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RE:【情報】官方將舉辦AMA("Ask me Anything")活動

樓主 沒小沒大 slamdown

Our independently developed MMORPG now has more than 150,000 Founders
that broughtin over $7 million in (crowd-)funding.
到目前為止, 官方已收到美金700萬, 以匯率32換算約台幣2.24億.

The company only formed in 2012, with a team of 4 people.
四年前這家公司只有4個人. (如果遊戲成功的話應該會是一個勵志的案例)

官方說不會限制聯盟人數, 而是採用以下幾個方式約束:
   就算他們整團在黑區移動, 遊戲內還是有很強的in-combat
   anti-zerg機制約束大聯盟. (有點抽象, 我們繼續看下去)

Everybody in Albion Online plays in the very same game world, i.e. there are no
different servers or server instances for different parts of the world. This, however,
means that one part of the world is going to be the bottleneck for ping, and this is
where the "game control" server essentially sits.以上是官方對Ping值的說明.
so while a high ping isn't great, the game stays very playable. 這是官方安慰玩家的說法.

IOS is not available during beta testing due to Apple's App-Store policy, which does not
allow for frequent patching and updating of game clients. There is nothing we can do
about it, unfortunately. 官方說明, 為什麼蘋果手機不能玩.

官方認為5年後的Albion Online, 會是Alive and well, and slowly but surely growing.
Our goal is to have Albion Online develop like Eve Online - which is a huge challenged
and a nice target to set oneself.

官方對Albion Online 3D化的想法:
We started out with a very small-team and still have a very small budget.
3D graphics are usually the most expensive part of a game - and,
to be bluntly honest: we didn't want Albion to look shoddy.
Thus, we decided to go with an isometric view that uses a stylized graphics style.
By carefully designing this, we have created a rather unique visual style for the game.
One, that we are very proud and fond of.
On top of that, we feel that an isometric view is much better suited for tactical combat.

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