LV. 15
GP 184


樓主 棒棒 zidanepaul

   A.該地區原有強盜為3,則最多會產生9個強盜  (3X3=9,此數字在最大產量15個內)
   B.該地區原有強盜為6,則最多會產生15個強盜  (3X6=18,此數字超過最大產量15個)



Mcm menu:

It's working, was hard to get the mcm menu working due to mod using leveled lists. Not changing a line of code. Took weeks to get it right. Feedback is appreciated , don't get me wrong.

1. The setting for Obis bandits determines how many times a FOUND npc is cloned. From 1 to whatever you set.
2. The surface limit and the dungeon limits control the total number of clones for that SCAN session. Not per cell, though effect is similar.
3. A scan session consists of 10 scans, and you can change that in mcm menu.
4. The randomizer selects a random number of clones per npc to make, by selecting a random number between 1 and the setting in number 1 above. Optional.

So if you set the dungeon limit to 15, and the obis npc setting to 3, and the dungeons locación has:

A) three npcs, you will get 9.  3 times 3 is nine, and under the limit
B) six npcs, you will get 15, 6 times 3 is 18, but limit is 15, so three are dropped and not made.

See? Easy as pie.

Make the cooldown period long enough so that another scan is not triggered too early, or you will get 15 more in example B!!  The limit is per scan, not cell. Works out about the same though because scans are triggered by location change.

Numbers can be less because the scans do not always find all npcs.

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