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【情報】i皇 400晶片與495晶片主機板無意之間亮相

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It's amazing how you can find the most interesting information in obscure places. Intel's latest Server Chipset Driver (10.1.18010.8141) brings support for the Comet Lake and Ice Lake PCH-LP (Platform Controller Hub - Low Power). The update also serves as a hint that the respective processors are en route.
The README file for the driver package sheds some light on Intel's branding for the upcoming chipsets. Apparently, Intel will use 400-series branding to refer to the Comet Lake (CML) chipset. This makes perfect sense because Comet Lake is the planned successor to replace Coffee Lake (CFL), which is affiliated with the 300-series moniker. And yes, Comet Lake will still be on the 14nm process node.
A recent leak reveals that Intel will reportedly use the 10000-series naming convention for the upcoming Comet Lake processors after running out of four-digit model names. Comet Lake parts will feature up to 10 cores, which is unprecedented for an Intel mainstream processor.
On the flipside, the Ice Lake (ICL) chipset, which is set to replace Cannon Lake (CNL), will carry the 495-series branding. We don't blame you if you've never heard of (or forgotten) about Cannon Lake. Other than being the first processor to be produced under the 10nm manufacturing process, Cannon Lake has nothing else to its name. As far as we know, the Intel Core i3-8121U dual-core processor is (or was) the only Cannon Lake chip to see the light of day.
Ice Lake aims to change consumers' perception of Intel's 10nm node and hopefully help the company forget about the whole Cannon Lake fiasco. The new processors are expected to jump out of the 10nm+ frying pan and come with a few eye-popping features, such as support for the Thunderbolt 3 and Wi-Fi 6 (also known as 802.11ax) standard. Not to mention that Ice Lake chips will feature double the L2 cache capacity that Intel hasn't changed since the Nehalem period.
However, Ice Lake's Gen11 iGPU (Integrated Graphics Processing Unit) steals the show. Gen11 reportedly delivers up to one teraflop of 32-bit and two teraflops of 16-bit floating point performance. Some benchmarks have shown that Gen11 can effectively take on some of AMD's integrated graphics solutions.
Intel's most recent desktop client roadmap suggests that Comet Lake will land in the last quarter of the year while Ice Lake won't arrive until 2020.

It looks like Intel’s upcoming Comet Lake-S processors will end up being supported on a new socket, ending backward compatibility on existing motherboards. According to the latest leaks & listings within the new Intel server chipset driver, there are at least two chipset generations after 300 series that are planned for launch for next-generation processors.

Intel Comet Lake-S Supported on 400 Series Motherboards With New LGA Socket, 10nm Ice Lake-S Will Be Compatible With 495 Series Boards

The listing in the new Intel chipset driver mentions the 400 series and the 495 series chipset families. Currently, the 8th and 9th Generation family are compatible with 300 series boards which feature the LGA 1151 V2 socket. The LGA 1151 V2 socket was a revised version of the LGA 1151 V1, featuring a different pin layout and configuration (more here). This meant that while the 6th & 7th Gen CPUs ran on the LGA 1151 V1 socket, they couldn’t run on the LGA 1151 V2. Similarly, 8th and 9th Gen CPUs weren’t backward compatible.

It looks like Intel wants to make their sockets last two CPU generations and hence, the upcoming 10th Gen CPUs (Comet Lake-S) would also be supported by an entirely new LGA socket. Now, it is mentioned by Momomo_US that the new socket will feature more pins, so it isn’t just a layout change, but an entirely new socket if this is true. The socket will be used on the new 400 series motherboards which will include the Z490 motherboards series as the flagship mainstream chipset for K series processors.
The reason why a new socket is required is that the Comet Lake-S family is expected to feature 10 cores and as such, it would require more power from the socket. The new socket will be optimized for the upcoming processors and should help deliver stable operation. The Comet Lake-S series is confirmed to be part of the 10th Generation family, featuring the 10000 series nomenclature as confirmed in a mobility lineup leak.
The other chipset in the listing is the 495 series which is designed for future Ice Lake-S processors. Now we know that 10nm isn’t coming to mainstream users till 2021 from the recent roadmap leak, but there’s a slight chance that Intel’s Rocket Lake-S CPUs which are expected to launch in 2020 might feature compatibility with the new chipset. The reason being that there’s a rumor going on that Intel’s Sunny Cove core architecture is being ported to 14nm and there’s a chance that Rocket Lake-S processors would be utilizing that. Since Sunny Cove is the same core architecture which will be used on Ice Lake 10nm processors, it might be possible that Intel’s consumer desktop line of Rocket Lake-S processors could end up being supported by the 495 series chipset before a proper introduction of 10nm on desktop platforms.

Here’s What We Know of Intel’s 10th Gen Comet Lake-S Processor So Far

The Coffee Lake-Refresh series successor will be the Comet Lake-S lineup which will feature 2 core, 4 core, 6 core, 8 core, and 10 core SKUs. All of these processors are based on the same 14nm architecture which we have seen since Skylake, so not much to change there except the improved process node which should deliver better clocks.
The Comet Lake-S family is scheduled for a consumer launch in Q1 2020 and a commercial launch in Q2 2020. The Comet Lake-S family will be featuring higher TDPs than the current Coffee Lake CPU family and will feature higher clocks too over their predecessors, so expect clock ranges around the 5 GHz mark. The 10th Gen family will be branded with the Core i*-10*** series nomenclature and will be featuring support on the new 400 series motherboards. We should get a taste of some early motherboard concepts at Computex 2019.
========================================i皇這個有一點亂看不懂明年10奈米製成冰湖登場須搭495主機板不相容400主機板是這樣嗎? (也是啦i皇不讓你用力掏錢才有鬼!),那2020的400晶片主機板與495一起嗎??
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