LV. 46
GP 10k


樓主 立立蹦 froglilibon
54 -
Planning on打算
So hypocritically speaking那假設ㄧ下
I had a hunch that 我有預感

by the way順道一提
In comparison 相較之下  肯配如兒神
At that rate 既然如此
even so 即使如此
as you see 如你所見
then again 話說回來
With things as such 事到如今
I never thought 沒想到
just the thought of it 光想到
On second thought不過想ㄧ想
Think of it this way這樣想好了
Think of想想
If I had known 早知道
I should have known我早該知道
I knew 我就知道
don't tell me難道
don't you 你難道
he is true 他不愧是
I'm dying to 我很想
how could you 你居然   妳怎麼能
you might as well 你乾脆 不如
I did 我明明就
I thought  我以為
I often 我常常
I seldom  我很少
I heard 我聽說
I found 我發現
I figure 我估計
I happen to 我碰巧
I could 我本來能
I was going to 我本來要
I was wondering我正奇怪
The last thing I want   我最不想要的
then 那麼
premise is  前提是 ㄆ如ㄟ米死
Primarily 主要是
It's rare that 難得
as for  說到 至於 關於
It's mostly大部分是
most 大部分的
it is a so-called 這就是所謂的
it seems 好像   似乎
no wonder難怪
according to 根據
due to由於
except 除了
it's nothing short of 簡直就是
There is no need何必
Mind if  介不介意
What if 要是  萬一
Only if 只要  只有
unless 除非
As if 說得好像  搞得好像
See if 看能不能
What is especially galling is that 更可恨的是
once upon a time 從前從前
For all I know就我所知
Personally I think我個人認為
The point is重點是
once   一旦   有一次
Does this mean 這是不是意味著
In that case那樣的話

The last few years最近幾年
Back then 那時候
Just the other day幾天前
Not long ago 不久之前
you know the saying 你知道有句話叫做
Just the opposite剛好相反 阿ㄅ日ㄟ
on the contrary 相反的
hopefully 希望
not only that 不僅如此
That way 這樣  那麼一來
at the mention of一提到
Supposedly 據說  被認為是
what a真是
except for 要不是因為
If that's the case如果真是如此
thanks to 多虧
fortunately 幸好
unfortunately 可惜的是
ironically 諷刺的是
Surprisingly 令人驚訝的是
above all最重要的是
Ever since自從
basically 基本上
in fact事實上
such as 例如  
During...   在...的同時
In terms of.... 就...來看   要說
the way i see it 依我來看 are referring to 你指的...
Depending on...  視...而定
In the meantime同時
So you mean that 也就是說
As a whole 大體來說
to be precise 確切的說
In a way 以某方面來說  可以這麼說
strictly speaking 嚴格來說
Usually 一般來說   平常
to say the least簡單來說
By rights照理說
Frankly 坦白說nkly 坦白說
it goes without saying that 不用說
As it is 看樣子
since 既然
no matter不論
despite 儘管   不管
if 如果
Even if 即使  雖然
even  連   
at first首先
after all畢竟
Could it be 該不會
considering  考慮到
suddenly 突然地
clearly 顯然的
whenever 每當
In the end到頭來
end up 結果
I'm afraid 恐怕
at times 有時
beside 何況
Moreover 此外

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