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August 13, 2004 - A millennium ago, in the bloody battle that ended a lengthy rebellion, the forces of the deity Zaramoth faced a company of crusaders led by Azunai. As the god struck a mighty final blow through his foe's broken shield, the ground trembled. At that very moment, a supernatural energy was released, one so potent it consumed both the armies in a blinding, radiant cataclysm that extended for leagues across the Plain of Tears, leaving only a devastated wasteland as a reminder of the First Age of Man. Since that time, this magic flowed freely, spreading throughout the world. But now, driven by the clarion call of an ancient legacy, the tide has turned. At the scene of the long-ago battle, a new heir beckons, gaining strength with every passing day and drawing ever nearer to the renewal of a past.age.
2004年8月13日-一千年前,在那場結束了漫長的叛亂的血腥戰爭後,神 Zaramoth 的勢力又要面對 Azunai 的一斑聖戰士。當神使出一記強大的暴風爆裂準備了結他的敵人,大地抖動。在這一瞬間,發放出一股超自然力量,強大得令兩軍陷入眩目,強烈的地震一直伸展到淚之平原 (Plain of Tears),留下大遍荒涼之地給第一紀元的人類作為警告。至此之後,這股魔法自由擴散至全世界。可是現在,由於古代繼承之人的呼喚,趨勢改變了。在古代大戰之地,一個繼承者在呼喚,每一天都努力地鍛鍊自己,徵集所有的接近者一同進入復興的舊時代。

A generation ago, you overcame a vile malevolence that threatened the realm of Ehb. However, such victories do not endure. Evil may be vanquished, but it inevitably returns anew or is simply replaced by another. So it is that in Gas Powered Games' Dungeon Siege II, you will be called upon to employ both strength of arms and the forces of magic against a new threat posed by an emergent menace, an abomination a thousand years in the making. The fate of the Second Age of Man will be told in the action RPG sequel, which will seek to fuse it's predecessor's strengths with intriguing new features like Hero Powers that can turn the tide of battles if used wisely. Eager to learn about this and other aspects of combat, we had the chance to question Lead Designer Kevin Lambert.
在上一代,你打敗了在艾伯王國作亂的邪惡大魔王,但是,那種勝利是不會持久的,敵人是可以擊敗,他必然會再一次回來或是由另一個魔王出來替代。所以…這就是gpg末日危城2的背景,你將會再次藉著同伴的武力和魔法,再次抵抗蘊釀了一千年的新威脅。第二紀元人類的命運就會在動作rpg故事中解開,找尋上古力量的導火線和使用可以改變戰況的 Hero Powers。我們有幸找到首席設計師 Kevin Lambert來解答有關ds2戰鬥的問題。

Jonric: What degree of importance will combat have Dungeon Siege II's gameplay, and in terms of high-level goals, what kind of overall feel or experience are you aiming for?

Kevin Lambert: Dungeon Siege II is essentially a party-based action RPG. Whether you're unraveling a piece of the plot, learning about Elven culture, trying to piece together a unique set of armor, or helping defend a castle, it's ultimately all about the combat. Or, as our artists like to say, "There are lots of things in Dungeon Siege II that need killin'."

Our high-level goal for the combat system, which is also our biggest challenge, is for it to be fun and engaging on a moment to moment basis while in battle.
There's no right or wrong way to approach a battle; it's more a matter of player style and what tactic feels good to use at any given moment.

Jonric: What are the main strengths you sought to retain and build on from the first game, and what aspects have you improved, added or changed?

Kevin Lambert: One of the biggest strengths of the combat system in the original Dungeon Siege is its accessibility. The controls are so simple that anyone can pick it up and play.

For Dungeon Siege II, largely based on player feedback (which we wholeheartedly agreed with), we wanted to sustain accessibility, but add a lot more depth and choice to keep the player more closely engaged during combat. To achieve that, we've added character skill trees and Powers, and we've removed some of the automation that would occasionally result in the party fighting on their own without direction from the player.
而ds2,則絕大根據了玩家的建議(我們衷心同意),我們保留了容易上手的特點,又加入了更多有深度的和選擇去讓玩家更投入戰爭。為了去達成這個目標,我們加入了技能樹和 Powers,我們又刪除了沒玩家指令而人物自己戰鬥的自動操作。(tyt按:不會是少了ai吧= =|||???)

Jonric: Regarding how combat actually works, can you estimate the difficulty level of a potential opponent? And when you to attack, what happens? How much player activity and decision-making is there?

Kevin Lambert: Difficulty of a potential enemy can be gauged in one of several ways, ranging from player memory to getting rollover information on an enemy to seeing an effect that signifies an enemy is a mini-boss and is generally much tougher than your average mob. Deciding to attack can be as simple as clicking on or near an enemy to attack it, or as complex as buffing up your party, moving them each into strategic positions, and preceding your attack with a combination of Powers that gives the party an advantage before advancing on the enemy.

Combat in Dungeon Siege II is non-deterministic. There's no right or wrong way to approach a battle; it's more a matter of player style and what tactic feels good to use at any given moment. And as with the first Dungeon Siege, players may pause the game at any time should they feel the need to give commands to party members in a no-pressure situation, swap inventory items, or take more time to assess a group of enemies.

Jonric: To what extent do character abilities, the player's knowledge and his or her reflexes contribute to determining the ultimate resolution of a battle?

Kevin Lambert: Effectiveness in combat is determined mainly by player skill and character ability, but party composition and tactics can also play a large role as well. Dungeon Siege II doesn't place any importance on reflexes, but like most games, players with enhanced coordination and timing will probably be able to reap some benefits in the game.

Jonric: How will the choice of character class affect the combat gameplay experience? And what degree of choice or customization is available within any given one?

Kevin Lambert: The choice of character class will affect what skills and Powers a character is eligible for, and will define that character's "role" in the game. Choosing a character class is simply a matter of putting the appropriate spell or weapon in a character's hand. You can change your mind at any point in the game as well. Of course, if you've been playing the game as a pure fighter for 10 hours, you may have to spend some time using a bow or crossbow to build up your ranged weapon skill, but the point is that Dungeon Siege does not lock players into a particular class at the outset of the game.

Dungeon Siege II has four main character classes, each with multiple roles (or sub-classes). For example, a pure Nature Mage may choose to specialize in healing magic, support buffing, ice damage, summoning creatures, or be a jack of all Nature Mage trades. Choosing a character's specialties is defined by how skill points earned at each level are spent.

[When designing Dungeon Siege II's weapons, we wanted to do more than just make a hundred cool-looking tools for slicing and dicing...

Jonric: What are Hero Powers, and what considerations led to the decision to include them in the game? How are they acquired, how many are available, and are there restrictions that limit their use?
Jonric:什麼是 Hero Powers?你們考慮了什麼才決定加入Hero Powers?它們是怎樣獲得?全數有多少?有什麼使用限制?

Kevin Lambert: Powers were the team's answer to the question "How can we take the combat in Dungeon Siege to the next level?" Powers are mighty feats that may be performed by a character at the player's command either in or out of battle. There are a total of 32 Powers available, each with three levels of effectiveness and a unique set of skill requirements. Powers are purchased from Power Trainers found in the game.
Powers就是DS中怎樣去作戰的答案,Powers是十分適合由玩家控制。DS2中有32種Powers,每種有3級,要有指定的技能需求才可學習。DS2中,會有 Power訓練員 (Power Trainers)販賣Power。

Unlike spells and normal attacks, Powers take time to recharge; the goal is to try to use them strategically to obtain an edge in combat, although they work just fine as a way to simply kill stuff and have it look spectacular. Powers can be effective when used alone, but they are often even more effective when used in combination with other Powers.
和魔法跟普通攻擊不同, Powers要時間去集氣;這是因為想玩家戰略性地使用去增加戰鬥的優勢,雖然Powers用來殺敵是不錯,場面又壯觀。單獨使用Powers雖然不錯,但配合使用Powers就更好用。

Jonric: How does the game's magic system fit into combat? Are certain enemies more or less susceptible to certain types? Can spells be interrupted or resisted? Will they use mana again?
Jonric:ds2中的魔法系統怎樣適入戰鬥中? 有沒有敵人比較怕或不怕一些種類的魔法?魔法可不可以中斷或抵抗?是否又用魔力?

   Kevin Lambert: Mages make up two of the four character class archetypes found in Dungeon Siege II. As with physical attacks, spells may not be interrupted, but they may be partially or completely resisted, and certain monsters do indeed have different resistances and vulnerabilities to certain types of magic.

Spells can take the form of offense, defense or utility, including damage, healing, buffs, debuffs, summons, transmute items to gold, etc.... and they use mana just like they did in the first game. Many spells in Dungeon Siege II will also have power levels, which - along with more types of items geared toward mages - should allow mages to feel a more equal participation in treasure collecting this time around.

Jonric: What goals did you have in mind for the game's weapons? How large and varied will the selection be, and will it include many new ones?

Kevin Lambert: When designing Dungeon Siege II's weapons, we wanted to do more than just make a hundred cool-looking tools for slicing and dicing; we wanted to try to draw a strong connection between the weapons, the characters who made them, and the characters who use them. We've defined artistic style guides for our weapons so that they fit within the particular culture that created them. For example, Elven-crafted weapons will have a different look and feel from Dryad arms. Functionally, we've tried to offer a good balance of weapons across all the different classes and character roles.

All the cool weapons from Dungeon Siege are back, too - swords, bows, crossbows, shields, maces, axes, hammers, staves, and we've added thrown weapons for rangers, fighter staves for fighters, magical cestuses for mages, and a whole slew of armor geared toward each class. My favorite weapons in RPGs are usually the unique ones that have a story behind them, and Dungeon Siege II will have far more hand-crafted unique and set items than its predecessor or the Legends of Aranna expansion.

Jonric: What did you set out to achieve in the area of the enemy AI? To what extent will we see adversaries using diverse tactics?
Jonric: 你們做了什麼去加強了敵人的ai?我們將可以看見敵人使用多元化的戰略?他們的程度是怎樣的?

   Kevin Lambert: The goals for the enemy AI were to keep combat interesting and fresh throughout the game. Dungeon Siege II has a new Coach AI system that allows our designers to craft "plays", where monsters behave in many different ways, such as guarding a leader or hiding in the bushes and flanking the party from the side. In addition to the Coach AI, we also have a spiffy new aggro system that will cause certain enemies to key off of different actions besides just damage - healing or Powers for example.
為了令戰鬥更精彩好玩,ds2採用了新的Coach AI技術,讓我們的設計師去草擬怎”玩”。每一隻敵人有其基本ai,例如守衛boss,躲藏在草叢,從側面包抄我們的隊伍。除Coach AI,我們又加入聰明的發怒系統,令一些敵人不會只是攻擊,又會補血,使用 Powers 。(tyt按:敵人可以使用 Powers…?)

Jonric: Will combat situations most often involve single adversaries, small groups or large ones? What are a couple of interesting or unusual examples?

Kevin Lambert: Most enemies travel in packs and will be encountered in small to large groups, although it's certainly possible to find the unfortunate lone baddy whose roaming of the countryside will probably come to a most abrupt and unpleasant end when the party arrives.
As for interesting enemies, I'm a big fan of the Vai'kesh. They were once a group of normal Elves who worshipped death magic so vehemently that their bodies began to decay and distort beyond repair. They were eventually exiled from the Elven community, and are now forced to live in dark corners of the enchanted forest.
談到有趣的敵人,我是 Vai'kesh 的fans。他們是一群拜祭黑魔法的精靈,所以他們墮落了,扭曲的身體看不出是精靈了。他們被精靈驅逐了,所以只好住在魔法森林黑暗的一角。

[The jury is still out on how much automation we'll expose to the players through settable options, but our goal is to ensure that the game doesn't play itself for you.

Jonric: To what extent will the player be able or required to control party members directly, or issue specific orders to them?

Kevin Lambert: With the exception of using Powers, which must be used individually, players can choose to issue single or group move and attack commands. When a command is issued to a single character, players will also have a choice of whether or not the rest of the party will echo that command or ignore it. The jury is still out on how much automation we'll expose to the players through settable options, but our goal is to ensure that the game doesn't play itself for you.
除了 Powers的使用,因為 Powers要個別下達指令,玩家可選擇單人或團體攻擊或移動指令。當下達單人指令時,玩家可以決定其他隊友是否跟隨。應急的ai仍有保留,可是我們的目標是玩家玩遊戲,不是電腦玩遊戲。

Jonric: Are there other important aspects, features et al that you'd like to note for our readers, anything you'd like to tell them, or something you want to ask?

Kevin Lambert: Dungeon Siege II has been and continues to be a blast to work on. Hopefully, players will enjoy playing it as much as we've enjoyed making it. If not, then I'll kill 'em... All of 'em.... Seriously.
ds2仍然繼續動工中,我希望,玩家會享受玩ds2都好像我們享受製作ds2。如果不是…我一定會殺死他們…殺死他們全部…我是說真的。(tyt按:…好有趣的Kevin …=v=)

If the first game and the Legends of Aranna are any indication, Dungeon Siege II will give players plenty of opportunities to enjoy colorful, fast-paced combat against an assortment of enemies when it ships, which is currently projected to happen in the spring of next year. Naturally, we'll be watching this Gas Powered Games title it even more closely during the months to come. For the moment, many thanks to Lead Designer Kevin Lambert for an informative look at one of its core elements.
-- Richard Aihoshi – 'Jonric'

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