LV. 45
GP 10k


樓主 立立蹦 froglilibon
32 -
why that's relevant 那又有什麼關係呢
otherwise 否則
feel free盡量
If I understand you correctly 如果我沒聽錯
by the way順道一提
due to由於
seeing that 由於
not only....but also不但...而且
Moreover 此外
no matter不管
in disregard of 不管
as long as只要
Even if即使
so that以便
as a result結果
don't tell me難道
at all根本
no wonder難怪
Kind of有點,算是
As for關於
as to 關於
the way I see it依我看
at first首先
had better還是
either way不管怎樣
in fact事實上
as a matter of fact事實上
to say the least簡單來說
after all畢竟
above all最重要的
Window shopping逛
be pegged as 被看成
hush up 保持沉默
This can't be 不可能
before long 不久之後
single out 挑選
stay up 熬夜
with pleasure 我很樂意
turned upside down 亂七八糟
it's going too far 太扯了
take a walk散步
it's been a long time好久不見
don't get uptight 別緊張
i'm so fed up 我受夠了
Bite my head off 臭罵我ㄧ頓
it's not a big deal 又沒什麼大不了
at the mention of一提到
at times 偶爾
in any case 無論如何
in desperation 不顧一切地
at leisure 有空
in turn 導致
indulge in 沉迷於
let's call it a day 今天到此為止
take heart 別灰心
Don stand me up 不要讓我久等
I"m really looking forward to it 我真期待
To tell the truth 坦白說
frankly speaking坦白說
to be honest 坦白說
No kidding 不是蓋的(可不是嗎)
never mind 不要緊
in the long run 遲早
sooner or later 遲早
we are bound to 我們一定會
let alone 更別說
by and large大體上
go without saying不用說
it's definitely got me hooked 我真的被他迷住了
don't be silly 別傻了
I kid you not 我不是唬你
I don"t see any other way around it 我想不出有任何更好的方法
pretty beat 累壞了
i'm exhausted 我累死了
I'm furious 我氣死了
That might be going overboard 可能沒有必要吧
I'm all for that 我完全同意
I agree wholeheartedly   我完全同意
I'm awfully sorry 非常抱歉
I'm terribly sorry about that. 為此我非常抱歉
sound pretty banal to me 看起來並不怎麼樣
it was outrageous 真可恥
don't be so fussy 別這麼大驚小怪
it still sounds a litte fishy to me 我聽起來還是覺得怪怪的
you can say that again 說得好
Now you're talking 這才像話
could you do me a favor幫我個忙
I can hardly believe我很難想像
in case you didn't notice 你似乎沒有注意到
tickle your fancy 引起你的興趣
you've got your head in the cloud你太不切實際了
get over yourself 清醒一點吧
seeing things 看到幻覺
enlightent me 你說來聽聽
that figure那是可以想像的
what a day 今天真不好過
it was no trouble at all一點兒也不麻煩
I'm really up against a wall 我真的碰到難關了
you could put it like that 你那麼說也可以
I've become desensitize 我已經沒感覺了
easier said than done說比做容易
tune into注意
for opener首先
at first首先
why the long face幹嘛擺一張臭臉
it"s sickening 真令人生氣
neither do I 我也不
too true一點也沒錯
I'll say 想當然爾
I'm sold 你說服我了
the bottom line重要的
far be it from me 干我屁事
I think I'll just play it by ear 我想到時候再看著辦吧
that's a good point  說得好
helps immensely很有幫助
being able能夠
I'll bet on it 我有把握
go to great length 想盡辦法
shy away from 避免
end up with 結果變成
from now on 從今以後
what have you been up to 你剛剛在作什麼
I'm so thirsty I could die我渴死了
back than 當時
had better還是
reasoning with him跟他講道理
gave in 讓步
I would not have been caught dead我打死都不會
hanging out 閒晃
desperate for 急切的需要
it does沒錯
what a真是
you could say that 可不是嘛
I think there is an idea brewing in  my head 我想到一個方法
you look pensive 你看起來悶悶不樂
I have had enough of him 我受夠這個人了
that is a deal 一言為定
I'm counting on you我全靠你了
fear not 不用怕
it's up to you 隨便
take your time 慢慢來
what a shame 真是太遺憾了
what a pity 真是太遺憾了
You have me over a barrel 你讓我別無選擇
It's been a while. 好久不見
you crossed the line 你太過分了
say it isn't so 告訴我這不是真的  
get to the point 說重點
I overslept 我睡過頭
my friends bailed on me 我朋友臨時不來
you are messing with me, right 你在跟我開玩笑對吧
they rule 超讚
I'm not in the good mood 我心情不好
take a rain check改天吧
I wandered around 我晃來晃去
stop by 順路去
I'm bored 我好無聊
right this way 請到這邊來
What's that supposed to mean 那是什麼意思
What's the big deal 有什麼大不了
I suppose 我想也是
If my memory serves me 如果我沒記錯
I was just saying that 我亂說的
You know, to spare your feelings 我知道的,只是想安慰你
you look like hell妳看起來糟透了
I figured 我以為
Now and then 有時
You may have something there 好像有道理
I couldn't care less 我ㄧ點都不在乎
keep your morale up 打起精神  
what prompted you to 你為什麼要
you are fucking real 你他媽太中肯了
don't be such a stuffed shirt 別這麼臭屁
Postponed until tomorrow 延到明天
You don't say 是喔
It's such a drag 實在很無趣
It all depends 看情況
intuitive sense 直覺
Come in handy 派得上用場
My thoughts exactly. 我正有此意
Drive me nut 讓我發瘋
Bending over backwards 用盡全力
Off from work 放假
either way 不管怎樣
it's nothing short of 簡直就是
Too Hectic 太趕
I agree with you there 我有同感
My sentiment exactly 我有同感
How would you manage that 你怎作到的
it's very thoughtful of you 你真體貼
so do I 我也一樣
what do you do for relaxation 你作什麼消遣
over my dead body 休想
i'm full 我吃飽惹
You might as well 你乾脆
I'll fix you up 我會幫你解決
I'm feb up with him 他煩死了
you bet 當然
Laid back漫不經心
Don't start going off on 別再提
what prompted you to 你為什麼要
that's really something 了不起
be my guest 別客氣

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