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【情報】Left 4 Dead Zero(原團隊已聲明放棄開發)

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已通過 Greenlight 認可的惡靈勢力新模組,由玩家群開發並打算重現一代正式發行前於2007年展示期間的遊戲原貌。

Left 4 Dead Zero 社群
Greenlight 原文已移除 以下為舊文翻譯
What is this Mod about?
Left 4 Dead Zero is a mod aimed to bring you back the Left 4 Dead that meant to be released, along with adding a new gamemode that will continue the story of the original survivors, new campaigns, and improvements to visuals and gameplay. This mod is free, but requires you to own either L4D or L4D2 to be playable.
Left 4 Dead Zero 的目標是一款帶給你惡靈勢力應有原貌的模組,外加接續原作倖存者故事的新遊戲模式、新戰役以及畫面與遊戲玩法的改進。這款模組是免費的,但你需要擁有惡靈勢力或惡靈勢力2至少其中一款才能夠玩。

Left 4 Dead was originally developed by Turtle Rock Studios, it was later bought by Valve in January 2008, at first most bugs started to clear, the gameplay was cleaner and features were improved. Around early 2008 the game was clearly ready for release but in that time the last video you see of anything original, then in June 2008, the changes begun. By September, Valve had redesigned the art style of the game in only 3 months. Once the transformation had been complete, Left 4 Dead no longer looked to be a horror game and some fans were disappointed with the released build of L4D, and would rather have the build demoed off.
惡靈勢力最初由 Turtle Rock 工作室開發,它後來被 Valve 於 2008 年一月收購,起初大部份的程式臭蟲開始修正,遊戲玩法變得簡潔且遊戲特色被改進。大約 2008 早期遊戲顯然已準備釋出,但那時你最後所見保有遊戲原貌的影片,在 2008 年六月開始改變。在九月之前,Valve 僅在短短三個月內重新設計遊戲的美術風格。一旦徹底改變過後,惡靈勢力看起來便不再是當初的恐佈遊戲,一些粉絲對正式發售後的惡靈勢力大失所望,而寧願選擇當初展示影片的遊戲風格。

This mod will not follow the story of titles developed by Valve. Retail Left 4 Dead, Left 4 Dead 2, and Left 4 Dead 3 will not be canon with Zero, and Zero will not be canon with them.
這款模組不會接續由 Valve 發展的故事章節。惡靈勢力、惡靈勢力2、惡靈勢力3不會是零代的標準。零代也不會是它們的標準。

Key Features 關鍵特色
  • Restoration of the Left 4 Dead that was supposed to release
  • 回覆惡靈勢力當年釋出時應該有的樣子。
  • New Gamemode with a whole new story line, new weapons, new gameplay possibilities, 4 redesigned campaigns, and new 4 campaigns.
  • 有著全新故事線的新遊戲模式新武器、新的玩法可能性、四章重新設計過的戰役與四章新戰役
  • Playable Common Infected
  • 可以遊玩的普通感染者。
  • Workshop Support
  • 支援工作坊
  • Improved Visual Graphics
  • 改進過的視覺畫面。
  • Detailed weapons textures, shading and animations for normal and empty reload.
  • 詳細的武器材質、著色、一般換彈與空彈匣換彈動畫
  • High res Common Infected
  • 高解晰度普通感染者。
  • Enhanced animations for Survivors and Special Infected
  • 給倖存者與特感的強化動畫。
Why Greenlight?
為何發佈於 Greenlight?
It's simple, we can't do everything without getting access to original files, We are quite limited to some people we can get files from, we can't get any more files from Splinks due to reasons that we will keep private. Currently we have some placeholders in-game, which are well made, but obviously we will change it to the original textures once we get them, so don't worry about fan made content being in-game when it releases. Also currently we have no maps from the original L4D, so you'll be mostly seeing L4D retail maps, and maps for Left Behind. We would also like to restore various things that requires the Source Code to restore, along with adding some new things, like better lighting, and a whole new gamemode. It will also be a better way to distribute all the content to you guys, since L4D1 is not modder friendly, L4D2 is remotely more friendly to modders, but it still puts limits on what we want to do.
很簡單,我們無法存取原始檔的話就做不了任何事,我們僅有相當少數的人可以尋求檔案,為了保持不公開的理由,我們沒辦法從 Splinks 取得更多的各種檔案。目前我們在遊戲中有一些製作良好的暫用材質,但很明顯地一旦我們取得原作材質就會套用回去,所以不用擔心模組釋出時會採用遊戲迷自製的內容。此外目前我們沒有惡靈勢力展示期間的原始地圖,所以你們會看到的多半是發售後的地圖與 Left Behind 遊戲模式的地圖。我們也想復原需要 Source 程式碼才能復原的各式各樣東西,加上一些新玩意譬如像是較佳的打光以及全新的遊戲模式。採用 Greenlight 發佈這些內容對玩家們也會是較好的方法,因為惡靈勢力1對模組製作者並不友善,惡靈勢力2對模組製作者也沒多友善,但它對我們想做的事還是限制重重。

What's new with Zero that I can't get with either versions of L4D?
Since we're going to Greenlight for the Source Code to L4D and access to more files, we hope to improve the lighting effects, and various other stuff with the engine to make it look better than both stock L4D and L4D2, along with being more stable than the Retail builds of those two games. We will also add support for Workshop, so you can upload game mods! We will also provide a new gamemode called Left Behind, which will be explained next.
因為我們為了惡靈勢力 Source 程式碼與取得更多檔案而讓它在 Greenlight 上架,希望以這款遊戲引擎改進光源效果與其它形形色色的東西,讓它比前兩款原作看起來更好,也比發售後的前兩款原作更加穩定。我們也將加入對工作坊的支援,所以你可以上傳遊戲模組!也會提供新的遊戲模式叫做 Left Behind,之後會再說明。

What is Left Behind?
Left Behind 是什麼?
Left Behind is a new gamemode concept that we want to do, hopefully if Valve gives us access to source code, to bring fresh air to Left 4 Dead, expanding both gameplay and graphics, and offering a new alternate story to the original survivors after the events of the first game. Including new campaigns set in different locations and seasons (including maps with snow), new weapons that haven't been used in any L4D and several skins for each survivor (season related) and special infected/common. It wouldn't be extremely fast-paced like the retail games, but a bit more calmed giving a chance to enjoy the environment and design, also the cooperation will be enhanced, like giving items/ammo/ guns to each other, drag incapacitated players, push/pull objects, climb walls...
Left Behind 是我們想要做的新遊戲模式概念,如果順利的話,Valve 讓我們存取遊戲原始碼,為惡靈勢力帶來耳目一新的感受,擴充遊戲玩法與遊戲畫面,並提供在一代遊戲事件之後可選擇的新故事給原作倖存者。包含在不同地點與季節的戰役(有雪景的地圖)、未曾在惡靈勢力系列作使用過的新武器與每位倖存者、特感、小殭屍都有許多不同外觀。(與季節有關)它不會像已上市的那兩款遊戲那樣極度緊湊,而是比較平靜,給予玩家有機會享受遊戲環境與設計。此外合作性也加強,像是互相給予物資、彈藥、槍支,拖行倒地隊友,推、拉物品,爬牆…

What happens when you guys get Greenlit?
如果你們得到 Greenlight 上架許可的話呢?(譯註:已上架~)
Once we are Greenlit we will continue working on our mod until it's completion. Since we know that the original build of L4D was more than just different Survivors, we will release the original Survivors to L4D and L4D2 after we finish them and have been Greenlit. These differ from Splinks' releases of the Survivors, which had remaps and remakes of various textures.
一旦我們得到 Greenlight 上架許可,就會繼續製作模組直到它完工。因為我們知道惡靈勢力原作不僅僅是長相不同的倖存者,在我們完成且已經上架後,會釋出原創倖存者給一代和二代。這些原創倖存者有不同材質的重新映射與重製,不同於 Splinks 釋出的倖存者版本。

Will this include L4D2 content/Will you guys restore L4D2 beta content
No, our goal is to restore what L4D was meant to be, there's a slight chance we may release beta L4D2 content back to the public, but that's very unlikely and isn't in our goal set.
不,我們的目的是恢復一代本來該有的樣子,不太有機會釋出惡靈勢力2 beta 版內容給大家,但幾乎不可能而且那不是我們的主要目標。

What happens when you DON'T get the Source Code?
當你們「沒」拿到 Source 程式碼會發生什麼事?
We'll figure that out when we get to that. We might make an Indiegogo to get the cash if we need to pay a license fee, because there's no way we'll be able to pay the $25k fee on our own.
當時間到了就知道。要是我們得付授權費用,我們也許會創個獨立遊戲團隊去募集資金,因為不可能只靠我們付 $25000 圓的費用。

翻完了,我去吐幾十兩血(噗~~~~~ ~~~~~噗)

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