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#1 【討論】LOL英雄語音翻譯(此篇已停止整理)

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Ahri the Nine-Tailed Fox 阿璃(轉載至LOL Wiki(中文))
Upon selection 選人
  • "Don't you trust me?" 你不相信我嗎?
Movement/attacking 移動/攻擊
  • "Play times over." 玩夠了
  • "They're mine now." 他們是我的了
  • "It's too late for mercy." 現在才要我的憐憫 太晚了
  • "Let's have some real fun." 來享受真正的樂趣吧
  • "No one will stand in my way." 沒人會在我面前站得起來
  • "They've exhausted their use." 他們用盡技能了
  • "Shall we?" 要這樣嗎?
  • "Indulge me." 讓我來吧
  • "How tempting." 太吸引了
  • "Don't hold back." 別忍了
  • "Tell me a secret." 跟我講個秘密吧
  • "Don't you trust me?" 你不相信我嗎?
  • "I know what they desire." 我知道他們想要什麼
Taunt 嘲諷
  • "Should I make your pulse rise?  Or...STOP! (giggles)" 我應該要讓你心跳加速,還是…停下來!(笑)
Joke 玩笑
  • "If you'd like to play with me, you better be sure you know the game." 如果你要和我玩,那你最好確定你知道遊戲的規則。
  • "Come try your luck, if you think you're in my league. (giggles)" 如果你認為你跟我同級的話,就來試試你的運氣吧。

Akali 阿卡莉

Upon selection 選人
  • "As balance     dictates." 以平衡之名……
Movement/attacking 移動/攻擊
  • "Without question."  毫無置疑。
  • "Whatever's necessary."  無論如何 這是必要的
  • "Mark acquired."  印記到手。
  • "Another unworthy opponent." 又一個不夠格的對手。
  • "A necessary sacrifice." 一個必要的犧牲。
  • "Honor is the blade's edge." 榮耀是刀之鋒。
  • "Deftly I travel." 我步伐輕靈。
  • "Understood." 瞭解。
  • "Through Twilight's veil." 穿越暮光之紗。
  • "Tread lightly..." 輕提輕踏。
  • "Agreed." 同意。
  • "Remain focused." 保持專心。(感謝mier46732更正)
  • "Hesitation is the seed of defeat." 遲疑是失敗之母。
  • "Symmetry in all things." 萬物皆有對稱。
  • "We travel the same path." 我們路途一致。
Taunt 嘲諷
  • "I suggest you run...I want to savor this."  我建議你跑……好讓我品味一下。
Joke 玩笑
  • "So many noobs...will matchmaking ever find true balance?"  那麼多笨蛋……抓對的真能帶來真正的平衡嗎?(諷刺配對系統)

Alistar 亞歷斯塔

Upon selection 選人
  • "Nothing can hold me back!"  沒什麼可以阻止我!
Movement/attacking 移動/攻擊
  • "You must follow."  你可要跟上。
  • "Stampede!"  跺!
  • "Now I'm angry."  我怒了。
  • "Nothing can hold me back."  沒什麼可以阻止我!
  • "I know the way."  我知道怎麼走。
Taunt 嘲諷
  • "Mess with the bull and you get the horns!"  跟牛過不去你就吃牛角!
Joke 玩笑
  • "You can't milk those."  你榨不出奶來。

Amumu 阿姆姆
Upon selection 選人
  • "I thought you'd never pick me."  我以為你永遠不會選我的。
Movement/attacking 移動/攻擊
  • "Okay."  哦。
  • "Aww."  嗯。
  • "Where are we going?"  我們去哪?
  • "Hey, come back."  嘿,回來啊。
  • "Let's find some friends."  我們去找些朋友吧。
  • "Come play with me."  來跟我玩吧。
Taunt 嘲諷
  • "Let me give you a hug."  讓我抱抱你。
Joke 玩笑
  • "Let's be friends forever."  我們要做永遠的朋友。(和木乃伊做朋友……)

Anivia 艾妮維亞

Upon selection 選人
  • "On my wings." 以我雙翼(起誓)
Movement/attacking 移動/攻擊
  • "Keep cool."  保持冷靜。
  • "I bring the storm."  我帶來風暴
  • "In a flash."  轉眼就成。
  • "Only for you."  只因為你(的號令)。
  • "Understood."  瞭解。
  • "As you wish."  如你所願。
  • "Let's soar." 讓我們展翅翱翔。
Taunt 嘲諷
  • "So young, so naive!" 好嫩,好天真。
Joke 玩笑
  • "Laying an egg isn't as easy as it looks."  下蛋可不是看上去那麼容易。

Uponselection 選人
  • "You wanna play too?  It'll be fun!"   你也要玩?很好玩的!(好玩?跟這個蘿莉進後巷的下場就是變炭餅‧‧‧
Movement/attacking 移動/攻擊
  • "Take that!"   接招!
  • "You wanna play too? It'll be fun!"   你也要玩?很好玩的!
  • "Don't make me hurt you!"   不要讓我傷害你
  • "Have you seen my bear Tibbers?"   你有看到我的泰貝爾嗎?(感謝alanhwung更正)
  • "This way!"   這邊!
  • "Try to keep up!"   試著保持

Taunt 嘲諷
  • "Beaten by a little girl... Hah!"   你被一個小女孩打敗……哈!

Joke 玩笑
  • "You smell like...burning!" (Annie giggles)” 你聞起來像燒著了(安妮笑)

Uponselection 選人
  • "Smart choice!" 聰明的選擇。
Movement/attacking 移動/攻擊
  • "Freeze!"   不許動!  (字面上是凍住
  • "Right between the eyes..."   正中眉心‧‧‧
  • "My aim is steady."   我瞄的很准。
  • "You want some of this?"   你想來點這個嗎?
  • "We must press on."   我們要繼續壓上。
  • "Agreed."   同意。
  • "Swiftly now!"   就是現在!
Taunt 嘲諷
  • "Take a good look. It's the last you're going to get!"   看清楚點。這是你最後的一刻。(Takeget是互相呼應的,她是說你除了看看之外也沒什麼反抗餘地了)
Joke 玩笑
  • "No, really. Put that apple on your head!"   不,我認真的。把那個蘋果放到你頭頂上!

Blitzcrank 布里茨

Uponselection 選人
  • "Fired up and ready to serve."   點火並準備完畢。 (因為它是蒸汽驅動所以不是powerup 啟動,而是fired up 點火)
Movement/attacking 移動/攻擊
  • "Metal is harder than flesh."   鐵比肉強。
  • "Bone is a poor alternative."   骨頭真是劣質材料。  alternative,代用品,它認為骨頭是糟糕的代用品)
  • "Look. You're leaking."   看。你在漏機油。 (好慘)
  • "Your steam is escaping."   你蒸汽洩漏。  (被打到爆血?!)
  • "Quake in fear, fleshling."   在恐懼中顫慄吧,血肉之軀。
  • "Exterminate. Exterminate."   殲滅。殲滅。
  • "Precisely."   正是如此。
  • "I remain focused."   我保持專注
  • "The magic calls to me."   魔法在召喚我。
  • "A rolling golem gathers no rust."   魔偶常動,永不生銹。(英文成語"a rolling stone gathers no moss".滾石不長苔)
  • "As long as it takes."   無論多久。
Taunt 嘲諷
  • "The time of man has come to an end."   人類的時代已經終結。
Joke 玩笑
  • "I put the 'goal' in 'golem' That was humor. Other golems find     that to be appropriately funny."   我把送入魔偶。那叫幽默。其他魔偶覺得有點好笑。  goal目標goal發音與golem相近。)

Brand 布蘭德(感謝bravow03416提供)

Uponselection 選人
  • "Ready to set the world on fire, Heheheh..." 準備讓世界著火吧...嘿嘿嘿
Movement/attacking 移動/攻擊
  • "The inferno begins." 地獄即將開始
  • "The fires of vengeance..." 復仇的烈焰
  • "I purify this one!" 我淨化了這東西
  • "Forged in pain!" 在痛苦中鍛造
  • "Their scars will be warm." 他們的傷痕將會發燙
  • "Some say the world will end in fire." 有人說世界將會被火焰終結
  • "Going." 前進
  • "I'm on a short fuse." 我在短引線上(   (指情緒火爆)
  • "Like wildfire."  就像野火一般.
  • "Yes..." 是的
  • "I will blaze a trail." 我將燃燒出一到痕跡
  • "You can't contain me, summoner." 你無法控制我,召喚師!!(傲嬌
  • "After millennia, I am free!" 千年之後 ,我將自由!!
  • "This body is just one of many!" 這只是其中一具肉體!!
  • "I am the fire that cleanses the world!" 我是淨化這世界的烈焰!!
  • "Burn! Hahaha..." 燃燒吧!!哈哈哈....
Taunt 嘲諷
  • "Is that fireproof?" 那是防火的嗎!?
Joke 玩笑
  • "Is it hot in here or is it just me?!" 是這裡很熱還是我的關係!?

Caitlyn The Sheriff of Piltover 凱特琳
Uponselection 選人
  • "I'm on the case." 這個案子我在經手。
Movement/attacking 移動/攻擊
  • "Got them in my sights." 他們在我視線內。
  • "Meet the long gun of     the law." 見識下啥叫槍網恢恢。
  • "Boom.Headshot." 轟。爆頭。
  • "So many bad guys, so little time." 好多壞人,好少時間。
  • "Who doesn't like being under the gun?"  誰不喜歡在槍下阿?(凱特琳槍下死,做鬼也風流<蓋倫筆>)
  • "Up for a showdown?" 為了一決高下?
  • "Sorry boys, I keep the fuzzy cuffs at home." 抱歉了帥哥們,毛絨手銬我放家裡了。(警長搞SM的?汗。。。)
  • "Hot on the trail." 蹤跡很新鮮。
  • "I love a good chase." 我最喜歡帶勁的追蹤。
  • "Don't be caught flat footed." 別手忙腳亂時被逮到。
  • "I have the tools for  the job." 我有最專業的工具。
  • "Wanna see a hat trick?" 想看帽子戲法嗎?
  • "Let's investigate." 我們來調查一下。
  • "Time for a shakedown." 先試試槍。
  • "Me, miss? Not by a long shot." 我,失誤?遠的不會。
  • "Right."
  • "Calibrating." 校準
  • "Steady..." 穩住
  • "In my sights." 在我視線內
  • "Nowhere to hide." 無處藏身
  • "Target marked." 目標標記
Taunt 嘲諷
  • "Want another shot? I wouldn't want to leave things up in the air." 想再挨一槍?我可不想再丟點什麼飛到空中(指浪費子彈?)
  • "Would you prefer the good cop, or the bad cop?" 請問你喜歡好警察?還是壞警察?(感謝NHTsnoopyfong提供)
Joke 玩笑
  • "A sniper's greatest  tool is precision... (Gun falls apart) and good equipment." 狙擊手最重要的是精准。。。還有好裝備。
  • "The whole is greater than the sum of its... (Gun falls apart) parts." 洞洞不多,但是大。

Cassiopeia The Serpent’s Embrace 卡莎碧雅
Uponselection 選人
  • "Don't you find me... beautiful?" 你不覺得我。。。漂亮嗎?
Movement/attacking 移動/攻擊
  • "Feel my embrace." 感受我的擁抱。
  • "Succumb." 屈服。
  • "I strike." 咬死你。(感謝mier46732更正)
  • "No mercy." 絕不留情。
  • "I´ll take care of everything."  都交給我就好了。
  • "You found me beautiful, once." 你也曾經,覺得我漂亮的。
  • "As you wish." 如你所願。
  • "Say 'please'." 要說“請”
  • "Don't make me beg." 別叫我求你。
  • "Of course." 當然。
  • "Don't be coy." 別害羞嘛(感謝mier46732更正)
  • "Tell me everything." 都告訴我吧。
  • "I'm listening." 我正在聽。
  • "You're no fun." 你真無趣。
Taunt 嘲諷
  • "Eventually, they all come crawling back." 遲早,他們全會爬回來。
  • "You think I'm a freak; let me get on your level." 你覺得我太忘形;讓我來遷就遷就你。
Joke 玩笑
  • "Let me help shuffle off your mortal coil."   讓我幫你擺脫這件臭皮囊吧。(cos 哈姆雷特)
  • "They say the key to beauty lies in grace and poise. What do you     think?" 人們說美麗的秘訣在於優雅和沉著。你覺得呢?

Cho'Gath 科加斯

Uponselection 選人
  • "You'd wish the world you know to end! Yeeeesssss..." 你希望終結你所認識的世界。。。好!
Movement/attacking 移動/攻擊
  • "You have stains upon your soul... Perfect." 你的靈魂有污垢‧‧‧完美啊。
  • "Who will be eaten first?" 誰會先被吃?
  • "Your souls will feed the Void!" 你的靈魂將會成為虛空的糧食
  • "There will be no end to your suffering!" 你的痛苦將不會結束。
  • "You shall not escape!" 你逃不了!
  • "You are such... hideous creatures!" 你真是個‧‧‧醜陋的傢伙。(大概在照鏡子)
  • "No! I do not live under a bed... Fool!" 錯!我不住在床底下‧‧‧笨蛋!
  • "The daylight! It burns!" 是日光!好燙啊!  (見光死的傢伙)
  • "For the darkness!" 為了黑暗     
  • "Summoner, your darkness beckons." 召喚師,你的心魔‧‧‧在蠢動。
  • "Afraid of the dark...? Wise!" 怕黑‧‧‧?聰明!
  • "Your races are a scourge upon the world!" 你的部族是這個世界的禍根!
  • "I shall bring them terror!" 我應為他們帶來恐怖。
  • "You... are a scourge upon the world." ‧‧‧是這個世界的禍根。
Taunt 嘲諷
  • "Death is not the end for you. I have seen to it. For eternity,     you are mine!" 死亡對你不是終結,我親身保證。直到永遠,你屬於我!
Taunt 嘲諷
  • "Ah, the tangled webs we weave..." 啊,我們織的那張大網‧‧‧
  • "Nom nom nom nom nom nom nom!" (吃的很有滋味的樣子)
  • "Nom nom nom nom nom nom nom!" (spoken faster) (吃得比前一個快)

===========Gentleman Skin 紳士皮膚

Movement/attacking 移動/攻擊
  • "You, sir, are a coward and a ruffian!" 你,先生,是個懦弱的惡棍!
  • "You cheeky little fellow!" 你這厚臉皮的小子!
  • "One can survive everything nowadays, except death!" 今時今日誰都很能挺,除了死!
  • "I challenge you to a duel!" 我要跟你決鬥!
  • "I like a man who grins when he fights!" 我喜歡男士打架的時候要微笑!  (grin是露齒的微笑,注意是露齒)
  • "I'll bite your legs off!" 我咬掉你的腿!
  • "Cake or Death?"  蛋糕或死亡?
  • "*Clears throat* "Yes, good sir?" *清喉* 有事嗎,尊敬的先生?
  • "Anyone for a spot of tea?" 有人要來點茶嗎?
  • "Let us fight like gentlemen!"' 讓我們像紳士一般的競技!
  • "Oh, bother!" 噢兄弟啊!
  • "Pip-pip! Cheerio!" 拜~拜!醬子囉!  (老式英式英文裡“再會”的輕浮說法)
  • "Anything less would be uncivilized." 再下去就太不文明了。
  • "What, what... What?!" *清喉* 有事嗎,尊敬的先生?
Taunt 嘲諷
  • "Would you like some cheese with your whine?" 你哭訴的時候不芝士一下嗎?(不是普通的“乳酪+紅酒”,cheese有笑臉的意義,whine抱怨音近wine。)
Joke 玩笑

  • "It's funny isn't it? How your best friend can just blow up like that." 很好笑不覺得嗎?你的朋友可以一下爆成那個樣子。
  • "Nom nom nom nom nom!" (spoken slowly) (吃得比較慢)
  • "Ah-Ha!" 阿-哈!
  • "Ah-Haa!" 阿-哈哈~!
  • "Ah-Haaa!" 啊-哈~~!
  • "Up you go!" 送你的!

  • "QUIET!" 安靜!
  • "Quuuuiet!" 安~~~靜!(根本就是在尖叫。。。)
  • "Nom nom nom nom nom nom nom..." (吃的很有滋味的樣子)
  • "Nom nom nom nom nom nom nom..." (吃的很有滋味的樣子)
  • "Oh no." 喔,糟了。

Corki the Daring Bombardier 庫奇

Uponselection 選人
  • "I'm up to snuff, and gots me an ace machine!" 我技術過硬,而且裝備一流!(up to snuff是指夠資格,飛機又總是很大煙“snuff”
Uponselection 選人
  • "Delta Sierra at 12 o'clock!" 12點鐘方向有刺頭!  
  • "Incomin'!" 來了!(危險情況)
  • "It's a Charlie Foxtrot!" 他娘的都亂套了! CharlieFoxtrotCluster-**亂到X”的意思)
  • "I've got a bogey on my tail!" 我後面有尾巴!
  • "Bombs away!" 投彈完畢!
  • "Consider yourself spanked, nugget!" 等著被灑成蜂窩吧,傻瓜!
  • "I'm on it, blackshoe!" 我在釘他尾巴!  (真正應該意譯成:我在(用鞋)爆他菊‧‧‧
  • "Speed of heat!" 熱的速度!
  • "Another fine sortie!" 打的漂亮!
  • "Now, I'm all spooled up!" 我被耍了!
  • "Ready to fly!" 隨時可飛!
  • "Whoooo...!" ···
  • "This is Major Tom to ground control!" 湯姆少校呼叫地面!
Taunt 嘲諷
  • "That just goes to show you you're nothin' but a Whiskey Delta!" 那只能證明你除了是個軟蛋之外啥都不是!Whiskey     Delta,通 weak dick,即是JJ”
Joke 玩笑
  • "Lima Oscar Lima!" (就是 LOL,電報用語)

Dr. Mundo 蒙多醫生

Uponselection 選人
  • "Mundo!" 蒙多! (哎,一代神醫吃藥吃到變智障了。。。)
Movement/attacking 移動/攻擊
  • "Mundo...mmm...(slurp)...smash!" 蒙多......砸!
  • "Mundo too strong for you!" 蒙多比你強太多!
  • "Rawr" Rawr~~~~(憨音)
  • "Mundo will go where he pleases! (slurps)" 蒙多喜歡哪去哪!
  • "Where does Mundo go?"  蒙多去哪了?
  • "Come to Mundo!" 過來蒙多這裡!
  • "Blah" Blah~~~(憨音2)
  • "Mundo go this way!" 蒙多去這邊!
Taunt 嘲諷
  • "Mundo think you a big sissy! (laughs)" 蒙多覺得你是個大娘們!【笑】
Joke 玩笑
  • "Mundo say his own name a lot, or else he forget! Has happened before." 蒙多要整天說自己的名字,不然會忘掉!以前發生過的。


Movement/attacking 移動/攻擊
  • "Mundo never merge! 'Mundo acquire!'
  • "Mundo send them on corporate retreat!"
  • "Mundo smash like a boss!"
  • "Mundo downsize what he pleases"
  • "Mundo give beatdown in triplicate!"
  • "Time for Mundo to make cuts!"
  • "Mundo outsource your FACE!"
  • "Mundo never fly coach."
  • "Mundo check his schedule."
  • "Mundo say greed is good!"
  • "Mundo upwardly mobile."
  • "Mundo enforce corporate policy."
  • "Mundo do hostile takeover."
  • "Mundo eat TPS report."
  • "Mundo never start in mail room."
  • "Mundo say 'you're fired'!"
  • "Mundo king of office romance!"
Taunt 嘲諷
  • "Yahhh, Mundo going to need you to come in on Saturday."
  • "Mundo's ABC's of success: Always Be Cleaving."
Joke 玩笑
  • "PC Load Letter? What the Mundo does that mean?"
  • "Mundo runs international corporation as he pleases."
使用 病毒屠刀
  • "Mundo sell!"
  • "Mundo file!"
  • "Mundo sell!"
  • "Mundo file!"
使用 背水一戰
  • "Corporate Mundo!"
  • "Corporate Mundo!"
  • "Corporate Mundo!"
  • "Rwaaargh! Corporate Mundo!"

Evelynn 伊芙琳

Uponselection 選人
  • "The night is my veil...(sinister laughter)." 夜幕就是我的天下,哈---哈。。。 (女王笑)
Movement/attacking 移動/攻擊
  • "With  pleasure." 我很樂意
  • "Your pain is my pleasure." 你的痛苦就是我的快樂。
  • "All too easy." 全都太簡單了
  • "I can smell their fear." 我能聞到他們的恐懼
  • "Time to feed." 成為食糧吧。
  • "Misery loves company." 禍事好成雙。
  • "I've got the touch." 我找到機會出手了。
  • "This way." 這邊。
  • "If I must." 必須的話。
  • "Shadows beckon." 向陰影招手。
  • "From the  darkness." 自黑暗中來。
  • "Into the night!" 沒入黑夜。
  • "The night is my veil." 夜就是我的面紗。
  • "It takes a lot of effort to move like this in heels." 用高跟鞋走成這樣是很高難度的。
Taunt 嘲諷
  • "Mmm, I like it  when they scream." 他們尖叫什麼的我最喜歡了。
Joke 玩笑
  • "I may be bad, but I feel good..." 我壞,我舒爽……(神來之筆)

Ezreal 伊澤瑞爾

Uponselection 選人
  • "Time for a true display of skill!" 是時候表現實力了
Movement/attacking 移動/攻擊
  • "It's all skill!" 這都是技術!
  • "I'll handle it!" 我來擺平!
  • "No problem!" 沒問題!
  • "Time to strike!" 要攻擊了!
  • "Sounds dangerous... I'm in!" 聽上去蠻危險的,加我!
  • "Time to get our hands dirty." 出力的時候到了!
  • "Over here!" 這裡!
  • "Let's go!" 我們走!
  • "Know your environment." 要熟悉環境。
  • "This way!" 這邊!
  • "Careful!" 小心!
  • "Got it!" 知道了!
  • "Agreed!" 同意!
  • "No time to waste!" 沒時間浪費了!
  • "Who needs a map?!" 誰還要地圖啊?
Taunt 嘲諷
  • "You belong in a museum!" 你就該呆回博物館!
Joke 玩笑
  • "Noxians... I hate those guys..." 諾克薩斯人……我恨他們……(感謝tin264864更正)

Fiddlesticks 費德提克
Uponselection 選人
  • "Your bidding, master!" 您的指示,大人!
Movement/attacking 移動/攻擊
  • "To our end."至死不移。
  • "Indeed!" 當然。
  • "The end is near!" 死期到了!
  • "Yes, my master." 是的,大人。
  • "Are you afraid?" 你怕嗎?
  • "Fear me." 怕我吧。
  • "I feel your fear..." 我知道你害怕……
Taunt 嘲諷
  • "I think I'll let  you suffer for a while..." 我覺得應該折磨你久一點。
Joke 玩笑
  • "I haven't got a brain, and soon... neither will you!(laughs     maniacally)" 我沒有腦子,很快連你都不會有了!哈哈哈哈(癲狂大笑)
Fiora the Grand Duelist菲歐拉(感謝polygram提供)

Uponselection 選人
  • "I long for a worthy opponent." 我期待著值得一戰的對手

Movement/attacking 移動/攻擊
  • "They dare not strike back." 他們根本不敢還擊 (感謝mier4673提供)
  • "Insolent peasnts!" 無禮的粗人
  • "Run them through!"刺穿他們
  • "I never hold back."我從不退縮
  • "Strike quickly, strike deftly." 快速,輕巧的攻擊
  • "Prepare to die." 準備領便當吧
  • "To the death."領便當吧

  • "Others try. I succeed." 我贏過其他向我挑戰的傢伙  
  • "At once." 馬上行動  
  • "Precision and grace." 準確且優雅
  • "Is this supposed to be a challenge?" 難道這將是個挑戰 ?
  • "I have no equal." 沒人能與我匹敵
  • "Do not hesitate." 別遲疑
  • "Such unrefined style." 好個鄙俗的風格  
  • "Sharp blade, sharp mind." 銳利的劍搭配銳利的心智

Taunt 嘲諷
"Submit! You have already lost." 屈服吧!你已經輸了

"I like you. I hate to kill you."你還不錯,殺了你太可惜了   

Joke 玩笑
  • "Talent, honor, discipline, and pretty pictures!" (draws  Teemo in the air with her sword.)      天份,榮譽,紀律,還有漂亮的繪畫(拿劍在空中畫)
  • "I am an artist with a sword, in more ways than one." (draws  Teemo in the air with her sword.) 從許多方面來說,我可是劍的達人(拿劍在空中畫)
  • "Stand ready." 準備就緒  
  • "Try me!" 有種就試試看吧  
  • "En garde!" 備戰! (準備好你自己!)
  • "Your move." 輪到你攻擊了  
  • "One step ahead!"向前一步  
  • "Too slow!" 太慢了  

Fizz 飛斯 (感謝alanhwung提供)

Uponselection 選人

  • "Let me at 'em!"→來自snoopy dog,大概是「讓我來對付他們」
Movement/attacking 移動/攻擊

  • "The tide turns." 該是潮汐來臨了。
  • "The mighty shark stalks its prey." 強壯的鯊魚悄悄接近他的獵物
  • "Now we strike." 現在該我們襲擊
  • "To the briny deep." 到那深海汪洋
  • "I'll show them a watery grave." 我會讓他們被潮水所埋葬(我會讓他們見識一個多水的墳墓...)
  • "I'm ready." 我準備好了
  • "Swimmingly." 正在游!!!
  • "C'mon, let's go!" 來吧,我們出發
  • "Wanna see a trick?" 想看看我的招式嗎
  • "No fear!" 無所畏懼
  • "One jump ahead of you." 一個跳躍就領先你了
  • "They won't catch me." 他們抓不到我
  • "In a splash." 看我飛濺而過
  • "Land, ho!" 土地,吼!

Taunt 嘲諷
  • "You're boring." (falls asleep)" 你真無趣(飛斯睡著了)
  • "Not interested." (falls asleep)"  真不有趣(飛斯睡著了)

Joke 玩笑
  • "Hmm, something's fishy." (chuckles and eats a fish)" 摁...有東西散發腥味(飛斯邊笑邊吃魚)
  • "Fish, fish fish!" (chuckles and eats a fish)" 魚,魚,魚(飛斯邊笑邊吃魚)

  • "Shark!" 大白鯊!!!!!
  • "Lunch time!" 吃午餐囉!!!
  • "Feeding time!" 餵食秀!!!!!

Galio The Sentinel's Sorrow 加里奧
Uponselection 選人
  • "A guardian is always prepared." 守護者時刻準備著。
Movement/attacking 移動/攻擊
  • "Assault from above!" 從天而降!
  • "The will of Demacia." 蒂瑪西亞的意志。
  • "Preemptive strike." 先發製人。
  • "With great force." 有很大的力量。
  • "Justice will be done." 正義將會貫徹。
  • "So be it." 那就這樣。
  • "For the will of Demacia." 為了蒂瑪西亞的信念。
  • "In flight." 飛馳當中。
  • "An honor to serve." 能效勞就是榮譽。
  • "I... will  protect.."‧‧‧將保護
  • "On the approach." 接近當中。
  • "Moving out." 開動了。
  • "Remain alert." 保持警醒。
  • "By your command." 謹遵你意。
  • "Without fear." 無畏無懼。
  • "I will not fail." 我不會失手。
Taunt 嘲諷
  • "You should come back with more bad guys." 你應該回去落兄弟回來。
Joke 玩笑
  • "Two birds with one stone... Have you met my parents?" 一石二鳥‧‧‧你有見過我父母麼?
(感謝polygram 提供)

Movement/attacking 移動/攻擊

"The gate beckons." 地獄大門召喚你
"No escape."無處可逃
"Join the hereafter." 加入來世的世界
"Death is no release."無人能免除一死
"Inevitable demise."死亡無法避免
"Their time has come!"他們的時刻到了(該死了)

"Fear my gaze."恐懼於我的凝視吧(Q技)
"All have their place."所有的事物都有其歸屬
"Do not trust the dead."別相信死人
"Eternal sleep... not quite."永眠...不完全是
"To seal the beyond."
"I serve between worlds."
"Oblivion? No."
我被遺忘? 才沒有
"Restless souls stir."
"A fateful journey."

Taunt 嘲諷
  • "If you kill me who will mind the gate? Will it be you?" 如果你殺了我,誰要看守大門? 你嗎?
  • "I guard between life and death. Killing me only sends me home."我看守著生與死. 殺了我只是送我回家
  • "I prepare for what waits beyond. Shall I show you?"我為那些等著來世的人們做準備,我該秀給你看嗎?
Joke 玩笑
  • "Dead men tell no tales? I wish... they're never quiet." 死人不會說話? 我希望... 他們從沒安靜過.
  • "Knock knock. Who's there? An endless legion of souls!"扣扣(敲門) 誰在那? 一支永不休息的靈魂大軍!
  • "I always let door to door merchants in. I just don't let them out."我一直放任門窗商人進來,我只不過不會讓他們出去.

Gangplank 剛普朗克

Uponselection 選人
  • "Prepare to be boarded!" 等著被搶船吧!
Movement/attacking 移動/攻擊
  • "YAARRR!" 呀啊啊!
  • "Swab the poop deck!" 刷船尾啦!(呃‧‧‧當一個海盜這樣說的時候,他要爆俘虜菊花了‧‧‧‧‧‧
  • "C'mere, me beauty! Hehehe." 來吧,美人!嘻嘻嘻。
  • "Look what crawled out of the bunghole!" 看看糞坑裡網到了什麼?
  • "Nothin' but a  bilge rat!" 只不過是只艙鼠!
  • "I'll be usin' ye  for chum!" 我要收你做好朋友  (又是一個和諧笑話)
  • "I won't rest till  I see ye hangin' from the yardarm!" 我非要把你吊死在桅杆上不可!
  • "Ya-ha-har!" --哈!
  • "Avast, me hearties!" 別跑,我的心肝!
  • "Shiver me timbers!" 嚇得我! (指 好險 的意思)
  • "Yo ho ho, and a bottle of... rum!" 喲哄哄,加上一瓶……蘭姆酒!(感謝阿災更正)
  • "Ahoy!"
  • "Well blow me down!" 有種轟趴我!
  • "I ain't got me ground legs yet, landlubber!" 我還沒腳軟呢,泥腿子!

Taunt 嘲諷
  • "Enjoy your visit to the depths of the sea, landlubber!" 去深海玩得開心點吧,旱鴨
Joke 玩笑

  • "Wanna know why me Roger is so Jolly? Heheheh..." 想知道為啥我的羅傑這麼高興啊?嘻嘻嘻…… Jolly開心,JollyRoger行話中對海盜旗的稱呼)

Garen 蓋倫
Uponselection 選人
  • "To the Fields of  Justice!" 去正義之地!
Movement/attacking 移動/攻擊
  • "Victory awaits!" 勝利在望!
  • "Accursed Villains."
  • "Battle the infamy!"
  • "I will lead the charge!" 我帶頭衝鋒!
  • "Vile scourge." 邪惡的災禍。
  • "The scoundrel will pay!" 惡黨將會頷首!
  • "Forge onward!" 鏗鏘向前!
  • "For  Demacia!"  為了蒂瑪西亞!
  • "In the King's name!" 以國王的名義!
  • "I bring Justice!"  我帶來正義!
  • "Without delay!" 絕不耽擱!
  • "At your  service!" 聽你調遣!
  • "Fear not, I'm coming!" 別怕,我來了!
  • "To protect our land!" 護我家園!
  • "I stand ready!" 準備妥當!
Taunt 嘲諷
  • '"Come forth,you will find honor in death." 放馬過來,你會死的很光榮。

  • "Demacia!" 蒂瑪西亞!
  • "Charge!" 沖啊!
  • "Charge!"     (longer) 沖啊!(拉尾音)
Taunt 嘲諷

  • "Summon me and  you'll like the way you look. I Garen-tee it. Get it?" " 召喚我,你會喜歡你的樣子的,我蓋倫題(保證)。懂嗎?(這個是Men'sWarehouse 的廣告詞
  • "Let's end this quickly... (Cough) I need to use the little soldier's room.我們快點打完吧。我要去上小士兵間

Gragas 古拉格斯

Uponselection 選人
  • "If you're buying, I'm in!" 你買,我就跟! (其實是 如果你覺得可以接受,我就加入你。)
Movement/attacking 移動/攻擊
  • "Last call!" 最後機會!
  • "Have a drink!" 來喝一杯!
  • "Yah!" ~~~~
  • "Dodge this!"     躲這個!
  • "Happy hour  incoming!" 開心時光,降臨!
  • "Fight time!"     開戰啦!
  • "Time to roll out the barrel!" 是時候來一桶了!
  • "Don't get  pushy!" 可別太激進了。
  • "Yeah, yeah...." 好,好……
  • "Need some grog..." 要多點酒……
  • "Oh yeah!" 哦好!
  • "Get some!" 吃個夠!
  • "I'm on it..." 我盯著。
  • "Let's get this party started!" 我們好戲開台吧!
Taunt 嘲諷
  • "I'll drink ya under the table, scrub!" 我會把你喝翻到桌底下去,爛人!
Joke 玩笑
  • "The only time I  have a drinking problem is when I spill it! (laughs)" 我喝酒唯一出問題的時候就是不小心傾掉了。(笑聲)

Graves 葛雷夫 (grave 是墳墓的意思  graves是複數)(感謝bravow03416提供)

Uponselection 選人

  • "Dead man walking."  死人在走路(死刑犯在走向刑場(人生最後條道路)處行者會沿途喊這句話也有十分危險  行屍走肉等意思

Movement/attacking 移動/攻擊

  • "Go ahead! I like moving targets."  去吧!!我喜歡移動的標靶
  • "This is gonna tickle."  這還真癢。
  • "They picked the wrong fight." 他們挑錯戰鬥了!!
  • "Think I'm bluffin'?"   你認為我在虛張聲勢!?
  • "Like fish in a barrel."  我喜歡魚缸裡的魚 (甕中捉鱉之意!?
  • "End of the line"   終點!!
  • "I've got no time for games."  我沒時間玩遊戲。(SC2的死神好像也有這句台詞)
  • "I ain't got time to bleed."  我沒時間流血
  • "What are you playin' at?" 你是在玩三*
  • "Feelin' lucky?" 覺得很好運?
  • "Try me."  審判我阿!!
  • "Easy, partner." 輕鬆點,夥伴
  • "Got any bright ideas?" 想到什麼好點子了?
  • "Always trouble."   總是遇到麻煩
  • "Let's settle the score."  讓我們解決恩怨吧

Taunt 嘲諷
  • "Don't die, yet! Heh, that was only a warning shot.   別死阿!這槍只是警告
Joke 玩笑

  • "I like my enemies two ways: dead, or about to be. (Laughs)"  我喜歡我的對手有兩種情況:死了,或者快死了(笑)
  • "Everyone's a hero... till you shoot off a leg or two. (Laughs)"  每個人都是英雄......直到你射斷他一條腿,或兩條(笑)

  • "Night, night."      黑夜!!
  • "Lights out."        關燈!!
  • "All in."               全中!!(也是梭哈的意思)
  • "Betting Blind."   我猜你瞎了!!

"Who's in the dark now?"   現在是誰在黑暗之中?
"I've got your darkness."    我已得到你的黑暗!!

  • "Aah... Tarnation..." 啊......該死的...

Hecarim the Shadow of War 赫克(感謝bally005 提供)

Upon Selection 選人

    "Behold the might of the Shadow Isles." 小心來自暗影島的力量

Movement/attacking 移動/攻擊

  • "Trample their bones." 踐踏他們的屍骸
  • "Never relent."  毫不憐憫
  • "Crush them underfoot." 把礙事的東西全踢走吧~
  • "Break their ranks." 把對面的的軍隊給潰散吧~
  • "The living will fall." 生者已死(沈淪)
  • "Embrace death."  擁抱死亡吧
  • "Send me to battle." 給我戰鬥
  • "The shadow approaches." 暗影來襲
  • "Ride out." 去騎馬啦 騎士
  • "I am beyond death."我是遠方的死神
  • "War is eternal." 戰爭永不休止(戰爭是永恆的)
  • "The grave calls." 墓地呼聲~
  • "I do not rest." 我不會休息的
  • "Their souls beg for release." 他們的靈魂乞討著(我)解放
Taunt 嘲諷
  • "Your life is a burden. I bring you freedom!" 你的生命是個負擔  不過我可以給你自由的
  • "You won't live to see your world destroyed." 你不會有命去看世界被毀滅的樣子
Joke 玩笑
(Hecarim skips around his weapon) 赫克林圍繞著他的武器
  • "Suffering is magic." 痛苦是魔法 (來自小馬的標題 friendship is magic)
  • "Another blue ribbon for Hecarim." 又一個藍色勳章頒發給赫克林了
  • "Torment!" 折磨
  • "Despair!" 絕望
  • "Face death!" 面對死亡吧
  •     "Cower!"畏縮吧(凡人)
  •     "Run!"  逃亡吧(凡人)

Heimerdinger the Revered Inventor 漢默丁格

Uponselection 選人
  • "Indeed, a wise     choice." 確實是個明智的選擇!
Movement/attacking 移動/攻擊

  • "Eureka!" 我找到了!
  • "For great science!" 為了偉大的科學!
  • "Force = mass * speed."力等於質量乘以速度。
  • "I theorize... your defeat!" 經過我的推導……結果只有一個,那就是:你會輸!
  • "If you attach the proto-flobulator     to the maxi-wamulinating coils,you get…"如果將原始弗羅佈雷特附在特大號瓦姆理內汀圈上,你會得到……
  • "Back, you dirty ape! Back!" 後退!你這骯髒的猴子,後退!(天龍人意味)(感謝mier46732更正)
  • "You are poorly designed for this!" 你被設計的真糟糕!(感謝mier46732提供)
  • "Why walk when you can fly?"你能飛的時候幹嘛還要走路呢?
  • "The cosine of "U" root, divided by..." 你路線的余弦,再除以……
  • "Hmm, very  interesting..." 恩恩……非常有趣……
  • "I could help you do that better." 我可以幫你把它做得更好
  • "Order, entropy, a never-ending cycle." 順序。熵值。無限迴圈的數列。
  • "I concur!" 我和你意見相同!
  • "Yes, yes, hurry, I have important work to get back to." 是,是,快點,還有重要的工作等著我(好囂張的一碗泡麵)

Taunt 嘲諷
  • "And what did you expect from such a substandard intelligence?!"你們的智商如此之低,還有什麼好指望的?
Joke 玩笑
  • "Why do chemists call helium, curium, and barium 'the medical elements'? Because, if you can't 'helium' or 'curium', you 'BARIUM'! Heheh."為什麼化學家們將Helium(氦)、curium(鋦)以及barium(鋇)稱做醫學元素呢?因為,如果你無法醫治他們(Heal them)或治療他們(cure them),你就把他們埋了(bury them)! 哈哈~)(感謝mier46732提供)

Irelia The Will of Blades 伊瑞莉雅
Uponselection 選人
  • "My blade is at your service!" 我的劍為你效勞!
Movement/attacking 移動/攻擊
  • "There's no  turning back." 沒有退路。
  • "Cut them down." 砍倒他們。
  • "It ends  here." 就到此為止吧。
  • "This battle will be won." 這場戰鬥將會勝利。
  • "They will not prevail." 他們不會得逞。
  • "This way." 這邊。
  • "Justice guides us." 正義引導我們。
  • "I will not falter." 我不會動搖。
  • "With precision." 要精准。
  • "Forge onward." 鏗鏘向前。
  • "Ionia shall not fall." 愛歐尼亞不會滅亡。
  • "I stand resolute." 我的立場堅決。
  • "Stay sharp." 保持銳利。
  • "True will cannot be defeated." 真正的意志是不會落敗的。
Taunt 嘲諷
  • "You rely on your weapons too much, try letting go!" 你太依賴你的武器了,放手吧!

Joke 玩笑
  • "Balance in all things." 萬物皆有平衡。
  • "My blade is not only precise, but totally gnarly." 我的刀可不止精確,簡直是暴力。

Janna the Storm's Fury珍娜

Uponselection 選人
  • "The tempest is at your command." 風的力量聽你傳喚。
Movement/attacking 移動/攻擊
  • "The tempest is upon them." 暴風雨籠罩他們。
  • "The storm approaches." 風暴來臨。
  • "Gale winds unleashed." 釋放狂風。
  • "For tranquility." 為了寧靜。
  • "By your command." 遵從指示。
  • "At once." 即刻。
  • "As you wish." 如你所願。
  • "With ease." 放鬆     
  • "Swiftly!" 飛吧!(迅速一點!)
  • "Breathlessly."     悶熱的。
  • "In harmony."     一切平和(如常)。
  • "Upon the wind." 乘風而上。
Taunt 嘲諷
  • "And you thought it was just a harmless breeze!" 你以為那只是一個無害的微風麼?
Joke 玩笑
  • "Yes, it's true. For only $2.95 a minute, I will leave you breathless." 是的,那是真的。2.95次一分鐘,我會讓你窒息(氣喘吁吁)。.........(這是指什麼2.95次?)
  • "(Old voice) Say hello to the winds of...*double cough*...*clears throat*舊的語音:“向風的(咳嗽).....問好....(清嗓子)”
  • (New voice) I     don't know what came over me." 新的語音:“我不知道我剛才怎麼了。

Jarvan_IV 嘉文四世

Uponselection 選人
  • "By my will, this shall be finished." 按照我的意志-應該能完成
Movement/attacking 移動/攻擊
  • "I love a challenge." 我喜歡挑戰!
  • "Purge the unjust." 消除不公!
  • "Topple their  forces!" 擊垮敵軍!
  • "Righteous retribution!" 正義的懲罰!
  • "Ours is but to do and die." 我們的使命,就是力戰而亡!
  • "This is Demacian justice!"這就是蒂瑪西亞的正義!
  • "Protect the faithful." 保護忠良!
  • "For my father, the king." 為了父王!
  • "No quarter for  the wicked." 攘除奸邪!
  • "Find me greater foes." 給我找些更強的敵人!
  • "Who dares defy my will?" 誰敢違抗我的意志?
  • "Stand with me, brothers and sisters." 兄弟姐妹們,和我並肩作戰吧!
  • "Demacia: Now and forever." 蒂瑪西亞,永世長存!
  • "Today is a good day to die!" 視死如歸,就在今天!
  • "We shall rest when we are dead!" 戰鬥之心,至死方休!
  • "I don't need to hide in brush!  No offense Garen..."我不需要躲在草叢裡!呃,我不是在貶低蓋倫……
  • "Demacia!" 蒂瑪西亞!
  • "DEMACIA!" 蒂瑪西亞~~~!
Taunt 嘲諷

"Fetch the rest of your team, I'll wait.  Demacia,get some! "把你們隊的其他人都找來吧,我會在這兒等你們的。
"You like my weapon?  Come on over for a closerinspection! "喜歡我的武器?那就過來好好看看吧!
"Demacia, get some!" 蒂瑪西亞,無可匹敵!
Joke 玩笑
"Sunder any army!  Crumble any mountain! Leap thegreatest - OWW, my toe-sies! "阻斷軍隊!粉碎山峰!跨過最長的-噢——,我的腳趾頭!
"Awareness is the key to victory! Be sure you never letyour guard dow - OWIEEE! "洞察力是取勝的關鍵!一定不要讓你的警覺鬆懈.......

"I must... not... fail."我必須...不能...失敗

Jax the Grandmaster at Arms 賈克斯

Uponselection 選人
  • "Let's do this!" 我們上吧!
Movement/attacking 移動/攻擊
  • "Who's next?!" 下一個是誰。
  • "Now it's my  turn!" 現在該我了!
  • "Bring it  on!" 出招吧!
  • "It's on!" 看招!
  • "Surprise! I'm back." 沒想到吧?我又回來了!
  • "Let me at 'em!" 把他們也算上!
  • "Ready for battle!" 嚴陣以待!
Taunt 嘲諷
  • "Who wants a piece of the champ?!" 你敢挑戰我嗎?(感謝night1314提供)
Joke 玩笑
  • "Imagine if I had a real weapon!" 想像一下如果我有真正的武器(說明他拿路燈都可以打爆你XD)

Karma the Enlightened One 卡瑪

Uponselection 選人
  • "An enlightened decision." 明智的抉擇。
Movement/attacking 移動/攻擊
  • "Negotiations have ended." 談判已經結束。
  • "They will not crush our spirit." 他們摧毀不了我們的精神。
  • "No compromises." 不妥協。
  • "None will question our resolve." 沒有什麼能質疑我們的決心。
  • "Where the battle goes, so go I." 哪裡有戰鬥,哪裡就有我。
  • "One by one, they will fall." 一個接一個,他們將跌落。
  • "How noble." 如此高貴。
  • "Ionia shall prevail." 艾歐尼亞必勝。
  • "Focus your wit and will." 集中你的智慧和意志。
  • "Victory is assured." 勝利的保證。
  • "Peace begins within." 在和平開始內。
  • "To conquer oneself, is to conquer all." 征服自己,征服一切。
  • "Hope is the greatest ally." 希望是最偉大的盟友     
  • "Together, we shall triumph." 總之,我們將取得勝利。
  • "Onward, always." 勇往直前。
Taunt 嘲諷

  • "You should feel honored to face me." 面對我你應該覺得光榮。
  • "I interrupted mymeditation, for this?"就因為這個你要打斷我的冥想?

Joke 玩笑

  • "Guess what's about to hit the fan." 猜猜怎麼去捅大簍子(hitthe fan:敲打扇子,意為惹禍上身)(又是雙關語……Roit超喜歡這種冷笑話)
  • "This dress may     have been impractical." 這件裙子有點坑爹。

Karthus the Deathsinger 卡爾瑟斯

Uponselection 選人
  • “Do you feel a chill”?你在……打冷顫麼?
Movement/attacking 移動/攻擊
  • "Share... My curse!" 享用我的詛咒吧!
  • "Their pain... is my pleasure!" 他們的痛苦,就是我的快樂!
  • "I... obey." 遵命……
  • "Float...on..." 正在往那飄呢……
  • "Your wish!" 如您所願……
  • "For the  unliving!" 讚美死亡吧!
Taunt 嘲諷

  • “I'll put you in my book!”我會把你夾在我的書裡的!

Joke 玩笑
  • “I cannot use your skull. You have a misshapen head”你的頭太畸形了,我都無法使用你的頭骨!

Kassadin the Void Walker 卡薩丁

Upon selection 選人
  • "The balance of power must be preserved." 力量的平衡必須要被維護。
Movement/attacking 移動/攻擊
  • "Silence!" 沉默!
  • "Your magic is powerless against me!" 你微不足道,一無用處。
  • "Justice will be served." 正義將會得到伸張。
  • "Balance above all else." 平衡重於一切。
  • "You are null and void." 你是空且虛的(又空又虛…)
  • "As you wish." 如你所願。
  • "Your magic is  powerless against me." 你的魔法對我無效。
  • “Into the void” 遁入虛空!
  • "I'm on my way!" 我正在路上。
Taunt 嘲諷
  • "Try that again!" 再試一次。
Joke 玩笑
  • "I tried to silence my mother once. Boy, did I regret that." 有一次,我試著沉默我媽。天啊,再也沒有比這更糟糕的事兒了!

Katarina the Sinister Blade 卡特蓮娜

Uponselection 選人

"Violence solves everything"暴力可以解決一切。

Movement/attacking 移動/攻擊

"My pleasure"我很樂意。
"Let the bloodshed begin"開始大殺特殺吧!
"Brutality, my favorite…"野蠻行徑,我的最愛……
"Blood for Noxus"諾克薩斯萬歲!
"Without mercy"不要心存憐憫!
"Is that fear I smell?"我聞到的是恐懼麼?
"Knives are a girl's best friend"匕首是一個女孩最好的朋友。
"Ready for trouble?"準備好應付麻煩了麼?
"Your choices please me, for now"到目前為止,你的選擇都讓我十分滿意。
"Don't test your luck, summoner"不要測試你的運氣,召喚師!
"If you insist"如果你堅持的話

Taunt 嘲諷

"Please, make me hurt you"拜託了,讓我扁你們一頓吧。

Joke 玩笑

"Mother always said, "Don't shunpo with knives..."媽媽常說:“瞬步的時候不要帶著匕首……”""

Kayle the Judicator 凱爾

Upon selection 選人
  • "Into the fray!" 邁進戰亂!
Movement/attacking 移動/攻擊
  • "Lead me to battle." 指引我去戰鬥
  • "Into the fray!" 邁向戰亂
  • "Who's next?"     下面輪到誰了
  • "Your time has come." 你將備受審判(感謝mier46732更正)
  • "Without mercy."毫不留情
  • "An eye for an eye." 以眼還眼
Taunt 嘲諷
  • "Comehere! I'll teach you all about the afterlife." 過來,我會教你什麼叫來世
Joke 玩笑
  • "Are... You sure you're not in the wrong league?" ……你確信你沒站錯隊?

Kennen the Heart of the Tempest 凱能

Upon selection 選人
  • "The eyes never lie." 眼永遠不會撒謊。
Movement/attacking 移動/攻擊
  • "Haaayaaa!" 嗨~~呀~~
  • "A silent death!" 無聲的死刑。
  • "Time to strike!" 要出擊了!
  • "Their final moments approach." 他們到頭了。
  • "For Ionia." 為了艾歐尼亞!
  • "From the shadows!" 自黑影中來。
  • "Ready."' 準備好了。
  • "Let's do it!" 我們上!
  • "Yes yes yes!"  好好好!
  • "I am the wind!" 我是風!
  • "Balance in all things." 萬物有平衡。
  • "Steady..."  穩住。
Taunt 嘲諷
  • "Big targets are the best! There's more to aim at!" 大目標最好!更容易瞄!
Joke 玩笑
  • "Yes, they make shurikens this small!" 好啊,他們把飛鏢做到這麼小。

Kog'Maw the Mouth of the Abyss 寇格魔
Upon selection 選人
  • "Time to feast!" 用餐時間!
Movement/attacking 移動/攻擊
  • "Mmm...FOOD!" 嗯...食物!
  • "Hunger never sleep." 饑餓是不會停息的。
  • "Smell soft flesh..." 聞到嫩肉
  • "Obey Void!" 順從虛空。
  • "Leave no scraps!"
  • "Hungry..."  餓……
  • Kog'Maw snorts. 氣的聲音
  • Kog'Maw gurgles. (胃)咕咕叫的聲音
  • "We go." 我們去。
  • "No rest." 不歇息。
  • "Getting  hungry..." 快餓了
  • "Want meat!" 想要肉!
  • "Oblivion come." 末日到了。
  • "More! So empty." 多一點!太空了。(指肚子)
  • "Feeding time!" 餵食了!
Taunt 嘲諷
  • "Keep coming! Not  FULL!" 繼續上!我還沒飽!
  • "Terror  coming...Daddy coming!" 恐怖來了……拔拔來了!(指馬大哈(馬爾紮哈)來了)
Joke 玩笑
  • Kog'Maw sounds a "charge!" bugle call
  • (a chord from "Deck the Halls") 會哼幾段《閃亮的耶誕節》(和索娜的平安夜女神相應)
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