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【情報】2014.10.1 起 老玩家免費回鍋一個月活動

樓主 波機 borgi
UO  17週年慶

這些是否是你的第一個步驟到大不列顛,或者您是一位經驗豐富的老將,王黑刺李很高興歡迎您!我們鼓勵您瀏覽大不列顛的城市,並探討在不同探班。城市銀行對貿易和社會的樞紐。一定要聽鎮Criers最新的新聞,或者檢查市寫字板從市總督更新。我們也邀請您來參觀公會招募站NEW HAVEN 和月神(LUNA)銀行的城市很多公會都歡迎新成員!
(NEW HAVEN 和月神(LUNA)銀行  設有公會招募新人攤位)

(有新的公會戰系統  以及 玩家扮演的顧問  還有新的3D客戶端-畫面華麗、介面靈活)

(新增公海擴充包、國王典藏包等   其實地城及掉寶設定變更很多)

(可前往帳號管理網頁 )

(ENHANCED :3D加強版  ;  CLASSIC:傳統介面  )

(現在UO官網收費   1290元/ 6個月,另外可用信用卡-但最貴)



Whether these are your first steps into Britannia or you are a seasoned veteran, King Blackthorn is delighted to welcome you! You are encouraged to visit the cities of Britannia and explore the various goings on. City banks are a hub for trade and socialization. Be sure to listen to Town Criers for the latest News, or check the City Bulletin Boards for updates from the City Governor. We also invite you to visit the Guild Recruitment stations in the cities of New Haven and Luna Bank as many guilds are welcoming new members!

While you are enjoying your visit to the lands of Britannia please check out the new Vice vs Virtue system. You can read more about this system and the other features of Publish 86 here. We have introduced Advisors in the world to help you with your questions and minor issues you might have in the game. When they are available you may contact an Advisor by opening your paperdoll and clicking on the help button, then select "Contact and Advisor" at the top. We have also been working with one of our talented players and created a sharp new UI for the Enhanced client.

If it has been some time since you last visited Britannia, we have added new sea adventures with our High Seas expansion which includes smooth boat movement, so be sure to go for a sail during your visit! There are also new house add-ons available via the King’s Collection booster pack, now you too can live like a King! There are many new encounters and features to experience, you can catch up on all of our past patch notes here.

If you are having trouble with getting acquainted with the game you can check out our Player's Guide. If you are having trouble with the account management page or need help with changing out any credit card information we have video tutorials available to help you through the process of Updating Payment Information and Recovering Accounts. When you are ready to play simply download either the Enhanced or Classic clients.

Please note that Return to Britannia will begin Wednesday October 1, 2014 and continue for 30 days and end October 31, 2014

Thank You for playing Ultima Online! Long Live Britannia!

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