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LeBlanc The Deceiver 勒布朗

Upon selection 選人
  • "The Black Rose shall bloom once more." 黑玫瑰將再次盛開。
Movement/attacking 移動/攻擊
  • "Time to make an appearance." 是時候登場了。
  • "There's no escape." 逃不掉的。
  • "Watch closely." 好好看著。
  • "What a  treat."真是一件好事啊!
  • "Right where I  want them." 就是那我要想他們去的地方。
  • "Surprised to see me?" 看到我嚇一跳?
  • "Where next?" 接著在哪?
  • "It's all smoke and mirrors." 都是煙和鏡子而已。
  • "Patience, summoner."  耐心,召喚師。
  • "Tricky, aren't  you?" 狡猾啊你?
  • "Are you certain?" 你就肯定?
  • "Trust me." 相信我。
  • "Classic  misdirection."  經典的誤導。
  • "Looks can be deceiving." 外貌是可以騙人的。
  • "Would I lie?" 我會撒謊嗎?

Taunt 嘲諷
  • "Fora moment I thought I'd broken a sweat."剛剛我以為我都出汗了。
Joke 玩笑
  • "For my next trick  I'll make their life bar disappear." 我的下一個節目是我會把他們的生命條變沒掉。
  • "Lying is, like, ninety five percent of what I do." 撒謊嘛就是我九成半會做的事情。

Lee_Sin 李星 (感謝Hanenama提供)

Upon selection 選人
  • "Your will, my hands."汝之決心, 即吾輩之雙臂.
Movement/attacking 移動/攻擊
  • "Strike firmly!"  堅定的一擊!
  • "Their heartbeats quicken."  敵軍正心神大亂
  • "Worry not." 別擔心
  • "I'll see this through." 將看穿一切
  • "Act free of doubt." 堅信不疑
  • "Quiet steps." 悄悄前進
  • "Extend your senses." 延伸汝之感知
  • "Where am I needed?" 吾為何處所需?
  • "Find your center." 追尋汝之自我
  • "I will atone." 吾將彌補吾之罪孽
  • "Master yourself, master the enemy." 知己知彼, 百戰百勝
  • "Waste not a minute!" 切勿虛度光陰!
  • "We do what we must." 做我們必須做的
Taunt 嘲諷
  • "Force is meaningless without skill." 空有力氣而毫無技巧是沒有意義的
  • "You have not earned victory this day." 閣下今日將無法取勝.
Joke 玩笑
  • "Blindness is no impairment against a smelly enemy." 做為一個盲人, 吾沒有辦法面對一個散發惡臭的敵人.(看國外wiki有人說Lee Sin跟Twitch 對線, Lee Sin 被完封(笑 )

Leona the Radiant Dawn 雷歐娜(感謝twilight1991分享)

Upon selection 選人
  • "The dawn has arrived." 黎明到來了。
Movement/attacking 移動/攻擊
  • "Twilight fades." 夜晚將退去
  • "I will break their line." 我會破壞敵人的陣線
  • "They'll have to get through me." 他們必須先經過我
  • "Feel the sun's glory." 感受太陽的燦爛。
  • "They will be sundered." 他們(的陣線)將會被切斷
  • "Stand and fight." 堅毅不搖。 (-.-?)
  • "I will protect you."  我會保護你。
  • "First light approaches."  第一道光(黎明)將要接近。
  • "Rally to me."  在我這集合。
  • "The sun always rises." 太陽永遠升起。
  • "Stay at the vanguard." 保持在前鋒。
  • "I must not fall." 我不能倒下。
  • "Chosen of the sun." 太陽的代言人。
  • "Ever vigilant." 永遠保持警惕。
Taunt 嘲諷
  • "Next time, try to leave a dent." 下一次,試著留下一個缺口吧
Joke 玩笑
  • "Don't stare directly at me for too long."  不要長時間直視著我
  • "I think I broke a nail, good thing it wasn't mine." 我想我弄壞了一個指甲,幸好不是我的(?)

Lulu the Fae Sorceress 璐(感謝polygram分享)

Upon selection 選人
  • "Pleased to meet you." 真高興認識你

Movement/attacking 移動/攻擊
  • "Dust 'em, Pix!"上吧,小皮
  • "Too tall... Much too tall." 好高...高過頭了 (約爾德小矮人)
  • "A solid giggle should do the trick." 笑一笑可以打的更好
  • "They aren't gonna like this" 他們可不會喜歡這個
  • "Let's use all the colors." 我們來使用各種顏色吧 (不愧是吸毒症候群)
  • "Nosy dew drop." 流鼻水了 (毒癮發作?)
  • "Never look a tulip in the eye." 絕對不要跟鬱金香對上眼 (幻覺發作?)
  • "That squirrel looks familiar." 我好像有看過那隻松鼠
  • "I recommend skipping." 我建議蹦蹦跳跳 (瘋了)
  • "Just a pinch." 才不過那麼點 (吸毒吸不多?)
  • "Whoa, dizzy." 哇喔,頭好暈 (吸多了)
  • "You'll see more with your eyes closed." 閉上你的眼睛,你會看到更多東西 (百分百吸毒症狀)
  • "Yup! That tasted purple!" 對!那是紫色的 (吸很多)

Joke 玩笑
  • "I could go for a twirl. Whoa, whoa whoa!" (Lulu uses her hat to spin around her staff)
    我會轉轉喔.哇喔哇喔哇喔 (用帽子以魔杖為中心旋轉)
  • "Let's put on our thinking caps. Hmm... Ah, I got it!"
    讓我們思考一下吧(轉轉). 嗯...啊~有了!
Taunt 嘲諷
  • "Come on you! Let's dance. HA!"
  • "Let's go around again! HA!"
  • "Delightify!" 好快樂!
  • "Transmogulate!" 變身!
  • "Fuzzy!" 毛茸茸!
  • "Adorbus!"變可愛!
  • "Cuddly incoming!" 可愛的傢伙來了!

  • "Vroom vroom!" 噗噗! (機車發動聲)
  • "Tut tut." 嘖嘖
  • "Zippy!" 變靈敏!
  • "Hot foot!" 加速!

  • "Hugify!" 變巨大!
  • "Enormivis!"變大!
  • "Up we go!"上吧!
  • "Tremendo!"變大!
  • "Enough of this!" 這樣夠了!

Lux the Lady of Luminosity 拉克絲
Upon selection 選人
  • "Tactical decision, summoner!" 正確的戰術決策啊,召喚師!
Movement/attacking 移動/攻擊
  • "Banish the shadows!" 黑暗退散!
  • "Going!" 來了!
  • "Great decision!" 英明的決策!
  • "I'll look into it." 我會查看的。
  • "Illuminate the enemy!" 把敵人點亮!
  • "I love it when a plan comes together." 事事按著計畫走什麼的我最喜歡了。
  • "I never think about losing." 我從未想過輸。
  • "Light'em up!" 點著他們!
  • "Lighting the way." 照亮道路
  • "Stay positive." 要保持樂觀。
  • "We can do this." 我們能行。
  • "With superior tactics." 藉卓越的戰術
  • "Focus on the battle." 把注意力放在戰鬥上
  • "Demacia!" 蒂瑪西亞!
Taunt 嘲諷
  • "With your power level, I suggest you forfeit     instead." 你現在的戰鬥力,我建議你還是逃吧。(cos 七龍珠)
  • "In the name of Demacia, I will punish     you!" 替蒂瑪西亞行道,警惡懲奸!     (cos 美少女戰士)
Joke 玩笑
  • "Double rainbow? What does it mean?..." 雙彩虹?這意味著?。。。。
    • "Well, a "double rainbow" is a      phenomenon of optics that displays a spectrum of light due to the sun      shining on droplets of moisture in the atmosphere. Does that explain      it?" 呐,“雙彩虹”是一種由陽光照射在空氣中的小水滴上而形成七彩光譜的光學現象。這個解釋行嗎?
  • "Light mage? I'm just an ordinary mage." 光明法師?我只是個普通的魔法使。(cos 霧雨魔理沙)
  • (whispering) "Shhh! I'm charging my     laser..." 噓!我在蓄鐳射。。。(悄悄話)             

Malphite the Shard of the Monolith 墨菲特
Upon selection 選人
  • "Rock solid." 石頭,硬。 (無語,又一個沒大腦的。)
Movement/attacking 移動/攻擊
  • "Going." 走(連起來不是死走……
  • "I'm moving as fast as I can." 我已經盡我所能的跑了
  • "Ok." 好的
  • "Uh-huh." -
  • "Sure." 當然
  • "Huurt!" 傷害
  • "Die!" 死吧
  • "Stay down!" 趴下
  • "Kill."
  • "Pain!" 佩恩!(呃……痛苦)
  • "Smash!" 打碎
Taunt 嘲諷
  • "You will lose." 你會輸
Joke 玩笑
  • "Caught between a rock... and a hard place." 在岩石和硬地之間選一個


Malzahar the Prophet of the Void 馬爾扎哈
Upon selection 選人
  • "Oblivion awaits!" 虛無漸降臨。。。
Movement/attacking 移動/攻擊
  • "As was foreseen." 和預見的一樣。
  • "At once." 馬上。
  • "Do not challenge fate's will!" 不要挑戰命運的意志!
  • "For the Void." 為了虛空。
  • "Icathia beckons." 艾卡非亞在召喚。
  • "In due course." 以應當的手法。
  • "Inevitable." 必然的。
  • "It is done." 完成了。
  • "It is in motion." 運動之中。
  • "Mortality is weakness." 凡胎就是缺點。
  • "Second sight ordains it." 天眼指示著。
  • "Their time is short." 他們剩時不多了。
  • "We are timeless." 我們不受歲月左右。
  • "We demand sacrifice." 我們要獻祭。
  • "Without question." 沒有質疑。
Taunt 嘲諷
  • "Bow to the void! Or be consumed by it!" 跪拜虛無!或被耗盡!
  • "Come mortal, witness your demise!" 來吧凡人,見證你的死期!
Joke 玩笑
  • *burps* I think a Voidling just came out!" 屁聲)我想有只虛空蛉跑出來了。

Maokai the Twisted Treant 茂凱
Uponselection 選人
  • "I do your bidding... for now." 我將暫時服從你的吩咐。
Movement/attacking 移動/攻擊
  • "I hate being uprooted."我討厭拔根而起的感覺。
  • "I would end this burden, but it always returns." 我也試圖終結過這困擾,但它總會捲土重來。
  • "I will end this misuse of magic." 我將終結魔法的濫用。
  •   "I once had peace." 我也曾擁有過安寧。
  • "I dated a sugar pine once, just to spruce things up. She turned out to be a birch, nice ash though."我曾經為了打扮,和一棵糖松約會過。結果她是一棵樺樹,好在它的灰燼還算不錯!
  • "Reckless mages." 可惡的法師們!
  • "Return me to the forest..." 把我放回森林裡去!
  • "There is no escape." 沒有地方可以安生!
  • "This life was not meant to be." 這條命早已偏離了命運的軌跡。
  • "This power... I cannot control!" 這股力量……我無法控制
  • "To rest... if only I could." 如果我能休息就好了。
  • "Torment me no longer!" 別再折磨我了!
  • "You should not defy nature!" 你無法忤逆自然!
  • "They will know my remorse!" 他們會嘗到我的悔恨的!
  • "Do you want to see twisted?" 你想見識下什麼是扭曲?!
  • "I will punish their imprudence." 我要懲罰他們的輕率之舉。
  • "Begone, vile magicks!"這些討厭的魔法,給我滾開!
Taunt 嘲諷
  • "Is this what they call getting stomped? Hahaha!" 這就是人們所說的被蹂躪麼?
  • "Nature can be a real mother. Hahaha!" 自然才是真正的母親..
Joke 玩笑
  • "Nature is the truest form of balance. Eat and avoid being eaten. (chomp)" 自然,才是平衡最真實的形態。一邊吃,一邊避免被吃掉。
  • "Animals are lazy. We plants produce our own food. (chomp)" 動物們都是懶貨!我們植物都是自己生產食物的。

Master Yi he Wuju Bladesman 易大師

Upon selection 選人
  • "My blade is yours." 我的劍供您驅使。
Movement/attacking 移動/攻擊
  • "A wise decision." 明智的決定。
  • "Certainly." 必須的。
  • "Do not fear the unknown." 不要害怕未知的事物。
  • "Follow my lead." 跟我來。
  • "I will show you the path." 我來為你帶路
  • "My blade is yours." 我的劍就是你的劍。
  • "Wuju Style!" 無極之道。
  • "We strike now!" 現在我們打!!!
  • Myblade is yours." 我的劍就是你的劍。
Taunt 嘲諷
  • "Your skills are inferior!" 你們的技術太爛了!
Joke 玩笑
  • "Wuju.. pass me  that potion?" 無極(請你)遞給我藥水?(WujuWould you諧音  感謝沒有人阿晴提供)

Miss Fortune The Bounty Hunter 好運姐
Upon selection 選人
  • "Fortune doesn't favor fools!" 幸運可不會眷顧傻瓜!
Movement/attacking 移動/攻擊
  • "Don't get cocky." 別太囂張。(cos     星球大戰 韓索羅)
  • "I've got a good feeling about this." 我對這有好的預感。
  • "I know what I'm doing." 我知道我在幹什麼。
  • "Not a problem." 不是個問題。
  • "Set sail!" 開航!
  • "Step to." 大步。
  • "Sure you can handle me, summoner?" 你確定你能應付我,召喚師? (好害羞>///<)
  • "You've got dangerous eyes...I like that."     你的眼神很危險,我喜歡。
  • "Bang!" 砰!
  • "Guns blazin'."
  • "I always shoot first." 我總是先開槍。(cos     星球大戰 韓索羅)
  • "No prey, no pay." 沒有獵物,沒有報酬
  • "Nothing but powder monkeys." 一群捅**的炮灰。(Powder     monkey,海戰是只管捅**,平時則淪為只管被捅菊花。**的古代海事)
  • "The fun begins." 有趣的開始
Taunt 嘲諷
  • "Watch your mouth kid, or you'll find yourself     respawning at home!" 管好你的嘴巴小子,不然你就發現你突然回家了。
  • "There is two kinds of men on Earth: those with     a loaded gun, and those who feed... you, you feed."(French) 法語版嘲諷:  地球上有兩種人:把炮的,還有送命的。。。你,你送命的。
Joke 玩笑
  • "How do you like my guns... Shock, and     Awe!" 你覺得我那兩把槍咋樣。。。,還有

Mordekaiser the Master of Metal 魔鬥凱薩

Upon selection 選人
  • "Ishall bring great suffering!" 我會帶來災厄!
Movement/attacking 移動/攻擊
  • "Time to     shred." 粉碎吧。
  • "How delightfully     painful." 多快樂的痛苦啊。
  • "No pain, no     drain." 沒有痛苦,就沒有吸獲。
  • "Carnage!" 大屠殺
  • "Your sickness...     sustains me." 你的病痛滋潤著我。
  • "Affliction...     forever!" 痛苦……到永遠!
  • "This whole...     living thing is highly overrated." 這整個……活著什麼的真是嘩眾取寵。
  • "Misery loves     company." 禍事好成雙。(這句和eve的是一樣的)
  • "If I must." 如果必須的話。
  • "For great...     torment!" 為了大大的……折磨!
  • "We shall     see." 我們走著瞧。
  • "Desolation is     coming." 荒寂來臨了。
  • "So be it...     summoner." 哼好吧……召喚師。
  • "You only need toclick once, fool!"點一次就夠了,傻瓜!
Upon dying 當死亡時
  • "No..."
Taunt 嘲諷
  • "Death would be     too good for the likes of you!" 死亡對你這種人太優待了!
Joke 玩笑
  • "I like my weapons     how I like my music... heavy and metal!" 我喜歡我的武器就像我喜歡我的音樂……又重又金屬!

Morgana the Fallen Angel 魔甘娜

Upon selection 選人
  • "We'll bring them pain." 我們要讓他們付出代價
Movement/attacking 移動/攻擊
  • "Do not dally!" 請不要閒逛!
  • "Feel my pain." 感受我的痛苦吧!
  • "I'll have my revenge." 我要報仇!
  • "Share my torment." 享用我的折磨吧!
  • "They will suffer." 他們將會痛苦不堪!
  • "Without mercy." 絕不手軟!
Taunt 嘲諷
  • "You too will be judged." 你也會被審判的
Joke 玩笑
  • "Not all angels are good." 不是所有天使都是好的

Nasus the Curator of the Sands 納瑟斯

Upon selection 選人
  • "The cycle of life and death continues. We will live, they will die."生死輪回不斷,我們生,他們死。
Movement/attacking 移動/攻擊
  • "Anthropomancy: divination by entrails." 死亡祭祀就要開始。你的內臟將用來占卜。
  • "Death...is a harsh mistress." 死亡,是一位嚴厲的女神。
  • "I bring death." 死亡與我同在。
  • "Do not try my patience." 不要考驗我的耐心。
  • "If it is your wish." 如果你想要的話。
  • "Life is part of a cycle; yours is over." 生,是輪回的一部分。而你的這部分,已然結束了。
  • "Soon...there will be nothing." 很快,這兒就什麼都不會剩下了。
  • "Their death awaits." 他們的死亡就要降臨了。
  • "There, with grace, I go." 為了恩賜,我願意前往。
  • "Where angels fear to tread." 這兒連天使都不敢踏足。
  • "Yes...summoner." 遵命,召喚師。
  • “It is never-ending.” 這事兒永遠都不會停息。
  • “Your soul will be measured”你們的靈魂將會被女神稱量。
  • “Ain't nothing but a G-thang, dawg!”其實我是只黑道犬,汪!
  • “It is but a doorway. I shall return.” 這只不過是另一扇門而已。我會回來的。
  • "Your soul will be measured." 你的靈魂會被稱量的(納瑟斯的原型是古埃及死神阿努比斯,祂的職責之一就是稱量死者的靈魂,如果死前做了很多壞事,靈魂會變輕)
Taunt 嘲諷
  • "Your legacy shall drift away, blown into eternity like the sands of thedesert." 你的遺體將慢慢消散,化為永恆,就像沙漠中的沙礫那樣。
Joke 玩笑
  • “Who let the dogs out!  <woof woof woof woof>”是誰讓狗出來的!<汪汪汪汪>(不用我多說都知道吧…)

Nautilus the Titan of the Depths 納帝魯斯(感謝polygram提供)

Upon selection 選人
  • "Beware the depths."'' 小心深淵
Movement/attacking 移動/攻擊
  • "All will drown." 所有事物將被淹沒
  • "I will have vengeance." 我將復仇
  • "They will pay." 他們將付出代價
  • "Drag them down." 拉他們下水
  • "I will not rest." 我不得安息
  • "Fear the ocean's weight." 懼怕於海洋的沉重吧
  • "Find the guilty." 尋找罪惡
  • "The tide ebbs." 潮水退去
  • "Peer into the darkness." 凝視黑暗
  • "Forward, forward." 前進*2
  • "Lost and forgotten." 被遺棄且被遺忘
  • "Left to die." 被留下來等死
  • "Echoes from the deep." 深淵來的回音
  • "The endless march." 永無止境的行軍
  • "Do you hear them calling?" 你聽到他們的呼喚了嗎
Taunt 嘲諷
  • "You are in the deep end now!" 你現在已處在深淵中了
Joke 玩笑
  • "Sometimes I think this anchor just weighs me down." (swims in the air and hums) 有時候我覺得是這個錨拉我下水的(在空中游泳並且哼歌)

Nidalee the Bestial Huntress 奈德麗

Upon selection 選人
  • "They will fear the wild." 他們將懼怕叢林(的一切)
Movement/attacking 移動/攻擊
  • "Claw or spear, your end's the same." 用爪或者矛,你的下場都一樣。
  • "I'll show these house cats real claws." 我會顯示給這些家貓們看什麼是爪子。
  • "Instincts guide my steps." 本能引領我的腳步。
  • "I will guide you." 我會指引你。
  • "Let me... show you the way." 讓我……幫你帶路。
  • "On the prowl." 徘徊隱匿。
  • "The untamed know no fear." 未馴化的沒有恐懼。
  • "You call this civilized?" 你說這就是有教化。
  • "You cannot cage me, Summoner." 你困不住我,召喚師。
Taunt 嘲諷
  • "Here mousy, mousy, mousy..." 這邊啊,小鼠小鼠小老鼠……
  • Licks her paw (Cougar form) 舔爪子(美洲豹形態)
Joke 玩笑
  • "Did I mention it's mating season?" 我有提到過配對季節到了嗎?
  • Rolls over on back (Cougar form) 翻轉背面(美洲豹形態)
Dance 跳舞
  • Twirls around her pole and then     flips her hair 旋轉他的標槍並翻起她的頭髮
  • Spins in a circle chasing her tail (Cougar form) 追著他自己的尾巴(美洲豹形態)

Nocturne 夜曲 (感謝bravow03416提供)

Upon selection 選人
  • "Embrace the darkness."  擁抱黑暗or信奉黑暗吧  (不知道該怎翻比較合適
Movement/attacking 移動/攻擊
  • "I sense fear."    我感覺到恐懼
  • "Do I scare you, summoner?"    召喚師 ,我嚇到你了嗎?(感謝Seanes更正)
  • "Are you getting tired yet?"    你感覺到疲憊了嗎  (保X達蠻牛!!!!!
  • "This place disgusts me."     這地方讓我做噁
  • "People are flames to be blotted out."   人類就像光芒一樣被抹煞掉
  • "Afraid of the dark?"     怕黑嗎?(炸
  • "Cross over."   穿越.
  • "Swim in terror!"   沉浸在恐懼之中
  • "Are you my nightmare, or am I yours?"   你是我的夢魘嗎,或者我就是你的夢魘?
  • "Cut them from this world!"    將他們從這世界切除
  • "Suffer eternally!"    永恆地受苦吧!
  • "Their twilight approaches."   黃昏將近...
  • "The light is fading..."     光明逐漸衰退...
  • "Drip drop, the sound of blood..."    水聲落下,是血的聲音
  • "Help is not coming..."     救援不會來了....
Taunt 嘲諷
  • "Bring me more fleshbags to slice up!"給我更多的fleshbags好讓我切成薄片!!(我查不到fleshbag是什麼,知道的大大補一下 3Q)
Joke 玩笑
  • "Weather forecast for tonight: dark, with a chance of pain!"今晚的天氣預報:黑暗,有可能會有點痛(天氣預報 美國天氣預報是   *** with a chance of ***如: Cloudy with a chance of shower  就是指 多雲  可能會下雨

"All alone..."

Nunu the Yeti Rider 努努

Upon selection 選人
  • "Here we go!" 我們來啦!
Movement/attacking 移動/攻擊
  • "The Yeti knows the way!" 雪人知道該怎麼做。
  • "It's cold out there..." 那邊真冷!
  • "Let's make tracks!" 我們來露兩手吧!
  • "Swallowed you whole!" 將你整個兒生吞了!
  • "I'm on it!" 我正在努力!
  • “Can't catch me!”  抓不著我!
  • “I feel so... Cold! “ 好……好冷……(哆嗦著)
Taunt 嘲諷
  • "Don't make the Yeti angry. You won't like him when he's angry!"(Yeti chuckles) 別把雪人給惹惱了!否則你遭不住的。
Joke 玩笑
  • "Speak softly...and ride a big Yeti!" (Yeti chuckles) 我有一隻小雪人我一直都在騎……
=========怒伯機器人造型 ==========

Movement/attacking 移動/攻擊
  • "Are you freaking kidding me?" 你在耍我嗎?
  • "Bots are superior to non-bots." 電腦都比你們優了
  • "I have a bad feeling about this." 背後好像濕濕的
  • "I must think and act fast." 必須迅速果斷
  • "I will surprise them with my decision." 我的決定會讓他們嚇一跳
  • "Man, I'm good." 靠,我真屌
  • "My ultimate will devastate them...or not." 的大招會好好的蹂躪他們也可能悲劇
  • "You must say miss! That's a constructive criticism." 你一定是叫我小姐!那是某種程度上的批評
  • "Welcome to the new Champion Spotlight, presented by Yeti Bot." 歡迎來到最新一集的焦點英雄,為您獻上 怒伯機器人
  • "Towerdive! We must towerdive!" 龜塔!我們必須龜在塔裡!
  • "Yeti-bot speaking." 怒伯機器人正在說話
  • "You are now on my Ignore list." 你被無視了
Taunt 嘲諷
  • "Now watch and learn from my moves, just like     I've learned from Phreak." 認真地看好我的一舉一動,這就是人家說的正統開局
Joke 玩笑
  • "I feel so good now. So fed. Almost as members of Riot when they created me." 我現在感覺真爽,好飽,就像從狂暴中重生一樣
使用 吞噬
  • "Delicious." 美味
  • "Yummy." 呵呷
  • "Stop feeding." 我飽了

Olaf the Berserker  歐拉夫

Upon selection 選人
  • "Leave nothing behind!" 寸草不留!
Movement/attacking 移動/攻擊
  • "To plunder!"  掠奪啊!
  • "To action!"   行動啊!
  • "The Might of Lockfar approaches!"   洛化之力駕臨!
  • "Faster to battle!"   快點去戰鬥!
  • "I'm going."  我在去。
  • "Finally, some fun!"  終於,樂子來了!
  • "My axe is thirsty." 我的斧子渴了。
  • "Chop chop!"   剁啊剁!
  • "Urge to kill rising!"   殺意大增!
  • "Obliteration!"  抹殺啊!
Taunt 嘲諷
"C'mon, I won't hurt you. I promise!"  來來,我不會害你的,我保證!
Joke 玩笑
"The worth of a man can be measured by the length of his beard, and thegirth of his belt buckle."  男人的價值在於鬍子有多長,以及皮帶扣有多大。


Movement/attacking 移動/攻擊
  • "Beatdown City, population - you."
  • "Brooo!"
  • "Chicks dig my axe."
  • "Do you got that bro?!"
  • "Dude, I'm so buffed up right now"
  • "Get on the pain train, woo woo!"
  • "HEY! Don't touch my Graggy Ice!"
  • "Hey dude, I'm kind of a big deal."
  • "I am Broseidon, lord of the brocean."
  • "Point me to the ladies!"
  • "That's how I roll."
  • "Oh man.....Where am I?"
  • "Out of the way, Loser!"
  • "Holla' atcha' boy!"
Death 死亡
  • "Your mom!"
  • "Lame!"
  • "Not cool..."
  • "Ohhhh, Bogus!"
Taunt 嘲諷
  • "I came here to kick butt and drink Graggy! Looks like I'm all out of Graggy."
  • "You can't arrest me, my dad owns a dealership!"
Joke 玩笑
  • "I'm OP? Your mom is OP."
  • "Yo, summoner, summon me like two...no, SIX hot chicks, stat!
使用 逆流投擲
  • "Chug!"
  • "Chug! Chug!"
使用 魯莽揮擊
  • "Boom...Baby!"
  • "Kablooey"
使用 諸神黃昏
  • "Bromacia!!!"

Orianna the Lady of Clockwork 奧莉安娜(感謝david199444提供)

Upon selection 選人
  • "We will kill your enemies. That will be fun."我們會殲滅你的敵人,這一定會很有趣。
Movement/attacking 移動/攻擊
  • "I hear soft things."我聽見了奉承的話語
  • "Motivating."活化。
  • "Winding."上緊發條。
  • "Why are they running?"他們為什麼要逃跑呢?
  • "Why do they keep breaking?"為什麼他們不斷地壞掉呢(字不難卻不太知道要怎翻才對
  • "Time tick-ticks away..."時間滴答滴答地流逝著
  • "So strange. They scream."好奇怪,他們為什麼要尖叫呢?
  • "I have sharp things."我持有胸器(誤)
  • "This is a fun game."這是個有趣的遊戲
  • "The Ball is impatient."球球不耐煩了
  • "The Ball is angry."球球生氣了
  • "We go."我們走吧
  • "We are as one."我們是一體的
  • "Yes, I am a weapon." 沒錯,我是個武器
  • "This is very exciting." 這令人感到非常的興奮
  • "Ravage."  破壞。
  • "Protect."守護。
  • "Pulse."脈衝。(脈衝不是R嘛...)
  • "Pull."拉扯。
  • "Throw."拋出。(這應該沒啥好翻的...

Taunt 嘲諷
  • "I know what makes them tick. I know how to make the ticking stop."我知道是什麼讓他們滴答作響,我知道怎樣另它不再響起. (指心跳)......感謝ShiSan(十三)大大提供(When said without the Ball, the animation is different.當沒有球的時候,動畫會不一樣)
Joke 玩笑
  • "They come apart so easily. How do I put them back together again?"他們輕易的就被拆開了,我要如何再將他們組裝起來呢?
  • "When you fall, you get right back up." 當你跌倒時,你會馬上站起
(The second quote is said without the Ball. Orianna's animation is the same, but when she falls at the end, the Ball is not present to catch her.第二句是沒有球的時候說的,奧莉安娜的動畫一樣,可是當他跌倒時球球不會接住她。)

Pantheon the Artisan of War  潘森

Upon selection 選人
  • "They are privileged to die at my feet!" 能夠死在我的腳下(手上?)是他們的榮幸(感謝twilight1991提供)
Movement/attacking 移動/攻擊
  • "Honor compels me!" 榮耀驅使我!
  • "I know my path."   我知道我的路。
  • "Do not provoke me."  別挑釁我。
  • "My spear is restless."   我的長矛蠢蠢欲動。(感謝twilight1991提供)
  • "They disgrace the art of war!"  他們侮辱了兵法!
  • "Consider it done."    舉手之勞。
  • "They will not enjoy this!" 他們會覺得很慘!
  • "Without pause!" 不停歇!
  • "Onward!"  向前!
  • "They will know war."  教會他們戰爭。
Taunt 嘲諷
"Getting kicked into a well is the least of your worries!"  被踢到井裡去是你最不用擔心的!(This is 司趴打~~~)
Joke 玩笑
"My profession...! You know, now that I think of it, I've always wanted tobe a baker." 我的職業……!你知道,現在想來,我是一直想當個麵包師。
"Yes, a baker." (繼續要他玩笑的話) 對,麵包師。

Poppy the Iron Ambassador  波比

Upon selection 選人
  • "Valoran will know harmony." 維羅倫會得到和平的。(她要和諧整個大陸……)
Movement/attacking 移動/攻擊
  • "Agreed!"  同意!
  • "Immediately!" 立刻!
  • "My convictions will not falter!"   我的戰意不會動搖!
  • "We are in accord, Summoner."  我們志同道合,召喚師。
  • "They will beg for peace."   他們會哀求和平。
  • "If it will bring peace."   如果這能帶來和平。
  • "Fighting is serious business."'   打架可是很嚴肅的事情。
  • "Let me demonstrate to you. Hammer Diplomacy!" 讓我演示給你看:錘子外交
  • "I'll settle this issue!"   我會平息這事件!
  • "Their defeat is NON-negotiable!"  他們吃敗仗!沒什麼可談的!
Taunt 嘲諷
  • "Why don't you just lay down your weapons now?" 何不現在就乖乖放下武器呢?
Joke 玩笑
  • "Jokes? I don't know any jokes."  玩笑?我不開玩笑。

Rammus the Armordillo 拉姆斯

Upon selection 選人
"Okay." OK。 (又一個不言語的傢伙。)
Movement/attacking 移動/攻擊
"Alright." 好的
"Ok." OK
"Yeah" 好的
Taunt 嘲諷
  • Rammus says nothing, merely raising his arms in triumph拉姆斯什麼都沒說,只是舉起雙臂表示凱旋
Joke 玩笑
  • Rammus puts his arms on his belly and laughs, but there's no sound. 拉姆斯把手臂放在肚子上笑,但是沒有聲音

Renekton the Butcher of the Sands 雷尼克頓

Upon selection 選人
  • "As I live, all will die!" 我的生存,將給所有人帶去死亡。
Movement/attacking 移動/攻擊
  • "Bask in their blood!" 沐浴他們的血液吧!
  • “Bleed them dry!” 放乾他們的血!
  • "Carnage , carnage!" 屠殺,屠殺!
  • "Chaos will follow." 混亂將隨後而至。
  • "Cut them down." 砍翻他們!
  • “Crikey, look at the size of me!”額滴神啊,瞧瞧我的尺寸!
  • "Destruction approaches." 毀滅來臨了!
  • "Embrace the jaws of death!" 擁抱死亡的血盆大口吧!
  • "I'll leave them in pieces." 我會把他們碎屍萬段。
  • "Lavish brutality." 揮霍殘忍吧!
  • "White meat, dark meat, it's all the same."肉,黑肉,都是好肉。
  • " Nasus cannot escape me forever!"瑟斯不會永遠地從我的手心裡逃脫的。(果然有基情)
  • "Nothing will stop me!" 沒有什麼可以阻止我了!
  • "There is no retreat." 沒有退路了。
  • "Welcome the havoc." 迎接浩劫吧!
  • "Who's next on the chopping block?" 誰是砧板上的下一塊肉?
Taunt 嘲諷
  • "Come back when you've collected all the bits of yourself!" 你們還是把自己身上的碎肉找齊之後再來吧!
Joke 玩笑
  • "What? Do I have someone in my teeth?" 啥?有人掛在我的牙齒上麼?

Riven the Exile 雷玟 (感謝killersai提供)

Upon selection 選人
  • "What is broken can be reforged!" 壞掉的劍可以重鑄!
Movement/attacking 移動/攻擊
  • "My hands are stained" 我的雙手沾滿了鮮血
  • "So long I've wandered..." 我已經徘徊了很久
  • "My spirit is not lost" 我不會失去我的信念
  • "How should I proceed?" 我應該如何繼續前進?
  • "A sword mirrors its owner" 一把劍映照著他的持有者
  • "Choose your own path" 選擇你的道路
  • "Learn from your mistakes" 從失敗中學習
  • "They've crossed the line" 他們已經跨越這條界線(意指諾克薩斯)
  • "The time for talk is over" 聊天的時間結束了
  • "What conflict awaits?" 紛爭帶來些什麼?
  • "To serve the greater good" 為了滿足更多的好處
  • "Violence to end the violence" 以暴制暴
  • "So much death..." 這麼多的死亡...
  • "A necessary strike" 一個必要的攻擊
  • "For those who were lost" 對於那些迷失的人
  • "It must come to pass" 它必須來傳遞
  • "I am awakened" 我突然清醒
  • "There is no other way" 有沒有別的方法
  • "They cannot go unpunished" 不能讓他們逍遙法外
  • "The time for talk is over" 聊天的時間結束了
  • "I know my purpose" 我知道我的目的
  • "A moment of clarity" 在這個清醒的時刻
  • "No more hesitation" 毫無猶豫
  • "Leave doubt behind" 將煩惱拋諸腦後
  • "No looking back" 不要回頭
Taunt 嘲諷
  • "A broken blade is more than enough for the likes of you!" 用一把破刃已經是綽綽有餘了!
Taunt when using  嘲諷時使用放逐之刃
  • "You are beyond redemption!" 你將萬劫不復!
Joke 玩笑
  • "(Sighs)I knew I should have sprung for the blade warranty" 我知道我的劍應該要有更多的保固(店家 : 我無法給你的劍更多保固!!!!)
Joke when using 玩笑時使用放逐之刃
  • "This is why I spend so much time sheath shopping" 就是我為什麼常常在買刀鞘的原因(因為常常把刀鞘給撐破吧....)

Rumble the Mechanized Menace 藍寶(感謝Hanenama提供)

Upon selection 選人
  • "Let's get in the fight!" 讓我們開戰吧!!
Movement/attacking 移動/攻擊
  • "Ever looked up to a yordle?" 想不到你也有必須抬頭看一個約爾德人的一天吧?!
  • "Who you calling little?" 你在叫誰小矮子?
  • "Who wants a piece of this?" 誰想來嘗嘗看這傢伙的威力?
  • "You don't have to tell me twice." 同樣的事不用跟我說第二遍
  • "The bigger they are, the harder I hit'em!" 這些傢伙長得越大, 我就越想把他們抓起來痛扁一頓!
  • "Revved up!" 開始加速!
  • "Baby, don't fail me now!" 寶貝, 拜託別在這種時候讓我失望
  • "Alright, I'm going." 好吧, 我來了
  • "Now we're cookin.'" 開始料理!
  • "Ready for round two!"  已經準備好開始第二回合!
  • "Thought you'd never ask!" 諒你也不敢問!
  • "This is gonna be bumpy."  路要開始顛簸了
  • "Time for a Bandle City beatdown." 現在是班德爾城的逆襲!!
  • "Hold her steady." 穩當的駕馭!
Taunt 嘲諷
  • "Come on, I'm not even holding the controls!"  來啊, 我把手放開讓你!
Joke 玩笑
  • "Turbo on! Uh...wuuh? *crash* Just needs a little kick start there *kicks machine*. Hyup." 渦輪發動!.... 诶?搞什麼?......*碰撞聲*......我想那裡必須踢一下(我踢) .....呼, 搞定了
  • "Bandle citeh--Oops, forgot the clutch." 為了班德爾ㄔㄥ----噢, 我忘了放開離合器
      (註)這裡的citeh 估計原本是City , 但是因為Rumble話沒說完, 講成了citeh, 所以我也改成"ㄔㄥ"

  • "Ouch ouch ouch! Hot hot hot hot!" 噢噢噢噢噢噢噢! 好燙燙燙燙燙燙燙燙燙!
  • "Warning! Warning! Warning!" 警告! 警告! 警告!

Ryze the Rogue Mage 雷茲

Upon selection 選人
  • "Let's go, let's go!" 我們上,我們上!
Movement/attacking 移動/攻擊
  • "Can you handle this?" 你能應付這個麼?
  • "Come on already!" 已經在加油了!
  • "Don't hold me up" 別催我!
  • "Right back at you!" 彼此彼此!
  • “They'll never take me alive!” 想活捉我?哼!沒門
  • "Unpleasant? I'll show you Unpleasant!" 不爽?我將會告訴你什麼是”每送”!
  • "Zap!"
Taunt 嘲諷
  • "Take this scroll and stick it... somewhere safe." 幫我背下卷軸,說不定我就放過你們了。
Joke 玩笑
  • "I got these tattoos in Rune Prison!"些紋身是在我不小心把自己關起來的時候弄的
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