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RE:【情報】FNIS-SE系列正體中文化 更新FNIS7.5(0823)

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FNIS Behavior 7.5 SE
Added (Animation) "Load CTD Calculation" (see notes)
Fixed "Error(9)" when user has too may Alternate Animations in his mods (proper error message is shown now)
Fixed missing warning when FNIS is installed in a wrong place
Added interruption points during FNIS generation (so FNIS doesn't appear unresponding for a longer time)
FNISforModders: increased several limits found during Load Tests
AGO, TK add-on 3 IS included

NOTEs on "Load CTD Calculation":
FNIS calculates how many percent of Skyrim's custom animation resources you have used up
FNIS XXL will show how much each of your animation mods contributes to Load CTD
FNIS will warn you when you have reached at least 99% of the load which causes CTD
New XXL FNIS animation limit: 26,200 (26162 is the absolute Skyrim limit anyway, and only if you use nothing but poser mods)
For more information: see the FNIS SE Article Skyrim Animation Load CTD: Understand the background of this unpleasant restriction. And how FNIS can help you.
If you want to help to further improve the reliability of the calculation (few beta testers have experienced deviations of less than 1%): please read "The Article" chapter 9

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