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RE:【情報】新特殊模組系列 $9 時間就是一切 邊界識別 天霜燈籠 交易與議價

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Version 2.2
Added MCM option to re-enable the Vampire attacks in cities.
Added MCM option to adjust the percent chance that vampires will attack the cities.
Added MCM option to restrict the "Letters from a Friend" so they will only be sent to you by a friend (NPCs with a relationship rank of 1 or higher). The letters will still be anonymous, but you'll have the satisfaction of knowing the person who witnessed your shout truly does consider you a friend. Note that this will likely make these letters occur much less frequently, but may be used for role-playing purposes or to provide additional incentive to complete favor quests in order to increase the number of NPCs who consider you a friend.
Fixed the GetRandomPercent condition on DLC2WE09, DLC1VQ00VampireAttackNodePM/AM, WEDragonQuests, and WEBountyCollectorChance. These conditions were using "<=" instead of "<" which would allow the events to trigger even if the MCM option was set at 0% chance.
Changed the GetDetected conditions on the following quests: WICastMagic01, WICastMagic04, and WIAddItem03.
Improved the starting conditions that apply to the Dragonborn quest options so that the quest triggers will be more consistent and straight-forward: - The Cultist Attack Chance (DLC2WE09Chance) now applies to the initial cultist ambush that occurs at the start of the Dragonborn questline. - Removed the added 10% chance for the "After the Graybeards summon the Dragonborn" option. This selection now uses the Cultist Attack Chance like all the other options. - Removed the "if in Solstheim location" condition from DLC2WE09, which allowed the cultist attacks to ignore the Min Level requirement when the player is in Solstheim. Now the Min Level Requirement will apply regardless of the player's location. - Changed the initial value of DLC2WE09Chance from 100 to 5. By default this value gets changed to 5% after the initial cultist attack, so this change just adds a bit more randomization to when the initial attack occurs. - Changed MCM option text to reflect these changes.
Changed the default value of DLC2QuestStartSelection from 0 to 1 (after Way of the Voice). The MCM script was set up correctly, but the global variable value was incorrectly set to 0.

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