LV. 14
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樓主 我說話是放屁 S911115S

The game is not installed. \ R \ n Archives After downloading and installing the game on, please start again. 沒有安裝到遊戲. \ R \ n 在資料庫下載後安裝遊戲, 再開始.

You must reinstall the game. \ R \ n Archives After downloading and installing the game on, please start again.『遊戲要重新安裝. \ R \ n 在資料庫下載後安裝遊戲, 再開始.』

Installation did not complete.『沒有完成安裝.』

Please wait until the installation is complete.『請等候安裝完成.』

There was an error in the parameter information.『parameter內容上有錯誤』

Failed to read the game information. Please try again.『遊戲情報讀取失敗, 再重新進行.』

Failed to run the normal game . Please try again.『正常的遊戲進行失敗, 在重新進行.』

Already in the file is being downloaded.『已經該檔案再下載中.』

Download the relevant system libraries (WinINet) failed to initialize.『下載相關係統Library (WinINet) 初始化中失敗.』

Internet connections are disconnected and can not download the file.『網路連接中斷因此無法下載檔案』

.Failed to initialize the HTTP Query information.『HTTP Query 情報初始化時失敗.』

Can not find the file at that address .『該地址上無法找到檔案.』

Can not generate the file to disk files failed to download.『disk 上無法生成檔案, 因此檔案下載失敗.』

Lack of buffer capacity in the file download failed.『Buffer 容量不足, 因此檔案下載失敗. 』

At that address, did not read the file data.『該地址上無法讀取檔案資料.』

There is not enough space on your hard disk to save the game file download failed. Hard disk space and please try again.『在hard disk 中要儲存的空間不足, 下載遊戲檔案失敗. Hard disk 空間擴大後再重新進行.』

Failed to download the game file. Please try again.『下載遊戲檔案失敗, 再重新進行.』

Game patch is not proceeding normally. Please try again.『遊戲patch 沒有正常進行. 請重新進行.』

An error has occurred in the CRC check.『CRC 確認中出現錯誤.』

The game is already running. After you exit the game completely, and try again.『遊戲已經執行中, 遊戲完全結束後在重新進行.』

Server connection failed. Wait a moment, please try again.『伺服器連接失敗, 稍等後再重新進行.』

The version of the file has been installed incorrectly.『安裝檔案的版本錯誤.』

You can not run the setup file.『安裝檔案無法執行.』

Set the path to the executable file contains an error.『執行檔案的路徑設定上錯誤.』

There was an error in the game configuration files.『遊戲設定檔案錯誤.』

There was an error during game play. Please try again.『遊戲進行中發生錯誤, 請重新進行.』

An unknown error has occurred.『不知名的錯誤發生.』

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