ability to tap into the collective unconscious, into the dream-life, of the world they're in. They use this ability judiciously, sharing very little of what they see or hear, in part because dreams are by definition strange and unreliable visions. One benefit of this gift is the wisdom and compassion it affords them, not only toward each other, but toward all races.
This ability grows stronger when elves are in close proximity to one another. The larger the group, the clearer their visions are. As the community of Aman'lu has grown, it has increasingly become a hotbed of prophecy.
Such prophecy is not to be taken lightly, however. Elven sages are acutely aware of the power such knowledge can carry. After all, visions projected into the world can affect the world. There are deeper visions, too, that certain Elves can enter into. These altered states are rare, though, and dangerous to the health of Elves who attempt them.
在這個數國語言社會背後的推動力之一,是精靈那種可以集體陷入無意識的、進入夢境世界之內的能力。 他們小心的判斷去使用這一種能力,分享他們見到或聽到的一點點--因為夢是奇怪和不可靠的感覺。這一個能力的其中一種好處是它提供了他們智慧和同情,不只對於彼此,而是對所有種族。
當精靈彼此靠近的時候,這一種能力變得更強。 團體愈大,感覺愈真實。當 Aman'lu 發展,它逐漸變成一個預言的溫床。
然而,這些預言不是輕易的下。精靈聖者銳敏的了解到這知識的力量。 畢竟,夢境世界能影響真實世界。特定的精靈能探進更深的夢境。但這些是罕有的,和嚴重影響嘗試探進的精靈的健康。

A haven for scholars
Elves value knowledge above all, and trainers specializing in magic and special skills can be found in Aman'lu. Agrand, the Nature Mage, can be found at the Training Hall to this day, ready to pass on his advanced wisdom at manipulating the elements. Eolanda, the Combat Mage, will not only train eager students in the secrets of the ether world, she will regale them ancient tales of Elven history. She is particularly fond of telling the legend of Arinth the Mad.
For the authoritative word on facts of the town, speak to the local historian, Bidelia, who will happily straighten out any misinformation you may have picked up at the village tavern.
Aman'lu中,精靈認為知識是最重要的,所以有不少專攻魔法和特技的訓練者。 Agrand ,自然魔法師,可以在訓練門廳發現天,預備教授他在操縱元素的先進智慧。
Eolanda ,戰鬥魔法師,不只教導熱心的學生這個充滿靈氣的世界的秘密,也將訴說遠古的精靈歷史故事,猶其是瘋狂者Arinth的傳說。

The history of Aman'Lu
The town was originally founded by a great sorcerer who wished to study his craft in the wilderness. That spirit of quiet scholarship continues to this day. Residents now have the choice of isolation or the close-knit community.
The history of the area before the founding of the town is murky and it is difficult to tell the literal history from the poetic myth. In ancient days, the great warrior Istaura and her brother Isteru the sorcerer are said to have led the Elves out of the Time of Darkness. Legend has it she caused Vai'lutra Forest to grow and surrounded it with a ring of mountains to protect it. That forest was their home for generations before the town ever existed.
Aman'Lu 的歷史
在城鎮建造之前,這區域的歷史是神秘的,難以從詩和神話中了解這裡的歷史。 在遠古的日子,有說偉大的女戰士 Istaura 和他的弟弟男巫士Isteru把精靈從黑暗時期解放。傳說說她令Vai'lutra 森林壯大,並用山包圍及保護它。在城鎮建立之前,那森林便是他們的家。

A tale of two forests
The elves of Aman'lu are the stewards of the Enchanted Forests, committed to both nurturing its environment and protecting its secrets. Venturing into these forests is only for the brave at heart, however, for the ancient home of the elves is never without its dangers.
It would be a mistake to think of the forests as one type of area; the Vai'lutra Forest and the Vai'kesh Forest are, in fact, very different places.
Vai'lutra is the greener, more comely area of the forest, but it is not without it's blight. The spiteful forest folk known as the Taclak have defaced the Elven shrines, and many hostile creatures have now settled in the deepest parts of Vai'lutra. Yet, the beauty of Vai'lutra Forest remains as strange and unforgiving as ever. There is always a part of the elven spirit that longs to return.
The dead and corrupted areas are known as the Vai'kesh Forest - as the Elven word implies, it is a place of evil beings. The Elven elders pitted their strongest magic against the spread of the corruption, but they failed; some say that they even accelerated the decay. The elves of Aman'lu rarely venture into the darkness of the Vai'kesh Forest -- in part due to guilt from their failure, as well as the open hostility the inhabitants show towards intruders.
Aman'lu 的精靈是魔法森林(Enchanted Forests)的管理人,工作是發展環境及保護它的秘密。只有那些心存勇氣的人能進入這些森林冒險,然而,精靈遠古的家是有它的危險。
將兩個森林當做同一個類型的區域是一個錯誤,事實上,Vai'lutra 森林和 Vai'kesh 森林,是兩個完全不同的地方。
Vai'lutra 是森林中較美好的一面,綠油油的,又比較清優,但是它也不是完美的。懷恨森林的人,如Taclak,已經傷毀精靈的聖地,而且許多懷有敵意、邪惡的生物現在已經在 Vai'lutra 的最深處定居。 然而, Vai'lutra 森林的美麗依然。它仍然是精靈渴望歸去的地方。
死亡和腐敗是屬於Vai'kesh 森林-精靈文字暗示過,它是邪惡的地方。年長的精靈用他們最強的魔法去阻礙腐敗擴散,但是他們失敗了; 有說他們甚至加速了腐敗。 Aman'lu 的精靈很少地進入黑暗的Vai'kesh 森林中冒險--因為他們對於失敗的罪惡感,及向侵入者表示公開的敵意。

Restful islands and frozen wastelands
Other surrounding areas differ from each other greatly. The Elen'lu Isles are known for their innovative system of intertwined foot bridges, they are a place of rest and spiritual retreat. There is something meditative, like an ancient labyrinth, about this archipelago, especially as the bridges themselves magically appear before your eyes. They are part of the legend of Isteru: he is said to have created them in an effort to confound the enemies of Aman'lu and preserve its peaceful isolation.
In stark contrast, the forests are bounded to the North by a frozen wasteland ringed with jagged mountains, known as the Northern Reaches.
But it was not always such a harsh land. Once, the hills were fertile, populated by shepherds and cattlemen of Mazal. The Forests of the Elves are the last fragment of the sunlit lands of the Northern Reaches, which once stretched across the entirety of Northern Aranna. But after the great cataclysm, the land was ripped apart, and a cold wind blew across the Northern lands. They became a hostile country of snow and ice. Yet the Humans who lived there were resourceful; they built thick-walled fortresses to keep out the bitter cold, and kept warm fires in their hearths. Some of those fortresses still stand today, their stone buttresses jutting out from the ice.
周圍的區域完全不同,Elen'lu 島聞名於橋革新的系統設計,他們是精神和肉體休息的好地方。 這群島的東西都會令人耽於冥想,像遠古的迷宮,尤其是施有魔法的橋突然在你的眼前出現。 他們是 Isteru傳說的一部份: 這是創造來混淆 Aman'lu 的敵人和隔絕外界。
對比之下,森林的北方是給一個冷凍荒地及鋸齒形的環狀山脈包圍著,叫作北方區域 (Northern Reaches)。
但它不是一開始就是這麼一個艱困的土地。曾經,這裡的小山是肥沃的,Mazal 的牧羊者和畜牧業者居住在那裡。 曾經跨過 Aranna 北方的精靈森林是北方區域最後一個被日光照射的土地, 但是在大洪水(大地震?)之後,土地被撕開了,寒冷的風吹過北方土地,變成一個冰和雪的國度。 然而住在那裡的人類是足智多謀的; 他們建造了厚厚牆壁的城堡,抵禦寒冷,保持溫暖。一些城堡仍然存在,遺跡在冰篷間露了出來。

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