LV. 6
GP 2


樓主 軒轅劍‧筆耕者 yingjheng
Chapter 1 [a mission]
They are those from whom heavy snow flies on the other hand, and the piece of snow is free according to the raging wind and who fly and dance........
This is the ground where before Cin and Dong Jin fight a decisive battle soon, and is here .....
One war which cannot be escaped starts without the time which both sides swell shaking and ceasing to an ear........
Sound which can use to raise the prosperous cry of thirst for blood as an ear, and bumps into war and each other in a distant place ......
coldhearted heavy snow without it ceases from empty falling a cold wind ........
It carries out and is also snow and .......... which dyes instantly and has the fishy red of 1st page blood.
Dong Jin failure beam
It is in the district which is not a long distance. Barracks of the unit of Dong Jin
[ "I will make you of Huanyuanjhih escape early" ] One captain is to the youth of the 1st place.
「No! General! I am ? which can escape how.」The head which a youth hardens is shaken.

「"You are a helpful material. giving being also prodigal a life is offered to a life precious for righteousness without being needed "」
The solemn and dignified thing of a captain's countenance is looking at the youth, and shook the hand for a while.「"I will make you walk immediately."」
「"Ouch ......" 」Two persons see in the sound direction...
Sound of a sad cry .... It enters from the supplementary biography of a door. .... .... The sound of a gait descends outside the door at this time again......
One person follows the young girl who builds an iron mask, and walks and enters.
It goes to have a hand and to dye the long sword of blood.
It mentions to a general and 1 language is not taken out.
「When seen, the outer defense whose she protects a gate was killed. It is fixed!」The youth considers.
A girl turns on a general by a unit of one step. The situation is wrong, and comes out and a youth looks at a certain thing. The sword on the waist is extracted in a hurry.
It is opposed to a girl.
A captain can believe his eye hardly instantly. He is absent-minded and it sits down on the ground. It does not move, even if it moves.
A girl meets a form. The long sword in a hand is inserted in the ground. The sword of the ancient times of the color of the bronze on the waist is extracted. It points out facing and going to a youth.
Both sides begin you, and come and pass through you to me. The sword is brandished as the partner. However, it is a sake when a girl's art of fencing makes a plan to a top higher than a youth. A youth's sword raised to the effect of a girl's sword dance, and was flipped. A youth is surprised.
A girl takes advantaging of an opportunity and supports an ancient sword on a youth's neck. A youth does not have no room to maneuver. The eye of two animals faces a girl squarely. A girl's look hits with a youth exactly and is together.
Suddenly, the girl looked blank and resided. The head which became low remembers a certain thing completely. Two persons have punishment very visible to a bad thing under such an atmosphere.
A girl wants to have shaken the head and to forget a certain thing completely.
And it became a fist without having grasped the left hand of a sword, and it shook at the youth, and went to the other side.
A youth is surprised. It is not of use for dodging the body. it obtains and shines besides 3m on this boxing, and moreover, on the ground, consciousness is careless and pushes down.

After a girl moves a youth and consciousness is careless, a hand is placed downward and a sword is again turned on a general.
The expression and the whole body which a captain's whole face fears -- it asks for the thing which continue continually and to shiver, and a girl sparing life However, a girl does not hear the talk at all.
A youth wakes up, discovers that danger has a general, leaves in a hurry, and has a sword.
However, it did not already do..........
A girl gives the sword of the ancient times of a bronze color highly, and shakes and gets down to a captain..........
The fresh blood of one line has blown off........
Simultaneously, the sword will in which the youth is doing anger is waved to a girl..........
「"No! ..........」 A person girl is surprised out of a dream, and wakes up, and the head is performed and risks a cold sweat.
After a girl's sitting down and leaving, wiping the sweat on one's brow with cloth just for a moment and finishing wiping, it begins to be lost in thought deeply.
「It is ." to which it thinks that it is amusing and, as for me, all dream of that memory why recently? "」A girl's idea stopped and the shadow of a youth there appeared suddenly in mind.
「"-- you are whom after all -- the appearance which continues one after another why is in my dream ?"」A girl says a soliloquy.
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