LV. 30
GP 182


樓主 令狐沖 jackey0029

1. Select options while in the main menu.
2. Inside options, select cheats.
3. Type in [the word below] (case sensitive).
4. Press done on the keyboard.
5. The cheat has been entered.

Password <--> Effect

naturalconcept: Art
graphicdelight: Boards
zenmaster: Brodi
wheresyourtail: Bunny San
greatwhitenorth: Canhuck
tankengine: Churchill
milkemdaisy: Cudmore
boneyardreject: Gutless
slicksuit: Hiro
brokenleg: Jurgen
back2future: Marty
callhimgeorge: NW Legend
postnobills: Posters
betyouveneverseen: Snowballs
windmilldunk: Stretch
notsosvelte: Svelte Luther
nogluerequired: Toys
gotitgotitneedit: Trading Cards
finallymadeitin: Unknown Rider
worm: Unlock Eddie Cheat Skin
bronco: Unlock Luther Cheat Skin
shoppingspree: Unlocks all Peak One Lodge's Accessories
zenmaster: Unlocks the Brodi skin
myeyesaredim: Videos

Contributed By: MPLe, buddhabrand, sajhin uses falco, titusda


Characters and Items

Complete the challenge on the right to unlock the character or object on
the left.

Unlockable <--> How to Unlock
Brodi skin: Complete the peak 1 lodge.
Bunny San: Collect all the art.
Canhuck: Complete all peak 3 exploration goal.
Churchill: Complete the peak 3 freestyle.
Cudmore: Complete the peak 3 earnings goal.
Eddie skin: Complete the peak 2 lodge.
Far East Myth: Get 100% in all mountain stats.
Gutless: Get a medal in all events.
Hiro: Collect all the trading cards.
JP: Complete the peak 1 lodge.
Jurgen: Complete all peak 1 goals.
Luther skin: Complete the peak 2 lodge
Marisol: Complete the peak 1 lodge.
Marty: Complete the peak 2 lodge.
NW: legend Complete all peak 3 goals.
Seeiah: Complete the peak 2 lodge.
Snowballs: Complete all peak 2 goals.
Stretch: Collect all the posters.
Svelte Luther: Collect all the toys.
Unknown Rider: Complete all peak 3 race goals.

Contributed By: Dradeel