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「光復香港 時代革命」


香港人正在受苦,而聰哥只是向受害人獻上祝福和鼓勵,讓香港恢復自由。而 貴公司則認為此言辭不能代表 貴公司,損害了 貴公司的形象,那麼是否證明了 貴公司並不認同人類應該擁有個人的自由、需由極權政府管控任何舉動?難道「所有聲音都重要」不是 貴公司的形象嗎?

貴公司近日以「違反《爐石戰記》大師職業賽官方賽事規章」為由,不合情理打壓香港選手Blitzchung並禁止其參賽資格一年,侵犯的一個人類與生俱來的言論自由。此做法亦無異於為正處於危機存亡之秋的香港火上加油,更如同公開支持極端恐怖組織 中華人民共和國伸出魔手向自由國際都會 香港、以及於全球實施極權之企圖。

貴公司近日的所作所為實在難以令人接受,亦超越本人作為香港人的底線。本人亦無意繼續支持正向恐怖主義屈服的 貴公司,請將本帳號刪除並將一切資料移除,以免本人的個人資料流入恐怖組織手中。

本人將不會再惠顧 貴公司的任何產品,以免間接給予金錢赤納粹。

光復香港 時代革命

“Liberate Hong Kong, Revolution of our age”
Different people may have different view to this slogan, but no matter how we view it, the ultimate meaning are not seeking for independence of Hong Kong nor countering the Chinese regime blindly, but our longing to freedom and democracy. To me, this is a slogan to unite Hongkongers, fighting against the unreasonable suppression and control conducted by the totalitarian regime and our wish to make Hong Kong a place where Hongkongers want it to be. In this age which seems to be peaceful on the surface, while terrorism has been awakening, trying to make use of its financial means to erode the capital world and the liberate society we are living in. We, Hongkongers, would revolve such an insane age!

The anti-extradition bill protest started off due to our reluctance to be extradited to mainland China and face unfair treatment there, which has been repeatedly proven to be a place suppressing liberty. For now, even if the bill has been abandoned, Hongkongers shall not be afraid of the extradition. Ironically, what we do not want to face are now exactly happening in the streets of Hong Kong, if not more severe than what we expected to what would happen if the bill has passed.

Hongkongers are suffering, and Blitzchung was simply blessing and supporting the victims, restoring freedom in Hong Kong. But your company treated such action not a representation of your company and may cause damage to your image. Doesn’t it prove that your company agrees that human beings should not be given free will, and ought to allow the government to control them in all aspects? Aren’t “every voice matters” your image?

A few days ago, your company banned Hong Kong pro Hearthstone player Blitzchung from joing any competition for 1 year in the name of “violating grandmasters official competition rules”, this is infringing one’s inborn freedom of speech! Also, such act is nothing less than rubbing salt into the wounds in Hong Kong, and openly support the terrorist organization, RPC, to engulf Hong Kong, the international metropolis, and even the entire world to run its totalitarianism.

What your company has done was unacceptable and touched my bottom line as a Hongkongers and a human being. I would not support such a company which has surrendered to a terrorist organization. Please delete my account and any data in it, to avoid the terrorist organization from accessing my personal information.

I would also not purchasing any product from your company to prevent indirectly support Chinazi finacially.

光復香港 時代革命
You can ban be now, as if what you did to Blitzchung. Thank you and Fuck you.


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