LV. 41
GP 350

【情報】EQ 第 12 張資料片 The Serpent's Spine

樓主 光明元素 Clementtang

Six dragons defied the Council of the Ancient Dragons of the Nest and chose to create a new race to protect their future. The Drakkin are born of humans touched by a dragon's blood and their colors and appearance represent the dragon who created them. Rapidly aging and reaching maturity in only months, the Drakkin forget their human beginnings and make the pilgrimage to Cresent Reach, the home of their dragon creators and the rest of their kind.

六條龍違抗了巢穴古代龍評議會並選擇創造新的種族來保護他們的未來。 半龍人是藉由龍的血液碰觸人類後所誕生的,而他們的外觀以及顏色則代表著創造他們的龍。 短短數個月間,他們快速且大量的邁入成熟,半龍人們忘了他們原先是為人類並向 Cresent Reach - 創造他們的龍族以及他們的族人之家,展開朝聖之旅。


‧New Player Race: The Drakkin have been created form human and dragon blood to protect the future of all dragon kind.
‧Level Cap increase: Players can now reach level 75 complete with new spells, abilities, raids and quest with greater power.
‧Level 1 to 75 content: Reach every level of the game without leaving the Serpent's Spine Mountains.
‧New Starting City: Cresent Reach is a fully functioning city with all that is required to learn and thirve in EverQuest, including merchant, quest, combat and tradeskill areas.
‧More aura, traps, destructible and interactive objects.
‧New spells, Alternative and Leadership Advancement Abilities.

‧全新的玩家種族: 半龍人是從人類以及龍族的血所創造出來為了保護所有的龍族。
‧等級上限提升: 玩家將可以到達 Lv75 並獲得新的且更強大的法術、技能、團征和任務。
‧新起始城鎮: Resent Reach 作為一個完整運作的城市,有著 EverQuest 一切所需要學習以及生活的事務,包含商人、任務、戰鬥以及交易技能。

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