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Aang is a hero - a 12-year-old hero who likes to stir up trouble. Raised by Airbender monks in a temple hidden in the mountains, Aang is the last Airbender and the only known survivor of the Air Nomads. It's Aang's destiny as the Avatar to master all four elements - Air, Water, Earth and Fire. But he'd rather search for adventure than save the world. Though he's very spiritual, Aang doesn't like being known as the mythical Avatar or being the center of attention, he just wants to be a normal kid. Aang loves animals, especially his giant flying bison, Appa, and his pet winged-lemur, Momo. He's quick to take detours along his journey, much to the dismay of Katara and Sokka, and he's a master of getting himself into sticky situations. Luckily for all three of them - and the rest of the world - he's pretty good at getting out of them too.

幸運的是,他們三個-和世界殘餘的部分-他也很擅長擺脫他們。(真的好怪= =)

Katara is a 14-year-old girl with a big heart who's determined to save the world - or at least never stop trying. Katara wants to live up to her potential and become a Waterbender in order to save her tribe, but she's still learning to control her powers. Focused and determined, Katara practices the art of waterbending every day in order to be prepared the moment she meets a master Waterbender. Katara wears her mother's necklace, which gives her strength and courage when she needs it the most. Mature beyond her years, Katara is the glue that holds the group together. And she does her best to keep Aang out of harm's way...which makes waterbending look like a piece of cake.

Katara's brother Sokka is a typical teenager who believes his way is the only way. While he shows the strength and determination of a warrior, Sokka lacks the experience to use them effectively. Sokka doesn't let his lack of bending abilities bother him, though. He thinks Benders are what got the world in trouble in the first place. Unlike Aang, Sokka doesn't go for the spiritual stuff and doesn't trust anything he can't see or touch. He prefers tools and weapons to bending and his most prized possession is a boomerang given to him by his father. Sokka is loyal, courageous and protective of his sister (ok, maybe overprotective sometimes). Sokka always feels like he gets the short end of the stick, and because of this he carries a huge chip on his shoulder. But when push comes to shove Sokka always comes up with an ingenious way out of trouble.

卡塔拉的哥哥,是個典型的固執青年。雖然他有當個戰士力量和決心,但他仍缺乏實際的經驗。索卡並沒有因為他不會使用神功(御術)而受到影響。他心想神功(御術)就是造成世界麻煩的主因。不像安,索卡不相信神靈和他看不見或摸不到的東西。比起神功(御術)他更喜歡工具和武器,他最珍惜的寶貝是他父親送他的迴力鏢。索卡很忠誠、勇敢,很保護他的妹妹[好吧,或許有時保護過度]。索卡總是喜歡............(後面好怪= =?)

Toph is a tiny, 12-year-old girl who is the daughter of one of the richest families in the Earth Kingdom the Beifong family. She has been sheltered her whole life living within the walls of the estates, never allowed to leave. At first glance, Toph seems like a helpless little blind girl, but unbeknownst to her family (and most everybody), Toph is one of the best Earthbenders in the world. She is nicknamed the "Blind Bandit" and no Earthbender can beat her.
Although Toph is an Earthbender, her fighting style is different from the Earthbenders we've seen previously. Because of her blindness, Toph is highly attuned to the vibrations in the Earth.


In the beginning, Zuko is an incredibly focused, teenage Firebender who bullies and intimidates everyone around him. He is obsessed by only one desire: to capture the Avatar. Zuko's greatest weaknesses are his arrogance and impatience. He believes Firebending is the most dominant art and can never be bested by Water, Earth, or Airbending. Zuko's teenage overconfidence makes him believe he's invincible. Zuko charges into conflict impulsively and without precaution. As the series progresses, however, Zuko develops compassion towards the nations he's terrorized. Ultimately, he renounces the Fire Nation and joins up with Aang to teach him Firebending.

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