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【情報】Cyberpunk 2077 官方腳色介紹與概念設計圖

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Maman Brigitte is the leader of the Voodoo Boys gang. She is mysterious and unnerving, threatening even. She pursues her aims with a dogged, merciless ambition – it’s much better to have her as a friend than a foe.

Maman Brigitte是Voodoo Boys的領導者。 她神秘且令人畏懼,以危險性稱之也不為過。 她以頑強、無情的野心追求她的目標 - 讓她作為朋友而不是敵人,更要好得多。
Sasquatch is the leader of the Animals – a gang from west Pacifica known for their brutality and fascination with everything corporeal. But don’t let their looks fool you. Clever, professional and efficient, they are no ordinary thugs.

Sasquatch是Animals的首腦人物,該幫派來自西太平洋地區,以殘暴驍勇的作風,和對肉體本身的塑造與鍛煉的癡迷著稱。但別被他們四肢發達的外表欺騙你, 聰明、專業、高效是他們的代名詞,他們絕非尋常的惡棍、暴徒!
As for netrunners, it’s hard to findsomeone more pro than Bug. Her consistency and persistence have brought herrespect and trust in the field. As the mercs say: if Bug can’t do it, who can?

至於netrunners (網路駭客),很難找到比Bug更專業的。 她的一貫性、恆定不移的作風使她在這個領域備受尊崇和信任。 正如傭兵們所說:要是連Bug都辦不到,那還有誰?
Placide is the Voodoo Boyssecond-in-command. He radiates the aura of danger and threat – inspiring fear andrespect in people around him. He’s a man of few words, and his smile isterrifying to behold. Or so people say. Luckily he smiles exceedingly rarely.

Placide是Voodoo Boys的第二把手,渾身散發著危險與具威脅性的氣息,使得身邊的人對他畏懼有加。他寡言少語,笑容讓人看著毛骨悚然。大家都說,好在他總是擺著張撲克臉。
Dex is one of the best fixers in town.Hardly anything goes in Night City that he doesn't know about. He’s got killerintuition and the experience to match – word on the street is anyone whomanages their first job for Dex is sure to go far.

Dex是夜城最好的掮客之一。 對整座城市他無所不知,他擁有殺手的直覺和相匹配的經驗。業界傳言說,無論你是誰,只要你第一份工作是Dex那裡接下的,那你今後必將飛黃騰達。
The look of poverty that derives fromhumans grappling with and struggling against technology and its unforgivingadvance. It denotes a lack of design blending with a general poverty of meansand ideas.

The look of a long lost golden age onpeople entirely unwilling or unable to forget it. It’s flashy, bold and usuallycheap – filled with gold-plated cyberware, implants encased in brightly coloredplastic and larger-than-life makeup.

>KITSCH (刻奇主義) (德語:Kitsch 意媚俗)
The look of global conflict andcorporations jockeying for power. Cold, sharp and modern. Making everyone lookas if they are ready to drop out of an AV’s cargo door and head straight intocombat.

The look of infinite wealth and vanity. Synonymous with luxury, it has been blossoming among Night City’s wealthiest elites – those who can afford to buy anything, who can afford to be anything they want to be.

>NEOKITSCH (新刻奇主義)


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