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RE:【情報】FNIS-SE 7.0 系列正體中文化 更新FNIS SE 7.1

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Fores New Idles in Skyrim SE - FNIS SE



FNIS Behavior SE 7.1:
Added patch for TK Dodge SE, TK Ultimate Combat SE and other tktk1 mods; added behavior parameters for the corresponding Skyrim LE mods
Made "Proper Spell Cast Direction" selectable via FINS ini file
Added FNIS.ini functionality (currently only for switching off the PSCD bug fix - copy FNIS.ini0 to Skyrim Special Edition/Data/FNIS.ini and modify)
Added new Papyrus function FNIS_aa.SetAnimGroupEX() which allows SetAnimGroup() without forced setting of 3rd person view (call will fail, of course)
Fixes an error 9 bug (index out of bounds) when generating with more than 16,000 animations in XXL version
Fixed several incorrect warnings ("Unknown Skeleton", "Warning: Incompatible template file") when using NMM Virtual Install with mods on separate drive
Fixed wrong warnings for tagged hkx files in the HKX File Compatibility Check.
Improved checking for and reporting installation problems

Note: The optional FNIS SE 7.1 XXL Beta (20,000 animations) will run slower on PCs with little memory.
It is also likely, that using mods with a total of more than 10000 animations will increase the likelyhood of load CTD. How much? I don't know. Use at your own risk.

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