LV. 5
GP 8

【心得】 2K12 MP模式賽後記者會的答案(英文版)

樓主 正念帝釋天 taipeigemini

2K12 MP模式賽後記者會的答案。
會影響到「Teammate Chemistry / League-Wide Popularity / Local Fan Support」三項數值。



其實除了記者會的答案,場上表現也會影響「Teammate Chemistry / League-Wide Popularity / Local Fan Support」三項數值。比方說如果你球賽當中一直亂要隊友傳球給你,就算你記者會答案是加「Teammate Chemistry」,但是還是有可能被扣分。

7 games and counting now for your team. Pretty impressive. How much luck has been involved in keeping this streak going?
A:-+=        X:???        B:-+=        Y:???

A lot of us here in the media were surprised at the team's performance tonight after that huge win in the previous game. Any thoughts as to where all the momentum went?
A:???    X:???    B:???    Y:=--

According to my sources within the league office, you have just been named the conference Player of the Week once again. Who do you most credit for this award?
A:+++    X:+++    B:???    Y:???

After tonight's game, you're now officially an NBA player. Were there any nerves for you stepping on to the court for the first time?
A:+=+    X:+-+    B:-++    Y:???

After your game tonight, I feel like it's safe to say that you've made your statement that you not only belong in this league, but that you will one day be a force in this league. Do you agree with that?
A:+++    X:???    B:???    Y:???

All right, you guys are down 2-1 now with Game 4 coming up. How do you feel about your standing in this series? Is it still yours for the taking?
A: ???       X:???           B:???           Y:=-=

All right, you took care of business at home. Now you hit the road for the next 3. What's the mindset going into the second phase of this series?
A: ???       X:+++          B:???           Y:???

Another big win for the team tonight.  How does it feel to have taken the first two games on the road, knowing that you're heading back home now with the possibility of closing out the series?
A:+++    X:???    B:???    Y:???

Another month, another Player of the Month award in the books for you. How have you been able to sustain this level of play through so much of the season?
A:=++    X:???    B:???    Y:???

Another sweep, making it two in a row. You guys are really on a rampage at this point. Do you see this level of play continuing in the next round?
A:+++    X:???    B:???    Y:???

Apparently you will be moving into the starting line up for the next game.  Does this come as a surprise or is it something you were expecting?
A:+=+    X:???    B:???    Y:???

As the league's leading scorer, I'm wondering if you're one of those players that likes to pay close attention to the numbers. Not just your own, but around the league. How close an eye do you keep on stats?
A:???    X:???    B:=++    Y:+++

As this game was ending, the selection committee released the rosters for the upcoming Rookie-Sophmore game at All-Star weekend. Your excellent play has been recognized, having earned a spot on the roster. Your thoughts?
A:=++    X:???    B:???    Y:???

As this was the first time playing your old team since they traded you, did you have any feelings of revenge? Remorse? Anything?
A:???    X:+=+    B:???    Y:???

Big win for the team tonight, and it was a blowout for the second straight game. Is there any way the team can continue this level of play for much longer?
A:???        X:+++        B:???        Y:???

Brutal game for you, but your team managed to win in spite of it. What's it going to take to see some more consistent play on your part?
A:=--       X: ???       B:???       Y:???

Coach has just indicated that you're now the starter at your position. How does it feel to have cracked that starting rotation?
A:+=+    X:==+    B:???    Y:???

Congrats on getting the win in a really close game. How much does a game like that change the way you play in the closing moments, knowing the outcome is hanging in the balance?
A:+=+    X:+=+    B:+++    Y:???

Congrats on the title. You kept them at bay pretty well this series, and the outcome really wasn't all that close. Did it feel like you were the better team throughout?
A:???    X:+++    B:???    Y:???

Congratulations on clinching a playoff spot tonight. It's been a long season, but in many ways it's only just the beginning. What kind of an impact do you think you will have individually on this team's post season chances?
A:+=+        X:+-+        B:???        Y:???

Congratulations on finishing things off tonight. You took care of business without too much trouble this time around. What are your thoughts now going into the next round?
A:???    X:=++    B:???    Y:???

Congratulations on the win tonight. It was definitely a nail-biter. How are you feeling after a close game like that?
A:+=+    X:+=+    B:=++    Y:=++

Congratulations on winning Player of the Week once more. It has to be a nice validation to you seeing the level you've been playing recently.
A:=-+    X:+-+    B:-++    Y:=--

Congratulations. You guys were able to finish off the sweep tonight. What's team morale like following such a convincing performance this round?
A:???    X:???    B:+++    Y:???

Derrick Rose was on fire out there tonight. How does he rank in your mind among the best point guards in the game?
A:=--    X:???    B:???    Y:???

Despite shooting the ball pretty well all night, you still don't come out on top. Is this kind of loss tougher to stomach than most others?
A:=+=    X:=-=    B:=--    Y:???

Don't know if you've seen it yet, but you're on the cover of yet another magazine.  What's it like to see yourself getting such worldwide recognition at this stage in your career?
A:=++      X:+++       B:???       Y:???

Easy win for you guys tonight.  Did you see that one coming?
A:???    X:+++    B:=++    Y:=++

Enough about the team and how things went in tonight's game. How are things off the court for you right now?
A:???    X:+++    B:???    Y:???

Excellent performance in tonight's game. In case you hadn't heard, you set your career high in points. How did it feel to be on such a roll on offense?
A:==+    X:+=+    B:=+=    Y:=-=

From the looks of things, you appear to have taken over the starting role for your position. What do you think?
A:+=+    X:???    B:???    Y:???

Good game out there tonight. It seemed like you were spreading yourself around out there pretty well. Scored some points, grabbed some rebounds, had some assists. Is an all-around game something you really pride yourself on?
A:???    X:+++    B:???    Y:???

Great game defensively tonight. When you play like that, you gotta feel like you can stop anyone in the league.  Is that fair to say?
A:???      X:+++      B:???       Y:???

Great game out there tonight. You set your career high in points. Was this just a one-time outburst, or do you see yourself scoring like this on a regular basis?
A:==+    X:+=+    B:=++    Y:+-+

Great game tonight. How does it feel to come out here as a young player on such a big stage and really showcase your skills?
A:???    X:=++    B:???    Y:???

Great start to the season for you guys. Going into the second half of the schedule, do you feel like the team is playing at its peak, or is there more we haven't seen yet?
A:???     X:???     B:+++     Y:???

Had to be tough not to get the win tonight with the way you played. Did you feel like your effort was enough knowing that ultimately it led to a loss?
A:???    X:=+=    B:=+=    Y:???

Having just been named the Rookie of the Month, can you tell us how that feels?
A:=+=    X:+++    B:++=    Y:???

Having just played your first game with this team, how does it feel playing with this group of guys?
A:+=+    X:+=+    B:???    Y:???

Heartbreaking loss for you guys tonight in Game 7. What is it like coming so close but knowing now that your season is over?
A:???    X:+--    B:???    Y:???

Here you go with another Player of the Month award to add to your collection. You've gotta be getting tired of winning these things at this point.
A:???    X:???    B:=++    Y:???

How'd it feel putting on that new uniform tonight? Has it even sunk in that you're playing for a new team now?
A:???    X:???    B:+++    Y:???

How does it feel to be on the winning end of a second straight laugher? You guys were unstoppable out there tonight.
A:+++    X:+++    B:???    Y:???

Huge game tonight for someone with your level of experience.  Did you feel you were capable of this type of play this early, or did it just come out of nowhere?
A:==+      X:+=+       B:-++       Y:=-+

I bet you were looking over your shoulders for the cops after all that stealing you did in tonight's game. That had to play a big factor in the win, right?
A:=++    X:???    B:???    Y:???

I don't know how you guys lost the game tonight with the way your shots were falling. I was surprised the team didn't ride you a little bit more in the second half. Any idea why that didn't happen?
A:=+=    X:=++    B:=+=    Y:=+=

I know you haven't had a lot of time to think about it, but you took care of business tonight at home, and now you face a game 7 on the road in a hostile environment. What's your mindset going into this winner-take-all game?
A:???    X:+++    B:???    Y:???

I think we all can agree that you had WAY too many turnovers out there tonight. What kept you from holding on to the ball better in this game?
A:???    X:+-+    B:???    Y:???

I think you have to be considered player of the game with the all-around performance you pulled off. Any thoughts on how well you played tonight?
A:???        X:=++       B:???        Y:???

I'm sure the team would have liked to have taken both game at home, but now you find yourself tied 1-1 and about to hit the road. How are you feeling about the series at this point?
A:+==       X:???           B:???           Y:???

Impressive effort for you defensively tonight. Was that a result of a more direct focus on defense for this game, or something else?
A:???    X:+++    B:???    Y:???

In the midst of another blowout, you were seen laughing it up on the bench at one point with one of your teammates. Can you tell us what was so funny?
A:???    X:???    B:=+-    Y:=--

It didn't matter where you shot from tonight. Everything was falling. Have you ever felt this confident before?
A:=++    X:=++    B:=++    Y:==+

It has just been announced that you have been named the conference Player of the Week for this past week. This is the first time you have received this award. Can we expect more of this from you in the future?
A:+++    X:???    B:=++    Y:???

It has just been announced that you have been named Player of the Week. Does this come as a surprise at all after the way you've been playing?
A:+-+    X:+=+    B:???    Y:=++

It seemed like you took care of business tonight, and the team came out with a win. Any comments?
A:+=+    X:+=+    B:???    Y:???

It seems like all we ever do is ask you questions about the team or your performance on the court.  So how about something a little more personal?  What types of things do you like to do in the off season?
A:=-+    X:=-+    B:???    Y:=--

It was a swat party out there tonight. You seemed like you had your hand on the ball or in someone's face almost constantly. How were you able to make that happen?
A:==+    X:???    B:=++    Y:???

It was an okay game for you, but I imagine that you are most happy with the win. How do you feel about your individual performance after that one?
A:=-=    X:=-=    B:???    Y:==-

It was another rough 4th quarter for you guys, as you weren't able to seal the deal at the end of the game. Do you feel like your team lost this game, or the other team won it?
A:==-    X:==-    B:-=-    Y:=--

It wasn't a blowout, but you guys got the job done. Did you feel at any point tonight that the game was in doubt?
A:+=+    X:???    B:=++    Y:=++

It wasn't the best shooting performance for you guys tonight, but you were still able to win the game. What can you point to that helped make up for all the trouble from the field?
A:???    X:+-+    B:???    Y:???

It's got to be a great feeling setting the team record for points tonight. How does it feel to get such an accomplishment?
A:???    X:+++    B:???    Y:???

It's just been announced that you were named conference player of the week. Does this come as a surprise at all after the way you've been playing?
A:+-+    X:???    B:???    Y:???

Just a monster series for you guys, winning it in a sweep with hardly any resistance. Did you see this one coming?
A:+++       X:???           B:???           Y:???

Just a so-so performance for you tonight, but the team still got the win. Is that the bottom line, or do you feel like you could have done something more?
A:+-=      X:???       B:=--       Y:???

Let's just get right to the point. Multiple sources are reporting that you went directly to team management to request a trade. Can you explain your reasoning behind that?
A:-+-    X:+=+    B:???    Y:???

Looks like the team is starting to gain some momentum with your third straight win. Are you even thinking about a streak at this point, or is it still a bit too early?
A:==+    X:???    B:???    Y:???

Nice work getting the win tonight in Game 7. You'll be moving on, but it certainly could have gone either way in this series. How does it feel?
A:???    X:+++    B:???    Y:???

Nice work to right the ship after that blowout loss last game. Did anything go on behind-the-scenes that you can comment on that may have made the difference?
A:==+    X:+=+    B:???    Y:=++

Not a good game for your team tonight. Is there anything positive you can take from a game with a final score as lopsided as this one?
A:=--    X:+--    B:-+-    Y:=--

Not a good night for your team.  Does anything stick out about the loss that you think played an important role?
A:=--    X:=--    B:-+-    Y:=+-

Not sure if you're aware, but tonight marked your 50th straight game scoring in double digits. That's more than half a season, and a pretty remarkable display of consistency. What's been the key to such a long run?
A:+++    X:???    B:???    Y:+-+

Not your best game, but the team won. How do you feel about your performance given that?
A:???    X:+-=    B:???    Y:???

Now that the Rookie-Sophmore game is in the books, how would you say your All-Star Weekend has been overall?
A:???    X:=++    B:???    Y:???

Now that tonight's game is in the books, it looks like you guys have finally clinched a spot in the playoffs. Was this expected from the beginning, or has it come as a bit of a surprise?
A:???    X:???    B:+++    Y:???

Obviously the team didn't bring it tonight.  How does the way you prepare for the next game change after a loss like this?
A:=--    X:+--    B:---    Y:=+-

Once again you have been named the conference Player of the Month. What changes in your reaction to winning this award?
A:+=+        X:???        B:=++        Y:???

One thing that really stood out tonight in the win was your defensive play. In particular, you had several steals. Can you talk about what you've done to improve that area of your game?
A:=++        X:???        B:=++        Y:???

Once again you have been named as the Rookie of the Month. Your star seems to be rising rapidly at this point in your career. What does your future hold?
A:=++    X:+=+    B:=+=    Y:+=+

Pretty big change of scenery for you moving to a new team. How much of an adjustment period is there going to be before you're comfortable here?
A:???    X:???    B:???    Y:+++

Really impressive game from you tonight. It seemed like you could do no wrong. What are your thoughts on the game and how you played?
A:+++    X:+++    B:???    Y:???

Rough game at the line for the team tonight.  Obviously you came out on the loosing end, but how much did your poor freethrow shooting play into that?
A:???    X:???    B:???    Y:=+-

Rough game for the team tonight, and even worse for you individually. It sounds like at least a few of your teammates feel like you should have spent more time on the bench. Any response to that kind of criticism?
A:-+-    X:---    B:???    Y:???

Sad night for the team. But great game for you! So let's talk about your shooting. Have you been working on your jumper, or what? It looked like you took it to another level tonight.
A:???    X:=+=    B:???    Y:???

So you lost the game. Fine. But your defensive effort is to be commended. Do you feel like there was more you could have done to affect the outcome of the game?
A:???        X:+==        B:=+=        Y:???

Solid game for you tonight, and most importantly, your team got the win. How are you feeling after this one?
A:+=+    X:???    B:???    Y:???

Strong effort for you in the win.  Did you feel like you were at the top of your game or could we have gotten al little more out of you?
A:==+      X:+=+      B:=++    Y:???

That might have been your best game as a pro. You had your best scoring output ever, so clearly something was clicking. Did this just happen to be a good game, or is this the type of level we're going to see you playing at from here on out?
A:==+    X:???    B:=++    Y:=-=

That was a game you must have felt like you let slip away. What was the mood in the locker room following a loss like this?
A:+=-    X:+=-    B:=+-    Y:-+-

That win put the team up 3-0 and on the verge of moving onto the next round. How do you feel right now? Is a sweep on your mind?
A:=++    X:???    B:=++    Y:???

This team is a game away from putting this series to bed and moving on. Do you have to be careful not to think ahead to the next round at this point?
A:???    X:==+    B:???    Y:???

The team has an impressive 7 game win streak going now.  That's certainly something to be proud of.  What has the team been doing to keep this streak alive for so long?
A:+++      X:???       B:???       Y:???

The team has been on a roll lately, it's been a while since your last loss. How long do you think this can go?
A:???    X:=-+    B:???    Y:???

The team has been scuffling for most of the season, and now that we're at the halfway point, do you feel like there's any chance of things getting better?
A:+--    X:???    B:???    Y:???

The team just hasn't been getting it done on this road trip. Any comments on why you haven't been able to win any of the games to this point?
A:=--    X:+--    B:???    Y:???

The team really had to earn that win tonight.  How did it feel there at the end with the outcome still in question?
A:+=+    X:???    B=++    Y:???

The team struggled to stay in the game tonight and the final score ended up not even being very close. Do you think you or your team could have done something differently?
A:=--    X:+--    B:=+-    Y:=+-

There aren't a whole of good things to say after that game. Your play wasn't at the level we're used to seeing, and on top of that, your team lost the game. Is this about as low as it gets?
A:+--    X:???    B:???    Y:???

There weren't a whole lot of new opportunities for you to assert yourself in tonight's game is that a result of game plan, or were you not being aggressive for some other specific reason?
A:???    X:=--    B:???    Y:=--

Tonight was a bounce back win after that tough loss last time out. What changes were made to get the team playing so much better in this one?
A:==+    X:+=+    B:-++    Y:=++

Tonight you made your NBA debut coming off the bench.  Were you hoping for more minutes, or was this still a successful beginning to your career?
A:+-+    X:+-+    B:=++    Y:???

Tonight you wrapped up a playoff berth. How far do you think this team can go? Do you have a realistic shot at the title?
A:==+    X:???    B:???    Y:???

Tonight's game marks your first career double-double. Do you view this game as the stepping off point in your career?
A:???        X:+++        B:???        Y:???

Tonight's game was another laugher. With the team showing almost no life out there once again, why would we expect anything different going into next game?
A:???    X:+--    B:???    Y:???

Tonight's loss starts this series on a sour note for you guys. What are your feelings going into the second game?
A:==-    X:-+-    B:???    Y:=+-

Tonight's win makes it 7 in a row for you guys. How long can this ride last?
A:+++    X:???    B:???    Y:???

Tough loss after what seemed like a pretty good game on your part. Any ideas on how the game got away from you guys despite your individual efforts?
A:???    X:==-    B:-+-    Y:???

Tough loss for you guys tonight. You kept it close but weren't quite able to get the job done. Is there anything that you think could have made a difference in the outcome?
A:==-     X:==-       B:-+-       Y:=+-

Tough loss tonight. You might even say the team took a collective punch to the stomach giving that one up. What are you thinking after losing a game that many people would say you should have won?
A:==-    X:==-    B:-+-    Y:=--

Way to complete the comeback! You guys were down a couple of games and still managed to move on. How was the team able to make that happen?
A:???    X:+++    B:-+-    Y:???

Way to seal the victory in that one with things probably being a little too close for comfort there at the end. Did you feel like they were going to come back and take it at any point, or were you comfortable with the lead for the most part?
A:==+    X:==+    B:=++    Y:=++

We are starting to hear talk that you could possibly be traded to one of a few different teams. Are you aware of this?
A:=++     X:???    B:???    Y:???

We just heard from the league that you've been named to this year's All-Star team. You've played well, but would you say this is something you expected?
A:=-=    X:???    B:???    Y:=-=

Welcome to an NBA starting five. You have to be excited about the chance to prove yourself as a starter. Any thoughts you'd like to share?
A:=-+    X:???    B:???    Y:???

Well, congratulations on breaking the NBA record for points scored in a game. That's a pretty incredible feat! You have now surpassed some of the legends in the history of the league. How does it feel to be in their company?
A:=++    X:???    B:???    Y:???

Well, it all comes down to game 7. And you guys will be playing at home. You gotta feel like you're in the driver's seat at this point, right?
A:???    X:=++    B:-++    Y:???

Well, it looks like your season has come to an end tonight. What do you have to say about the way the series turned out?
A:???    X:???    B:=--    Y:???

Well, that wasn't the best way to follow what was a really solid win last game. What took all the wind out of your sails tonight?
A:???    X:???    B:???    Y:=+=

Well, you did it. How does it feel to have secured a berth in the NBA Finals? Has it sunk in yet?
A:+++    X:???    B:???    Y:???

Well, you guys had a great shooting night, but somehow weren't the better team. What happened out there that prevented you from getting the win?
A=--    X:???    B:???    Y:???

Well, your team won, but no thanks to you. Word is that a few of your teammates were even grumbling about your performance despite the win. How do you feel about that kind of talk?
A:---    X:???    B:???    Y:???

Were starting to hear a lot of talk that you could possibly being moved to one of a few different teams. Are you aware of any of this?
A:=++    X:+-+    B:???    Y:???

We've certainly seen bigger games from you out there. In fact, I'd even say you looked a little complacent at times tonight. Any response?
A:=--    X:???    B:???    Y:???

What are your feelings about personal accolades?  Does it matter to you to do things like winning a scoring title or make an all-star game?
A:==+    X:+-+       B:=++       Y:+++

With All-Star Weekend coming to a close, how would you rate the experience overall? Everything go pretty well?
A:=++    X:=++    B:???    Y:???

With the result of tonight's game, you guys have officially clinched a playoff spot.  How do you handle the rest of the season?  Do you take your foot off of the gas pedal for a little bit or do you keep going full speed ahead?
A:???    X:+-+    B:+++    Y:???

With the team in its worst slump of the season, this being your seventh straight loss, what is morale like in the locker room? Do you think a personnel change is in order here?
A:+--    X:+=-    B:???    Y:???

Word has just come down from the league that you have been awarded the Player of the Month award. Does something like this create any sort of momentum that will help the team as a whole?
A:+++    X:+++    B:-+=    Y:=-+

Word is spreading around the league that you've made it known you aren't happy here and want to be shipped to another team. Can you set the record straight?
A:???    X:+=+    B:???    Y:???

Yet another double-double tonight, and now you've got a pretty good streak going. Is there something you can point to that has allowed you to play at such a high level recently?
A:???        X:???        B:=++        Y:???

You certainly had a solid game even if the team didn't end up winning. In a situation like this, does it feel like your teammates let you down at all?
A:++=     X:???      B:???     Y:???

You could have kept your team alive with that shot at the end, but it didn't fall. Do you think you could have worked for a better shot or that maybe you could have passed the ball off?
A:???    X:???    B:=+-    Y:???

You debuted your new shoes in the game tonight. They're looking good. Did you ever think growing up that there would be a point in your life where you'd be designing your own custom shoes that millions of kids out there are going to wear? How does that feel?
A:=++    X:=++    B:???    Y:???

You did everything you could tonight to keep your team in the game, but it wasn't enough. What are you able to take from a good performance like that knowing that it came in a loss?
A:=+=    X:=+=    B:-+-    Y:=+=

You filled up the stat sheet really well tonight, but it wasn't enough to get your team the win. Was there anything else you could have done that might have led to a different outcome?
A:=+=    X:???    B:???    Y:???

You gotta be happy to have taken home court advantage back starting this series out on the road. How does that factor into things as the team heads home tonight?
A:???    X:+++    B:???    Y:???

You guys followed up a huge win last game by dominating again tonight. Is this the kind of performance that can spur the team to a whole new level of play?
A:???        X:+++        B:???        Y:???

You guys go up 1-0 with the win tonight, getting things off on the right foot in this series. How do you capitalize on that moving forward to Game 2?
A:+++    X:+++    B:???    Y:???

You guys got blown out, second game in a row. How does the team recover from this?
A:???    X:=--    B:???    Y:???

You guys had a chance all the way until the end, but it seemed like tonight wasn't your night.  Does this loss sting any more than normal knowing you guys were right there?
A:==-    X:==-    B:=+-    Y:???

You guys managed to hold them off in a game that was probably a little closer than you would have liked.  How do you feel about the teams performance tonight?
A:==+    X:+=+    B:=++    Y:???

You guys put on a shooting clinic tonight, so it must be a bit of a shock to not be sitting here talking about your big win. What kept your team from getting the W out there?
A:???    X:+--    B:???    Y:???

You guys really shot the ball poorly tonight, but somehow managed to get the win.  Does that make it bittersweet at all?
A:+-+    X:+-+    B:???    Y:==+

You guys took care of business at home, winning the first two games and putting the pressure on the other guys to hold serve on their home court. What's the plan for this team to try to steal one on the road?
A:???    X:=++    B:???    Y:=++

You guys were firing on all cylinders out there tonight. That's got to be a win that makes you feel good about the team as a whole. Agree or disagree?
A:???    X:???    B:+++    Y:???

You were great defensively tonight, racking up steal after steal. Is that any consolation to the fact that you guys still lost the game?
A:???    X:+==    B:???    Y:???

You guys were rolling tonight, and you really seemed to be feeling it with your shot. How much of a factor did that play in the win?
A:+++    X:+++    B:???    Y:???

You had the ball in your hands so much tonight, you have to feel like this loss is on you. Is that an accurate statement to make?
A:???       X:=--       B:???       Y:???

You had the ball in your hands with a chance to win the game at the end, but you didn't come through. Do you feel like you let your team down?
A:???    X:???    B:???    Y:==-

You had your fingerprints all over the game tonight. Literally. The ball was in your hands and inordinate amount of time  So really, this loss has to fall almost entirely on you then, right?
A:=--    X:???    B:???    Y:???

You have to be elated after hitting that shot to win the game. Where does this rank on the list of biggest moments on the basketball court?
A:???    X:+++    B:=++    Y:???

You hit a ton of threes tonight, but it wasn't enough to keep your team from being on the losing end. How does it feel for all that effort to essentially go to waste?
A:???    X:???    B:???    Y:=+-

You looked like just another random NBA Player out there tonight. Why do you think you blended in with the crowd so much in this game?
A:=--    X:???    B:???    Y:???

You may not have noticed, but you're the league's leading scorer as of right now. Is that a spot you intend to occupy for the rest of the season?
A:=++    X:???    B:=++    Y:???

You posted yet another double-double in tonight's game. How have you been able to keep up that level of consistency?
A:+=+        X:+-+        B:???        Y:???

You pretty much camped out behind the three point line tonight, but all those threes certainly helped your team get the win. Was that a concerted effort on your part or just something that happened unexpectedly?
A:=++    X:???    B:???    Y:???

You really set the tone tonight defensively, getting your career high in blocks and then some. How important to your overall game is it for you to make an impact on the defensive end?
A:???    X:+=+    B:???    Y:???

You set your career high in steals tonight. Was that a concerted effort on your part or was it in the natural outcome of your play?
A:???    X:=++    B:???    Y:???

You shot lights out tonight and played a huge role in the win. Did you have a feeling coming in that you were going to be hot, or did this performance kind of catch you by surprise?
A:=++    X:+++    B:=++    Y:=++

Your shot was falling all game long, but the team wasn't able to ride that to the win.  What do you think happened out there?
A:==+    X:???    B:???    Y:=+=

You were a jack-of-all-trades out there tonight, scoring some points, dropping some dimes, grabbing a few boards. How much did that contribute to the win?
A:+++        X:???        B:???        Y:???

You were a rejection machine in tonight's game. How did it feel sending so many shots back the other way for the first time in your NBA career?
A:=++        X:+++        B:???        Y:???

You were controlling the game to an extreme level tonight. Some would even say you held the ball a little too much. How do you respond to that?
A:???    X:==+    B:???    Y:???

You were great out there on defense tonight, but the team lost. How do you adjust your game individually knowing that even a good effort wasn't enough?
A:=+=    X:???           B:???          Y:???

You were on fire from behind the line, but the team lost the game. Do you feel like you should have been focusing elsewhere on offense? Like maybe passing the ball some more, or trying to get to the free throw line?
A:=++       X:???       B:-+=       Y=+=

You were raining threes tonight, and that played a big role in you guys getting the win. Did they keep calling plays for you to do that, or did it just happen?
A:???    X:+++    B:???    Y:???

You were shooting daggers from all over the court tonight. Do you find yourself looking to get open behind the arc, or does the game just sometimes work out that way?
A:???    X:=++    B:???    Y:???

Your Coach singled you out tonight as having a great game in the loss. Does it help to know that your solid performance didn't go unnoticed even though the team couldn't pull out the win?
A:=++    X:=+=    B:-+-    Y:???

Your coach was quoted as saying after the game that the team was really broken up after tonight's loss.  In fact, he said a couple of the guys were crying about it in the locker room after wards.  What do you say about that?
A:=--    X:++-    B:???    Y:???

Your hands were all over the place tonight. You were constantly getting into the passing lanes, and you seemed to be knocking the ball loose at will. What exactly got into you?
A:+++    X:==+    B:???    Y:???

Your name has started to surface in the Rumor Mill with numerous teams reported to be interested in your services. How do the rumors have an impact on your play on the court?
A:???    X:???    B:+++    Y:???

Your name kept coming up as your teammates talked about the key elements in the win tonight. How does it feel to hear they had such positive things to say about your play?
A:+++    X:+++    B:+++    Y:+++

Your performance tonight clearly a coming out party.  You made it known that you will be around the NBA a long time.  Does that sound about right?
A:???    X:+-+    B:+++    Y:???

Your shot was falling all game long, but the team wasn't able to ride that to the win. What do you think happened out there?
A:==+    X:???    B:=+=    Y:???

Your streak of 20 point games has now reached double digits. Is there something you can point to recently that has allowed you to elevate your game?
A:=++        X:???        B:???        Y:???

Your team breezed to victory this time around. It's gotta be nice to get a little break tonight in the midst of a long season with more close games than you'd probably like. Your thoughts?
A:???    X:+++    B:+++    Y:???

Your team couldn't get the win, but you played a pretty good individual game. Is bittersweet the right description for how you're feeling right now?
A:===    X:==+    B:???    Y:???

The team has an impressive 7 game win streak going now. That's certainly something to be proud of. What has the team been doing to keep this streak alive for so long?
A:+++    X:???    B:???    Y:???

Your team lost the game, but you played okay, so the blame can't really be placed on your shoulders. How about this then? How close to your top performance would you say we saw tonight?
A:???    X:==-    B:???    Y:???

Your team still holds the advantage up 2-1 going into Game 4. Is there a sense of confidence in the locker room right now, or is the team beggining to feel some of the pressure that goes along with playing in the postseason?
A:???    X:???    B:=++    Y:???

Your teammates were raving about your overall level of play in tonight's win. Did you feel like your strong performance ultimately led the team to victory?
A:+++        X:+++        B:???        Y:???

You're on the verge of being eliminated, and need to win each of the next 2 games in order to advance. Does this team have what it takes to make that happen?
A:+=+    X:???    B:???    Y:???

You've got to be feeling very good about the way the team has performed to start the year. Halfway through the schedule, and you're right up three in contention near the top of league. What does that say about the rest of the year?
A:+=+    X:???    B:???    Y:???

You've just played your first official NBA game. Did things go as expected?
A:+=+    X:+-+    B:???    Y:???

You've played your way into the starting lineup.  How hard is it going to be to replace one of the guys you've looked up to from the beginning of your time with this team?
A:+=+     X:+-+    B:???    Y:???

You've set your career high for steals tonight. Was that a concerted effort on your part, or just a natural outcome of the way you played?
A:???      X:+=+       B:-+-       Y:???

Zero wins so far on this latest home stand has to be tough to swallow. How are you feeling about the team's performance lately and the inability to take games on your home court?
A:=-+    X:???    B:-+=    Y:+--

You were stuffing shots in people's faces with regularity tonight. Very impressive. How much of an impact did that have on the win?
A:+=+    X:???    B:???    Y:???

You had quite a few blocks in tonight's win, which was certainly impressive. Do you go out there looking to block shots, or is it just something that comes naturally over the course of a game?
A:???    X:???    B:=++    Y:???

You're the top rebounder in the league for the time being ahead of some pretty big names. How did you get to that position?
A:???    X:???    B:=++    Y:???

You were picking pockets left and right in tonight's game, setting your career high in steals. Were you specifically focused on getting as many as steals as you could?
A:=++    X:???    B:???    Y:???

This team is clearly on the up-and-up with this being, what, your 5th straight win? Whas has been the secret to team's recent success?
A:+=+    X:???    B:???    Y:???

You seemed to have difficult time holding on the ball out there. Was the defense just too much for you to handle?
A:???    X:???    B:???    Y:=-+

Word has been getting around lately that you're on the verge of being traded. How much does that concern you?
A:???    X:+-+    B:???    Y:???

You're the leagues leading scorer right now. Would you classify yourself as scorer, or are you a bit surprised to find youself in that position?
A:=++    X:???    B:???    Y:???

With this latest win, you guys were able to clinch home court advantage throughout the playoffs. That has got to be a nice reward after a long season, isn't it?
A:???    X:+=+    B:???    Y:???

Tonight for the first time you cracked double digits in assists. Did you see this coming before the game, or did it end up being a bit of a surprise?
A:???    X:+=+    B:???    Y:???

Wow, that's 3 sweeps in a row, bringing your team all the way to the Final without a single loss. Do you feel like that pressure is on now not to just get that title, but to keep the streak alive and make some history?
A:???    X:???    B:???    Y:+++

An impressive win tonight to cap off a historic run. Sweeping through the playoffs like no team is history has done before has to put you guys right up there with the greatest teams of all-time. So how do you feel the team ranks historically after the win?
A:???    X:+++    B:+++    Y:???

After tonight's game, your team has officially clinched a playoff berth. I know it's been a long time coming for you guys, but how does it feel to know you'll be playing for a title?
A:+-+    X:???    B:???    Y:???

Your hard work this year has paid off with a berth on the All-Star team. How does it feel to have been selected?
A:==+    X:???    B:???    Y:???

You were a man amongst boys out there tonight. It must feel good to have such a nice game when you're playing with so many of the leagues best players. Any quick thoughts on tonight's game?
A:???    X:=++    B:???    Y:???

Your team has just clinched the best record in the league and home court advantage throught the playoffs. Only a short time away to the postseason, how does it help your chances of success in the playoffs?
A:???    X:???    B:+++    Y:???

Some might say you were the catalyst to winning the game tonight. Others might say you took it to an extreme with amount of time you had the ball in your hands. What do you think about that implication?
A:==+    X:???    B:???    Y:???

Great work out there tonight. You had another double-double, and you've really got a streak going now. How is it that you've been able to keep posting numbers like that each game? (A question after I got 5x double in a game.)
A:???    X:+-+    B:???    Y:???

Not sure you even realized it, but tonight's game marked your first career triple-double. How did you feel out there tonight?
A:???    X:???    B:???    Y:=++

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