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【情報】GU66: Scars of the Awakened

樓主 star mark Serventes



The Velious saga continues! New lands and adventures will be uncovered on April 30 with Game Update 66 entitled EverQuest II: Scars of the Awakened!
Ever vigilant, Norrathians march united under the banner of the New Combine army, deeper into the perilous continent of Velious.
Finally, the army breaches the borders of a region known as Cobalt Scar - a majestic, lush, but tormented region. And from within dark passages in the surrounding mountains, the inhabitants of Sirens Grotto beckon to all.
The first news heard from Cobalt Scar concerns tribes of Othmir that succumbed to an unfortunate fate that now threatens everyone. Further examination into the area will reveal a foreboding presence of the Awakened Legion, a force of evil that decimated dragonkind in the legendary city of Skyshrine.
Nearby, in the watery depths of Sirens Grotto - unseen by landwalkers for the ages – it is said that the caverns hold secrets of their own. And the beguiling siren coven known as the Darkwater Sisters will not give up those secrets easily.
All the while, the Ages End Prophecy looms with its promise to see Kerafyrm - Norrath's most evil, powerful dragon - bring a violent end to the world. Heroes from every corner of Norrath are called to explore this new land in Velious and fight for a future for all.
For those brave and stalwart, we welcome you to EverQuest II: Scars of the Awakened! Cobalt Scar will have many new carefully crafted quests that tell incredible stories. Sirens Grotto – the new dungeon -- will bring you solo, heroic, and raid challenges. You will also find all-new collections, tradeskill quest lines, tradeskill apprentice items, and updated PvP rewards. Not to be forgotten are improvements resulting from the class feedback players gave us on our community forums!
Beta is expected to begin on April 2 and we encourage everyone to log in help us ensure our game is fun and tested well!
Look for more details in the coming weeks as we release art, lore, and gameplay features through articles, webcasts and more! You won't want to miss a thing!
Holly Longdale
Producer, EverQuest II

  • 四月30號會實裝GU66: Scars of the Awakened
  • 延續天聖堂故事線, 玩家要對抗最邪惡的水晶龍克拉芬想毀滅世界的意圖.
  • 開放新的大區域: Cobalt Scar, 以及新地城 Sirens Grotto(同樣地有團隊, raid以及solo版)
  • 根據玩家們在論壇的意見回應, 各職業會有些許變動.
  • 四月二號會在測試伺服器上進行Beta測試.
果不其然有人跳出來說: 啊? 只有 Cobalt Scar ? 那  Western Wastes 跟 ToV & Dragon Necropolis 在哪? 同樣有人抱怨還要繼續打龍人軍團的怪哦? 好煩..
嗯...  以這種更新速度那會不會到等級上限100級時要再過個半年 ?

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