LV. 19
GP 40

【情報】Resistance 2 即將更新V1.50

樓主 荒野中的一隻羊 finalvote

新的對戰模式 增加了1代的Meltdown Mode

新的合作模式難度 新增一個Superhuman難度

2P可以存檔了 跟LBP一樣 分割畫面時可以登入其他的帳號



  • XP balance adjustments for competitive mode
  • Announcements screen
  • Failsafe save support
  • Password protected custom games
  • Added ability to “Report” player
  • Teams switch sides between Core Control rounds
  • Players now automatically go to staging after every competitive or cooperative game (regame)
  • Localization updates
  • Various stat fixes
  • Collision fixes on Bryce Canyon and Holar Tower cooperative levels
  • New leaderboards
  • Map fixes for competitive Chicago level
  • Games with Friends and Clan members in them are now highlighted in the “Find Game” screen
  • Limited late joining has been added to ranked games
  • Deathmatch spawning has been improved
  • Players can’t earn progress towards Berserks when they are dead
  • Reduced sprint speed of core carrier in Core Control games
  • Cooperative XP bonuses have been increased by 30%
  • Cooperative games respawn time is now 20 seconds
  • Players keep their grenades if they get revived in a cooperative game
  • Players now have a “Join Game” option for players on their friends list
  • A player’s own name is now in white in the obituary text

New Medals

  1. Savant – Come in first place 30 times in ranked matches (Comp)
  2. Hero – Come in first place 60 times in ranked matches (Comp)
  3. Legend – Come in first place 100 times in ranked matches (Comp)
  4. Tools of Destruction – Score 100 kills with every single weapon (Comp)
  5. Master Strategist – Score 100 kills with full health (Comp)
  6. Arch Rival – Kill 500 rival squad members (Comp)
  7. Full Honors – Take each class to max level (Coop) 
  8. Prophet – Revive 500 players (Coop)
  9. Secret Agent – Obtain all spec ops upgrades (Coop)
  10. Surgeon General – Obtain all medic upgrades (Coop)
  11. Specter Elite – Obtain all soldier upgrades (Coop)
  12. Like a Surgeon - 100 Splicer Kills (Comp)
  13. Shake N' Bake - 100 Pulse Cannon Kills (Comp)

New Ribbons

  1. Quickdraw – Get the first kill of the round (Comp)
  2. Manic Medic – Heal for 1000 points within 3 seconds (Coop)
  3. Solid Solider – Absorb 500 points of damage within a few seconds with your force barrier (Global)
  4. Specter Survivor – Survive an objective without dying (Coop)
  5. Specter Medic – Revive 2 or more allies within a few seconds (Coop)
  6. Hail Mary – Throw ammo and hit your target from at least 10 meters away (Coop)
  7. Quick and Painless – Score 3 headshots kills in a row (Global)


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