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樓主 Andy andyhsieh090


Release time for digital assets has been set for Halloween - Midnight, October 31st, London time. If you'd like to view the countdown online, you can follow this link.
Digital content will be available as file downloads (via Mega), videos will also be made available on YouTube and Vimeo, sound files on SoundCloud, and other elements released via my blog. All links and sites will be shared in full via an update here on Kickstarter.


  • High Resolution PDF of Alice: Otherlands Art Book (50 pages, full colour)
  • Alice: Otherlands Logos / Spicy Horse Logos
  • "Leviathan" Conceptual artwork - (Alice Dress Renders, Environment Concepts, Model Test Renders, Rendered Images/Stills, Story boards)
  • "A Night at the Opera" Conceptual artwork - (Dragon Test Footage, Production Photos, Sketches, Storyboards)
  • Alice: Otherlands MP3's Soundtrack/Score - 2x MP3's, composed by Walter Sickert
  • Alice: Otherlands Wall Poster Artwork - High Resolution Download - 600mm x 1630mm approx
  • Alice: Otherlands Graphics/Borders + Alex's Artwork - 7x full colour illustrations + collection of design elements used in A:OL media
  • Alice: Otherlands Blu-Ray & DVD cover/disc artwork - Suitable for printing or digital application
  • High Resolution copies of all Spicy Horse Alice: Otherlands Artwork, suitable for printing- 22 full colour illustrations, namely;
  • A Royal Blue Knight - Shu Yan
  • A Wilde Mind - Zeng Shuo
  • Above the Clouds - Shu Yan
  • Alice 20000 Leagues Under - Joey Zeng
  • Butchers Mind - Tyler Lockett
  • Butchers Mind II - Luis Melo
  • Lust, Money & Time - Zeng Shuo
  • Otherlands Gallery of Minds - Lin Ran
  • Painter's Mind - Fancy
  • Stone Queen - Zeng Shuo
  • The Mind of Arthur Conan Doyle - Zeng Shuo
  • The Mind of Bram Stoker - Shu Yan
  • The Mind of Charles Darwin - Pt1 - Zeng Shuo
  • The Mind of Charles Darwin - Pt2 - Zeng Shuo
  • The Mind of Henri Matisse - Nako
  • The Mind of Robert Lewis Stevenson - Zeng Shuo
  • The Mind of Sarah Bernhardt - Zeng Shuo
  • The Mind of Thomas Edison - Nako
  • The Mind of Vincent Van Gogh - Chen Xue Jiao
  • The Mind of William Morris - Nako
  • The Others - Alice Otherlands
  • Wonderland Transformed - Tyler Lockett

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