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【情報】新角色曝光「Lucian」(更新影片 7/10)

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2013. 07. 10

曝光了路西恩的美術圖!!!!! 帥氣逼人

經典造型 Lucian

Hired Gun Lucian


就在 2013. 07. 03

Lucian的新資訊 又曝光了!!


"When we took up these weapons, we accepted our mission with pride. Rid Runeterra of evil, they told us. Slay the corrupt. Send the filth of the world crawling back to the hole it crawled out of. Not just anyone can wield these weapons. You need a pure heart. A fearless mind. An inner light that outshines all the darkness in the world. Once I had that light. Now I'm not so sure.
Everything changed. We knew our mission was greater than ourselves. The enemy was not who we fought, but what we fought. Evil. The Shadow Isles? Just another mess to clean up, just a bunch of ghosts. They were abominations, but nothing we hadn't put in the ground before. Until the day we faced him. Until the day he ripped her from my life."

"Now my enemy has a name. She wouldn't want me to come after her--she knew the risks. But I can't forget her. I won't forget her. I'll hunt down the bastard who took her from me and send him straight to the grave.
Twice, if I have to."


然後我意外的發現 有網友作了這張



新角色曝光... Gun TemplarLucian
聖武-路西恩? (誤

此篇資訊在 2013. 05. 04


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