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RE:【情報】特殊模組系列11 身歷其境的公民 幻想凱爾特音樂 更新-JK的天霜整合

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Version 1.2
Fixed flora clipping in towns and villages (big thanks to LoD7995 for his help and quality control)
Disabled Sky Haven Forge map marker from appearing before the player has visited
Changed horse ownership in Riverwood to stop Gerdur going on joy rides
Changed idle markers behind forge so Alvor will keep working
Stopped NPC's from sandboxing at Riverwood smelter
Lock routine added to all JK's buildings. The doors will now lock at night and when the owners are out
Updated NPC AI Packages so they interact more with the village
Initially disabled Stormcloak Banner inside Dragon Bridge shop
Added AI packages to Windhelm rats
Fixed havok settle for floating armor in Falkreath Graveyard
Added missing posts and ladder below the waterline for a dock in Dawnstar
Randomized contents of alcohol barrels in Dawnstar ship
Lowered dock in Dawnstar
Fixed misaligned post at Falkreath Jarl's Longhouse
Balanced the access to skill books in some homes

Moved sunken rowboat in Dawnstar for built in compatibility with BOYD
Shifted handcart at Dawnstar entrance to give Touring Carriages some turning room
Realistic Water Two Patch patch released to align blacksmith water troughs in Solitude and Markarth
Holidays patch released
Better Docks patch released
JK's Skyrim No Lights Patch released removing all lighting for compatibility with exterior lighting overhauls
Unique Vampire Dens SSE created and sent to mod author for hosting
Added Carriage & Ferries Transport Overhaul to available patches
Created patch for Training Dummies Provide XP for the mod author to host
Mirai patch released removes clipping outside Markarth patch

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