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Beyond Skyrim - Bruma SE  1.3.3  升級檔


Version 1.3.3
Quest & NPCs
Lowered frequency on some Dumrag idle lines
Added fast travel markers to Skyrim/Cyrodiil after entering Cyrodiil for first time. Enabled on old saves by going through the border gate
Fixed Renod repeating the same line twice
Fix for Grimclaw wandering too close to bruma
Removed bandit camp keyword from Frozen Grotto
Fixed issue with aliases in BrumaFF08 that could cause it to be unfinishable for some players.
Increases the max lvl calc of the Frostfire Glade boss (Glade Guardian) to prevent it from being excessively easy for high level characters
Fixed several typos
Fixed a few voicetype bugs
Fixed a few unfilled properties
Bugfixes for Alammu’s Veil ending
Removed quest item status from some items that shouldn’t have it
Removed forced bounty for killing Renod
Fixed guard patrol not looping
Fixed flags in many packages
Fixes to dialog events
No Thalmor objective for courier quest if they’re not in Bruma anymore
Gixed quest items sometimes not spawning for courier quest, will not retroactively work on old saves
Temoved timer that would stall dialog with Adius during delicate situation
Made sure Alavva will not attack when she shouldn’t and will not accept yield
Fixed npcs being hostile to Alavva at wrong time
Fixed getting stuck in Alavva dialog
Fixed Astor’s Whispers of Mountain dialog options being available at wrong quest stage
Fixed few loose ends with A Stormcloak in Chains scripting
Fixed npc with wrong voice
Fixed Cadius not being essential
Lowered aggro on Serulius
Disabled a named bandit that shouldn’t spawn
Fixed some quest bandits that were respawning
Guards are now aggressive towards highwaymen
Traveling nobles now have items in their inventory
Added Whispers robe spawns
Fixed Simund Gautierre's Journal flavor text mistakenly referring to it as 'Albecius Relandrin's Journal'.
Guards will not call players wearing imperial armor a civilian
Renod will not give the player a trespass bounty during his quest
Removes the cut Doomsayer encounter from the SM event node to prevent it from spawning.
Added relationship rank check on some hello lines
Added vampire race checks on many race conditions
Cleaned up issues with the letter of permission alias in the quest
Fixed lip sync on CYRMaleBrute

Level Design
Fixed trap in Northfringe sanctum
Replaced all books and leveled armor in Northfringe with more lore friendly items
Removed excess loot from Northfringe
Fixed navmesh problems in Red Ruby Cave
Added new Bruma patrol route to reduce congestion
Generic level design fixes
Optimized lights in Gautierre Manor
Fixed coffins in Undercroft not being disabled by default
Added cooking pot to Snowstone Rest
Generic landscape and level design fixes
Deleted a bad marker in fort cutpurse

Models & Textures
Ayleid Bow positioning fix
Bruma ledge model fixes
Various missing and broken textures replaced
Fixed iron club using wrong model
Fixed a note with wrong font

Misc Fixes
Buffed mountain lion
Minotaurs now drop 2 horns
Added bone meal to Ayleid drops
Replaced many books around the map with Cyrodiil books
Fixed errors reported by the Creation Kit
Fixed some armor keywords
Fixed some lvl lists with vanilla weapons
Better chance for chainmail to spawn on bandits
Replaced vanilla iron shields with Cyrodiilic iron shield
Removed Mithril armor from lvl lists
Rebalanced alchemical abilities and costs
Made goblins use goblin inventory data from assets as template
Renamed cutpurse cave mapmarker
Deleted some refs that didn’t like npcs sitting on nearby chairs
Deleted some duped refs

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