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t has been mentioned multiple times by the developers that
WoT 9.0 will be released at the end of this year, around New Year, but no official release date has been set as it normally isn’t until the last moment. The 0.9.0 version is going to be a big one, bringingHavok phisycs and multi-core support to WoT, but only for Havok running on a separate core at this point. WarGaming is also working on bigger teams (up to 30 on 30) and bigger maps, where the bigger maps could come in 9.0, but nothing has been confirmed though, as this is still much a work in progress, with a high probability of a version 8.10 coming before (24.10 Q&A FTR) . The information is conflicting right now to say the least, as the developers aren’t consistent at all when talking about version 9.0. Sometimes they refer to it as the next patch, sometimes they mention another update coming before that.

The Japanese have since been confirmed for 8.10, but there are a couple of vehicle rumors floating around, that came from a Chinese site, which might not be the most reliable source, but I’m posting this anyway. It seems pretty plausible, if nothing else.

- IS-7 will be getting a gun swap, currently it has the S-70; in 9.0, it will have the S-70A and that will be a penetration nerf to 239mm and 4 rounds per minute
- IS-4 will be getting a frontal armour buff, (140mm to 160mm) and a gun swap: S-70 but lower health
- AMX 50B will be getting a decreased speed, 65 to 60, lower health (2100 to 2050) and but Better Rounds per minute (3 to 2.7) and aiming time (2.5 to 2.3 sec)
- AMX Foch ROF and Speed/Armour will be nerfed (has not been confirmed due to a debate)
- T-57 ROF will be nerfed (25sec to 28sec) and HP nerf (2250 to 2100)
- FV4202 will be getting an armour buff (to 133mm) and speed increase to 45
- Object 430 will be added, its a prototype of the MBT T-64 (USSR) (was said for 8.10 in another “more official” release)
- T110e5 ROF changed to 6.68 rounds per minute and armour buff 254mm to 264mm

Source:,702080.shtml / translated by by CoolAndy34 from the NA forums

Not much news about upcoming premiums, we know that the Russian premium T-44-85 has been postponed from 8.9, it’s going to be rebalanced and supposedly not coming even with 9.0 yet.

The Havok physics engine really sounds promising visually as it will bring bending antennas, animations of building destruction and explosions, it’s pretty but it doesn’t affect gameplay, players will be able to enable it, if they have GTX-470 level or better graphics cards. (source: Veider Q&A on FTR). The suspension and track will also get a separate model now, making the tanks move much more realistically over terrain and tank models affected visually by explosions instead of just textures like now.

Some guys caught up with SerB in person on a conference, where he confirmed the New Year release date and also shared a little more, including that turrets being ripped off by ammorack explosions will come and that the amount of polygons on tank will be increased three times (10 thousand to 30 thousand), some vehicles will have even 50 thousand, this graphics improvement will also come in 2014.

He also mentioned that the spotting system will be reworked, a tank with only a tiny bit sticking out behind an obstacle will be harder to spot, new clanwars options that have now been officially announced (Recruiting station) and confirmed that KV-1S will be split into 2 tanks, historical KV-85 will be on tier 5 with current speed/agility, on tier 6 there will be KV-85/122, with seriously nerfed speed/agility, but it will keep the 122mm gun, (Source: Meeting with SerB – FTR) which seems to have been later confirmed by SerB in the Q&As.

And for those of you who don’t like the MM, for now the MM has not been touched. The chat system is getting a complete rework, which will probably be released with the 9.0 and server roaming will probably also be implemented as there is more and more official mentions of it, regarding rules and sanctions as well.

There’s also been a stream of Storm answers on livejournal that has been partially translated on FTR, related to future improvements, some of which will be implemented this year and some relating to 2014. Here’s a recap of the most interesting things SerB said:

- there will be a HD client with lots of graphic improvements, like turrets and pieces of tank (like boxes) being ripped off by fire, reflections etc. The amount of polygons and quality of textures will be improved. There will be new layers of textures, that will look properly under different light – grass will be grass, mesh will be mesh etc. There will also be independent suspension. This will be possible to disable, new computers will be able to work with it, old computers will be able to work with graphic level as it is now, which probably means that you will be able to disable Havok enhancements as well as other graphical improvements somehow for older computers.

- small things currently only in mods will also be added, such as traverse angles in aim circle, improved tank selection (carousel) in garage etc.

- WG is working on new sounds, all I can say is finally…

- visuals will be reworked, various limits will be removed, like roadwheels not being covered in camo

- camo system will be reworked, for example bushes will no longer be boxes, but will have round shapes for camo purposes

- WG will try to make it so that players, using mods have less problems with each new patch. It’s possible a special source for “approved” mods will come next year

- there are plans for American medium branch, French mediums and heavies, British medium branch, Sturmtiger branch – those are the groups from which the tanks will be picked for 2014 patches, in 2014 we will see approximately 3 new branches

- there will be TD assault guns! With them the option of disabling the horizontal autoaim will come, so you will be able to lob huge slow powerful shells over hills
- the disabled horizontal autoaim will be a separate aiming mode “like in Battlefield”
- there will be an active rangefinder (measuring range to everything, not just enemy tanks)

- new Chinese will most likely not come in 2014 at all

Not much else right now otherwise, so I’ll leave you with a Havok engine demo that’s quite nice, but not really a representation of anything…

小弟英文沒有那麼好  只有概略的看過
IS-7                 會換砲管 只不過會砍穿深以後再裝上
IS-4                 裝甲會增加
AMX50B         會降低射擊速度(感謝指正)
Foch               換砍裝甲跟速度(還沒有被證實 有待討論)
T57                 射速降低(25s-28s) 血量也降低(2250-2100)
FV4202           砲塔裝甲會提高
Obj430            應該是改模組(改成 T-64蘇聯主戰坦克)

KV-1s              保留122砲管 變成KV-85(5階車)速度跟機動性保留  裝甲會削弱
(朋友幫忙翻譯在此更正 所以常122會在KV-122那邊)
六階車由 KV-122代替  

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