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RE:【漢化】Evangeline - 膽小柔弱的布萊頓法師 -06-24 更新

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Evangeline(伊帆德琳) - 膽小柔弱的布萊頓法師

(請下載原檔,再覆蓋漢化 ESP,並於 15分鐘 後到畫面右上方點 ENDORSE 給作者一個鼓勵。)
再宣傳:請大家發揮善心去N網下載 Evangeline
然後點 ENDORSE 讓作者有更多動力繼續更新!!!
因為gtxism689 gtxism689沒有坑大的熱情介紹,很早就期待這位隨從搬到SE,搬來後觀望了一陣,希望原翻譯者出山,後來還是冒昧自己接坑了



Version v5.0.0
  • ! rewritten inventory management system
  • ! rewritten idle management system
  • ! replaced nearly all custom & original non-Evangeline     dialogue with original voiced shared dialogue and removed their voice     files
  • ! redone Evangeline heal self, heal player and Simulacrum heal     Evangeline. Additionally they now use Grand Healing if close to target
  • + Evangeline will now teleport behind you if you bump into her     with your weapon/magic equipped
  • + added another difficulty option. 0 for default with scaling     of damage and protection and then adept for 1x 1x like it was intended.     Adept served as default in 4.2.0
  • + You can now tell Evangeline to cast the spells you have     equipped. You can also tell her to use them exclusively as the only     destruction spells
  • + Evangeline will play any idle possible
  • + added scenes for all unique voicetypes. Now Evangeline can     converse with nearly every actor in the game.
  • # moved home and town outfit into trade dialogue. Added combat     outfit dialogue.
  • # shout recovery on default is scaling with level, adept set to     30%, expert and master 15%, legendary 0%
  • # optimized killed actor memory script
  • $ fixed a condition bug with Evangeline in the first college     Ward lesson scene
  • + added idleanimations to some dialogues
  • $ changed condition for when Evangeline is playing     hide&seek
  • ! moved some scene ctrls into the correct quest
  • $ fixed a bug in the MCM menu regarding the difficulty of     Evangeline
  • $ changed the addcustom spell script to remove papyrus log     warnings
  • # Evangeline will not comment on weather in interiors
  • # the bandit who steals Evangelines clothes spawns now at the     start of the scene. He is now also in the player enemy faction
  • + Evangeline will cure herself after a fight
  • # Evangeline scaled back to 1 * player level
  • + HP buff applies always and not only if fNPCHealthLevelBonus     was not 5
  • + added Guardian Circle and Whirlwind Cloak to Evangelines     Arsenal
  • # a few of Evangelines dialogue and whistling noise has been     made quieter. Whistling has been split into 3 pieces of dialogue
  • # Changed morality to property crime only
  • # optimized combat target selection
  • $ fixed several bugs in Evangelines combat AI that caused her     to not use her full potential
  • $ fixed a condition issue with Scenes for MG06
  • $ Evangeline will no longer yell constantly about Dragons or     Dragon Priests during combat against those foes
  • $ You no longer have to tell Evangeline repeadedly to join you,     after she leaves on her own
  • $ fixed a bug in random pathed scene that caused it to not     progress accordingly because of a variable not getting set
  • $ fixed wrong soundfile for the darkelf joke
  • $ added condition for murder, intimidate, bribe and various additem     events so that those events only trigger if Evangeline is near the player
  • $ added a condition that assaulting and change relationship     comments only trigger for not enemy actors
  • + added the following quest types to the random quest chain:     Assassinate, bounty hunt, crafting, guarding location and stealing
  • $ Evangeline will no longer initiate dialogue with you while in     combat
  • $ Evangeline will properly reappear after the player ends his     werewolf rampage during The Silver Hand
  • $ Evangeline will now behave properly at Cidhna Mine incident
  • + added eye, heart and custom innards to gore effect
  • # Xeova created a new face



特別感謝doferhans,D大的  Vmad-MCM標題與內容 翻譯簡易說明,讓我往後的翻譯中,MCM標題都能翻譯出中文(應該啦....)


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