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After scoring a hit with Dungeon Siege in 2002, Microsoft and developer Gas Powered Games are readying a sequel to the action role-playing game. In Dungeon Siege II, you'll once again have the opportunity to pick up a sword, staff, bow, or other weapon; gather a party around you; and hack and slash your way across a vast fantasy world. As expected, many of the original game's enjoyable features will reappear in Dungeon Siege II, such as pack mules to carry the prodigious amount of loot you'll pick up, but Gas Powered Games is including a lot of new features and enhancements based on feedback from fans. We caught up with lead designer Kevin Lambert to ask him what's up with Dungeon Siege II.
在2002年推出的ds1的成功之後,微軟和其開發小組GPG就開始為DS的續集進行開發。在DS2中,你會再次有機會在這個奇幻世界拿起劍、杖、弓和其他武器,找尋伙伴、劈開一條出路來,所有DS1中的有趣特色將會重現在DS2裡,例如驢子和奇異的寶物,當然GPG因應玩家的建議加入了大量的新元素和特色。今次,我們找到了首席設計師Kevin Lambert 訪問一下。

GameSpot: In a few sentences, how would you summarize Dungeon Siege II? What should our readers know about the game?
GameSpot: 可否用幾句說話總結一下DS2?有什麼我們的讀者是應該知道的?
Kevin Lambert: I would summarize Dungeon Siege II as a party-based action role-playing game set in a dark fantasy world that features exciting combat, awesome loot, compelling characters, and a story that you can play either by yourself or with a group of friends or strangers.
Kevin Lambert: 我會這樣子就,DS2就是團隊式ARPG,在一個黑暗式的奇幻世界中進行激烈戰鬥、收集寶物、育成角色、組織隊伍去進行故事。

GS: The first Dungeon Siege was released in 2002, and was later supplemented with Legends of Aranna, so the team is now familiar with the game's engine, its gameplay, and how the fans have reacted. What lessons would you say the team took from the development of Dungeon Siege and the expansion? And how are these lessons being applied to Dungeon Siege II?
GS: DS2在2002年推出、其後又有資料片LOA,所以GPG應該非常熟悉遊戲的引擎、遊戲方法及玩家的反應,你覺得DS團隊在開發DS和DS:LOA時學到了什麼?而所學到的又怎去幫助開發DS2?

KL: The biggest lesson we learned was that players who enjoyed playing Dungeon Siege and Legends of Aranna were still craving a deeper experience. And that's exactly what we're delivering for Dungeon Siege II, in the form of an overhauled story and quest system, character skill trees, powers, pets, enchantable items, and much more.

GS: Tell us about the top three most important improvements that the sequel will make to what we saw in the original game and the expansion pack.
GS: 試說說那三樣東西是DS2最大的改善。

KL: There are a lot of improvements to choose from, but if I had to choose three I would say the addition of powers, a revised loot system with more than twice as many rare and unique items, and a stronger storyline with compelling main characters.
KL: DS2有很多改善,不過要我選我會說是英雄力量、修訂了的武器系統——比以前起碼多了二倍稀有物品、和一個更強的故事去連繫人物。

GS: We understand that the team solicited the opinions of its fans about the previous games, and that one of the most popular requests was for a more-compelling story to tie the sequel together. How are you going about creating this story and keeping it compelling? Are there any specific influences you'd care to cite--specific authors, television shows, or movies? Are there any specific plot devices you feel are central to the game's story?

KL: We were serious about creating a more compelling narrative for Dungeon Siege II, so we contracted a talented writer who worked closely with us to develop the story and characters. We've added characters who make multiple appearances over the course of the game, party members who have personalities and banter with each other, robust towns and non-player characters that change as the story progresses, and dialogue trees with choices for the player. Influences came from many books, movies, and games, but Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings definitely made a big impression on us, with the rich detail in its universe.
KL: 我們為了DS2有一個好的故事,我們找了一位優秀的作家和我們緊密合作,一起創作故事和人物。 我們為人物加入更多造型,如隊員(會彼此開玩笑)、城鎮和NPC,這些都會隨著故事流程而改變,還有對話選擇。影響力來自許多書、電影和遊戲,但是托爾金的魔戒對我們影響最大,它的豐富的細節讓我們留下深刻的印象。

GS: We know that the original games' artificial intelligence, which defaulted to a highly autonomous setting that some critics felt "made the game play itself," was another feature that met with mixed reactions from fans. When we last spoke with the team, it seemed that the goal was to adjust character AI to make sure the game remained streamlined, but also allowed players enough control to feel involved in the action. How has this balancing act been working out in practice?
GS: 我們知道DS1的人工智能,被一些玩家批評 " 使遊戲自己玩自己 ",是另一個玩家十分關注的問題。當我們上次和製作小組談及的時候,目標似乎是希望能把人工智能調整成既被保持遊戲的流暢性,但也令玩家有充足的參與感。那你們如何去達到這平衡?

KL: Balancing this has been an interesting experience. Our first step was to try taking away all character automation. When we did that, many players felt that the party was too unresponsive and was not acting as intelligently as they would expect. We're continuing to work on striking that perfect balance between enough automation that your characters don't feel unintelligent, but not so much that the party does your work for you.
KL: 平衡這問題是一種有趣的經驗。 第一個步驟是取走人物所有的人工智能。在那的時候,許多玩家都覺得了隊伍反應太遲鈍並且沒有在像他們期待一樣地行動。 我們正在繼續研究如何在人工智能和參與感上取得平衡。

GS: Otherwise, the primary focus in the design of both the previous games seemed to be on streamlining the interface and eliminating any and all micromanagement--Dungeon Siege was the first game to include an "automatically pick up everything" button, and the first game to include pack mules to carry extra loot, among other things. Is further streamlining of the interface (beyond what we've already seen) also a priority, or are there other things the team felt were more important to create or improve upon for the sequel?
GS: 在另一方面,DS簡化的介面設計和HOTKEY功能都是玩家的焦點問題-—上一集有" 自動拾寶 "HOTKEY,和可以攜帶額外物品的騾子。 那有沒有更多的新功能(不是我們已經知道的),或有什麼小組覺得是更重要要去改進?

KL: Absolutely. We've taken many strides toward eliminating things that fans complained about having to manage. For example, when I played Dungeon Siege, I found myself spending a lot of time managing my inventory when I came back from a big dungeon haul and it was time to hit the shops. The reason I spent so much time with my inventory was that I wanted to go through each item and compare and contrast the stats to make sure my party had the best possible gear. In Dungeon Siege II, we've automated this comparison through the interface. When you pick up a piece of equipable gear--a sword, for example--it is compared with your currently equipped gear and the interface shows you "up" and "down" arrows to clearly indicate which piece of gear is better. We've added many little things like this (teleportation is another example) that will allow players to spend their time where they want to spend it, not where they feel they have to spend it.
KL: 無可致疑,我們對於玩家抱怨的事物作出很多改進。 舉例來說,當我玩了DS的時候,當我從迷宮回來,去拜訪商店的時候,我發覺我自己必須花許多時間檢視我的物品——因為我想要逐個去比較武器能力,以確定我的人物是用最好的裝備。所以,在DS2中,我們加入自動比較功能。 當你拾起一個裝備的時候-—舉例來說,劍-—它會比較一下你現時的裝備,並在界面上用"上升"的箭咀顯示能力提高和 "向下 "的箭咀表示能力下降。 我們加入一系列的小功能(心靈運輸是另一個例子),希望玩家可以把時間花在遊戲上,不會令他們覺得他們是被迫花時間在某些地方。

GS: Give us an update on the game's development. What parts of the game is the team working on now?

KL: We've finished the first two acts of the game, and we're currently working on getting the final act functional and polished. Once that's done, we'll be looking at a heavy dose of gameplay testing, balancing, and polish until we ship.
KL: 我們已經完成二個工序,我們現正處理把最後的工序如弄功能的和改良。一旦完成,我們將會測試遊戲、平衡和不斷改良,直到DS2將要推出。

GS: Is there anything else you'd like to add about Dungeon Siege II?

KL: I think you've covered it pretty well. Traditionally in development, games really start to take shape in the final months. We're starting to see that now and it's really exciting. We're really looking forward to getting feedback in the play-test sessions to come and during beta.
KL: 我認為你採訪得很好。如傳統發展一樣,遊戲多是在最後的數個月中開始成形。我們現在開始感覺到,真的令我們很興奮。 我們正期望得到遊戲測試後玩家的回應。

GS: Thanks, Kevin.
GS: 謝謝你讓我們訪問,Kevin。