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Valse des Amoureux~英文

樓主 猴王 monkeyking25
Valse des Amoureux~英文

A little lover's waltz,
Play it for me once more.
I want to listen to it a little more
As if for the first time.

And if you like this melody,
Dance, or sing!
You'll rediscover all the magic
Of summer's little dances.

And soon musicians, balladeers, and poets
Will tell you, oh, how much they love your song.
The accordion, mischievous in a bit of madness,
Will replay this melody without end, clear as crystal.

And when we are only we two
Just you and I, hold me tight
We will always be this much in love,
Listen, it's marvelous

This romance is just like a confession,
Remember how often
You'll want it, and you'll sing it again--
The Lover's Waltz!

The musicians are here for nothing,
But they make me shiver each time
They play this waltz so gracefully.
I could listen to it until omorrow.