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Dear players,

As May 27th and the start of Early Access nears the excitement has been building. We thought this would it would be a perfect time to look ahead on what you can expect over the coming months.

First the dates of the first round of testing is May 27th to June 3rd.

Testing times will be:

EU Server: 6pm - 9pm CEST on weekdays and 5pm - 10pm CEST on weekends
US Server 8pm – 11pm EST on weekdays and 7pm – midnight EST on weekends

歐洲伺服器 : 慢我們6小時 所以開放時間大約是凌晨12點到半夜三點

美國伺服器 : 慢我們13小時 開放時間大約是早上9點-早上12點


Remember you may participant on either or both servers (progress is separate). You will also get an email before the test letting you know the client is ready to pre-load.


The first test of Early Access will feature:

• Progression and arms dealer system up to tier 6
• 4 PvP maps
• Ghost Field
• Cold Strike
• Port Storm
• River Point (new for this test!)
• Artillery system update! (for more details please read here)
• Incoming Artillery Warning
• Counter Battery radar
• New camera view
• General Balance change

38 vehicles in 5 classes

o Tier 1
• M113: AFV
• PT-76: LT
o Tier 2
• FV101 Scorpion: AFV
• LAV-150: AFV
o Tier 3
• BMP-1: AFV
• AMX-10P: AFV
• M60 Patton: MBT
• T-62: MBT
• LAV-150 90: TD (PREMIUM)
• Abbot: SPG (PREMIUM)
o Tier 4
• BMD-1: AFV
• T-64: MBT
• 2S1 Gvosdika: SPG
• M109: SPG
• Sheridan: LT
• Leopard 1
• Swingfire
• Zhalo-S: AFV (PREMIUM)
o Tier 5
• BMD-2: AFV
• LAV-300: TD
• Chieftain Mk5 FV4201: MBT
• M60A3: MBT
• T-72 Ural: MBT
• VBL Scout: AFV
• BMP-2: AFV
• M60A2 Starship: MBT (PREMIUM)
o Tier 6
• BMP-3: AFV
• Wiesel 1: AFV
• M2 Bradley: AFV
• Stingray 1: LT
• B1 Centauro: TD
• Leopard 2AV: MBT
• 2S3 Akatsiya: SPG
• Palmaria: SPG
• Vickers VFM 5: LT

• Basic Commanders and Crews. You will be able to level them during the test.
• Gameplay systems
o Smoke grenades
o Mobile camo
o Bonus Capture Rate
o Designated Targeting
o Module repair
o Updated armor composition system
• Consumables
• Several bug fixes

This particular test will still lack many optimizations for lower end computers and 32bit systems. For the best performance we recommend the following:


Video card GeForce GTX 275
Processor Intel (R) Core (TM) i5-4440 CPU @ 3.10 GHz (4 cores), ~ 3.1 GHz
Memory 4GB
Operating systems:
Windows Vista Home Premium and above (Home Premium, Business, Enterprise, Ultimate) x64
Windows 7 Home Basic and above (Home Basic, Home Premium, Professional, Enterprise, Ultimate) (6.1, Build 7601) Service Pack 1 x64
Windows 8 (8, 8 Pro, 8 Enterprise, 8.1, 8.1 Pro, 8.1 Enterprise) x64

If your computer does not meet the recommendations we still invite you to give us your feedback and results in the technical forum when it’s available on the 27th. Also remember that this is the very early stage of the testing process, so be aware that it is possible there will be server crashes, bugs, and various unforeseen issues. The client is still not optimized but the lower end systems will see improvement in future tests.

If you are not interested in testing the game at this early stage, we suggest you wait for a few updates. We will however appreciate all of you that are willing to give it a try and help us squash some bugs!

What happens after this test you may ask? Well more tests of course!

The first tests will last limited periods of time and will have hour-based schedules. However as we progress towards open beta these tests will become longer and eventually they will be available 24/7.

So what can you look forward to in future tests?

Our first update will include major optimization and stability changes. It will also include raising the tier limit to 7 and it will add a new map.

Beyond that we will continue to add more content a features including:

• More Vehicles
• More PvP Maps
• PvE Maps!
• Vehicle “decals”
• Artillery “special shells”
• New HUD
• A new Game Mode
• Basic Clan support (“Battalions”)
• Balance an bug fixes

There is however plenty more content and features planned before OBT! While no dates have been set and the content could change, we feel it’s very important to give you a rough idea of what you can expect. During each test we encourage you to leave your feedback because it DOES matter!

We are committed to making the best vehicle combat experience and with your continued feedback we are confident that it will be possible.

We also want to remind you that there is no NDA starting May 27th, so you may discuss the game with friends, post videos, stream, write previews, guides, or offer any constructive feedback.

We will continue to offer free access to the game though contests, social media and popular gaming sites. Watch for announcements! You may also choose to get immediate access by purchasing a founders pack, even after the start of the testing.

We are really excited to see this next phase of testing and hope to see you on the battlefield


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