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RE:【情報】特殊模組系列1 更新【栩栩如生的水2】1.7.0

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Version 1.7.0
What started as a hotfix turned into another minor update to round out and refine things a bit. ^_^

===== Plugins =====
> RealisticWaterTwo.esp
* Added C.Water bash tag to the header
--- This was done in case WB ever supports it. I think Mator Smash already does.
--- What this does is to help ensure RWT's water record edits are forwarded, when necessary.
* Removed an unused waterfall record
* Added missing data from all movable statics (thanks to Saqer for the detailed report)
--- Hopefully this will fix any errors in DynDOLOD.
* Added missing GNAM records to a few of the custom sounds.
--- This makes the Audio Overhaul Skyrim patch for RWT, provided by AOS, completely redundant. Users can remove this patch.
--- Credits to those authors of AOS for providing corrections to the custom sounds all this time!

===== Patches =====
> RealisticWaterTwo - Open Cities.esp
* Corrected the worldspace LOD water to match the rest of the plugins

> RealisticWaterTwo - Wyrmstooth.esp
* Corrected the worldspace LOD water to match the rest of the plugins

> RealisticWaterTwo - iNeed.esp
* Converted this patch to: RealisticWaterTwo - Needs Mod Patch.esp
--- This was done to reflect this plugin being compatible with both iNeed and RND.
--- This will extent the ability to fill water skins from more water types for iNeed, since RND supports more water sources.
* Updated noise layers to match the main plugin for lake water type.

===== Assets =====
> Credits to SparrowPrince for the asset updates.
* Removed a leftover mesh that was unused
* Cinematic Rain Ripples option updated
--- The amount of ripples has been increased and a more chaotic behavior to the rain ripple textures has been added.
* New "thin" waterfall meshes have been added
--- Smaller "thin" waterfalls have had the volume of their splashes increased (not sound, visually).

===== Installers =====
* Updated description for Paper World Map (thanks sirjesto)
* Updated the options to reflect the new "Needs" mod patch
* Updated some of the images
--- This was done to better represent their respective mods and to better fit with the default image window size of MO2.

===== Nexus =====
> Updated description with more detailed information and instructions for users.
* Formating improved throughout description for better readability
* Features list expanded and improved
* Version Scheme better defined
* Update of the Compatibility section
* Update of the Bug Reports section with more rounded out information for common issues
--- All users should read this section before posting a bug report.

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