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【情報】Devilian Update 1.2.2 - Hotfix Notes

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Devilian Update 1.2.2 - Hotfix Notes


•Boss Monsters in level 50 Hell Dungeons will now drop Butchery Soul tokens.
•Level 50 Hell Dungeon Daily Quests will now reward 2 Butchery Soul tokens.
•Base drop rates of Butchery Soul Tokens now increase based on the dungeon difficulty enhancement level.
•Mid-boss in Agony Device now has a 100% chance to drop G4 Gem.
•Final Boss in Agony Device now has a 100% chance to drop 2x G4 Gems.


•Elite Mobs in the field now have access to more skills. Depending on the level of the monster, it will have 1-3 random skills it will use in combat.
•Elite Mobs in the field now have a chance to drop an increased gold or loot reward.


•Melee characters now have an increased 2.5% resilience in Devilian 20 vs 20, and Class 3 vs 3 battlegrounds.
•Melee characters now have an increased 5% resilience in Class 20 vs 20 battlegrounds.
•Berserkers PVP Bolstered Stats have been increased.
•You no longer need to register to participate in Devilian Wars. You can contribute points immediately by turning them into Devilian War NPC.
•Guilds can now hold multiple regions in Devilian War.
•Talking to a Devilian War NPC will tell you which regions your guild holds and the area you have the highest guild score in.
•Reduced time limit to 15m, and score to 1,500 in Decayed Sanctum (20vs20).
•Fixed an issue where guild tournament was starting earlier than expected.

Character Skills:

•Berserkers “Avalanche Rush” now generates 60 Rage up from 50.
•Berserkers “Avalanche Rush” now grants a barrier buff that absorbs up to 8% of max health damage.
•Berserkers “Quadra Stab” has increased damage and attack distance.
•Berserkers “Aerial Slash” has decreased rage cost and an increased dureation.
•Berserkers “Blazing Sword Dance” has increased damage and an increased duration.
•Berserkers “Flame’s Ferocity” now generates 40 Rage up from 30.
•Berserkers “Terrify” now has a reduced cooldown, an increased duration, and an increased physical defense buff against all enemies.
•Berserkers “Terrify” passive skill “Raging Storm” Rage generation has been doubled.
•Berserkers “Spin Crash” has had Rage generation doubled.
•Berserkers “Bladed Whirlwind” now gives debuff immunity status when used.
•Berserkers “Blood Draining Blade” damage against knocked down opponents has been decreased.
•Evokers “Black Hole” only effects three targets when used in PVP. It has not changed for PVE.
•Evokers “Lightning Blast” duration has been decreased.
•Evokers “Meteor Strike” Meteor now takes longer to drop and has increased damage.
•Evokers “Mana Shield” duration has been decreased and the amount of damage absorbed decreased.
•Evokers “Mana Shield” passive skills health increase and shield duration have both been lowered.
•Evokers “Mana Shield” Aelguards Blessing passive skills have had cooldown reduction reduced.
•Evokers “Flame Spear” skill damage has been increased.
•Evokers “Flame Spear” Salamander Tooth passive skill has decreased full charge damage.
•Shadowhunters “Shadow Strike” now has increased basic damage and increased bonus damage when behind your opponent.
•Cannoneer “Piercing Whirlwind” damage has been reduced.


•Changed visual effect for +15 artifacts.
•Grade of Lucky Box from Repeatable Quests has been lowered from Legendary to Grand (the actual contents of the boxes have not changed)
•Rare grade item fusing now costs 1 gold.
•Heroic grade item fusing cost has been reduced from 8 gold to 5 gold.
•Decreased cooldown of Debuff Immunity Potions from 16 seconds to 14 seconds.
•Adjusted Dungeon Invasion Tickets to be Warehouse Trade-able

New Titles:

•New titles are now obtainable from Abyssal Tower and Region token merchants.


•Adjusted quest reward of Devilian Enhancement quest to Kavel’s Tears (Reward)
•Cooperation Quests can now be completed when 1 or more friends or guild members are in your party.
•Changed reward of some Daily Quests that rewarded incorrect tokens.


•Added a guide for /commands to Help Overview.
•Added a visual effect and sound for crafting, enchanting, fusing, refining, and branding rune fusing.
•A pop up now appears for all party members when a party leader enters a dungeon asking the party member if they’d like to travel to the dungeon.
•You can now combine up to 10 Talismans at once.

Bug Fixes:

•Tool Tip for “Lunacy” skill now correctly states 30% instead of 80% absorption of max health.
•Fixed an issue where range and distance of the follow skills were incorrectly described in tooltip: Blazing Sword Dance, Lightning Spread, Flame Shruiken, Darkness Blade, Salamander March.
•Fixed an issue where Critical/Penetration values on some Talismans displayed incorrect values.
•Fixed an issue where Critical/Penetration values descriptions on Talisman sets displayed incorrect values.
•Fixed an issue where mounts from Archgemstone Store were incorrectly displaying +35% movement speed instead of +50%

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