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Peldaños del Cañón
Where you are:  Pailon del Diablo ,  Ecuador (厄瓜多)
Where are they going? Designed to descendto the bottom of one of the most famous waterfalls in South America, along theway, lost in the fog in many cases, it is extremely slippery and steep for tensof meters to a lookout where you can see a dramatic effect, accompanied byhumming birds, gulls and other local birds.

El pozo de Chand Baori
Where you are:  India (印度)
Where are they going? The decline of these stepsleads to a huge pool, built in the tenth century to overcome the lack ofrainfall in the region and store water for long periods. The structure has atotal of 3,500 steps, and down to a depth of 30 meters.

Stairs ElbeSandstone Mountains
Where you are:  Dresden , Germany
Where are they going? Stairs carvedinto the stone itself of these mountains. They date from the 13th century andhave been eroded by wind and water, but they are still being used daily bytourists. 487steps, though not enough, were restored and expanded in theeighteenth century to facilitate transit.

The Rock of Guatapé
Where you are:  Antioquia , Colombia
Where are theygoing? The rock is an authentic stone monolith of 220 meters. The steps areconstructed with cement, directly on the rock and making a curious place thatfacilitated cleavage structure. Some 702 steps are to be followed to reach itspeak.

The ladderHaiku
Where you are:  Oahu , Hawaii
Material: metal
Where are they going? On the small  island   of  Oahu ,there is this tremendous journey of 3,922 steps, climbing, cross and down ahill of 850 meters. They were created to facilitate the installation of asatellite in 1942. In principle wood, were modernized in the '50s, but since1987 are closed to the public.

The Inca Trail
Where you are:  Peru
Where are they going? An ancient trade routelinking the city of Cuzco to Machu Pichu. For the rugged geography of the area,the Inca Trail and forced detours around to evolve between hills and mountains.The result: miles and miles of stairs, in some cases very precarious, as thefamous floating staircases.

Ladder ViaCrucis
Where you are: Bermeo, Basque Country, Spain
Where are they going? This endless rowof stairs attached to the rock coast where a small church dating from the tenthcentury can be found and seems to be of Templar.
To reach the hermitage of San Juan de Gaztelugatxe, you have to climb 231 stepsand there are gaps in the steps that are identified as the footsteps of St.John himself, who was given different healing powers. For example, you have toput your feet in them as a solution for corns or left hats, scarves orchapelas, to cure the headache.

Spiral staircase in theTaihang Mountains
Where you are: At the boundary between the provinces of Shanxi and Henan , China
Where are they going? This spiral staircase ofalmost 100 meters have been installed recently in an attempt to attractthousands of tourists each year to the beautiful Taihang Mountains .
Before undertaking the ascent, visitors will be asked to sign forms to ensurethey do not have heart or lung problems, and are under age 60.  And ifthere is a slip in the narrow metal ladder, you certainly could 'lead toheaven', as the song of Led Zeppelin goes.

Wayna Pichu
Where you are:  Machu Picchu , Peru
Where are they going? Stairs carvedinto the rock that crown a climb of about 360 meters from Machu Picchu itself.In some sections, the ascent is complicated to pass through narrow sections andsmall steps and eroded. The rise time is calculated from one hour to one and ahalf hours.  Quota is limited tbo 400 tourists a day and closes accessfrom 1pm, just in case you're planning a try.


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