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【情報】世界更新 I: 日本 (PATCH VERSION 1.9.3) 發佈

樓主 天生之子 kevin12314

The world in Microsoft Flight Simulator is getting a major update, starting with the island nation of Japan.

A region rich with ancient tradition and bustling with future facing innovation, Japan presents a stunning panorama of old and new, urban and remote, mountains, forests, cities and coastlines – now enhanced with remarkable graphical improvements that span the volcanic island chain.

World Update I: Japan features upgraded digital elevation mapping across the entire country, high-resolution 3D photogrammetry for six prominent Japanese cities (Sendai, Takamatsu, Tokushima, Tokyo, Utsunomiya and Yokohama), and six exquisitely hand-crafted airports (Hachijojima, Kerama, Kushiro, Nagasaki, Shimojishima, and Suwanosejima). Throughout the environment, new countryside and pagoda-style architecture has been added, along with nearly two dozen custom landmarks & POIs that invite you to explore the area’s timeless World Heritage sites, towering neon skyscrapers, iconic bridges and sacred shrines.

But that’s just the beginning – this update also brings a trio of exciting Landing Challenges set at Japanese airports, new opportunities for pilots to overcome environmental obstacles and prove their skills.

World Update I: Japan is available FREE to all Microsoft Flight Simulator users, so be sure your simulator is up to date first. Once MSFS is updated, visit the Marketplace to download the Japan content bundle and experience all the unparalleled beauty in the Land of the Rising Sun.

How to get the Japan Update:
  1. Log into the Microsoft Store or Steam and check for updates for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Make sure you install the latest update (1.9.3).
  2. After you launch the sim, you can press ALT+ENTER and look at your title bar to check to make sure you have the latest version.
  3. An automatic update around ~9 GB will begin to complete the 1.9.3 installation.
  4. Once MSFS is updated (v1.9.3.0), visit the Marketplace to download the Japan content bundle


Airports added:
  • LEMG – Málaga Airport
  • LFLC – Clermont-Ferrand Auvergne
  • PAFR – Bryant Army Airfield Heliport

Airports improvements:
  • 60 airports improvements based on community feedback
  • Control towers added on 700+ US airports


  • Sensitivity screen is now displayed correctly
  • The Manual cache management UI has been improved
  • ATC Options should now correctly be saved
  • Liveries selection menu should now work as expected
  • The music can now be deactivated before or during the initial download on startup


  • The collision problems at negative altitudes have been fixed
  • Braking power on ground has been tweaked to reflect more realistic braking distances
  • Fuel consumption updating mass problem has fixed for some airplanes
  • A plane with no fuel leak system should no longer lead to a crash
  • Aircraft gyroscopic stability can now be set in our SDK toolset


  • Incorrect energy formulas resulting in inaccurate autopilot behavior have been fixed
  • Autopilot overshooting altitude capture during descent has been fixed
  • Allow to up to 8500fpm max climb speed after the new AP is now more accurately respecting 6000fpm

Visuals and animation

  • Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner: wing flex has been improved
  • Beechcraft King Air 350i: rudder pedals animation is now correct
  • Cessna 152 : fixed a graphic glitch when switching between cockpit and external views
  • Airbus A320neo : fixed issues related to copilot AP button lights

General aviation systems

  • Cessna 172 Skyhawk: fixed impossible connection with ATC when BUS 1 is ON and bus 2 is off
  • Cessna 208 B Grand Caravan EX: fixed PFD and MFD button issues between pilot and copilot sides
  • Robin DR400/100 Cadet: can now request ground services to the ATC
  • Cessna 172 Skyhawk (G1000): fixed checklist camera issues during the “After starting engine” procedure
  • Cessna 152 and 152 Aerobat: fixed pilot heat not working
  • Cessna 152 and 152 Aerobat: fixed copilot not setting master switch ON during starting engine checklist procedure
  • Daher TBM 930: fixed fuel tank incorrect tooltip

General aviation avionics

  • Garmin avionics : fixed issues with auto switch from NAV to LOC in approach
  • Garmin avionics : Fixed wrong country codes
  • G1000/3000 : Fixes on flight plan entering / duplicate waypoint page
  • G1000 : performance improvements when displaying nearest airport page
  • G3000 : it is now possible to active approach legs
  • Cessna 172 Skyhawk (G1000): fixed automatic change from GPS to VOR 1 when a flight plan or approach loaded
  • Cessna 172 Skyhawk: fixed crash when deleting direct-to flight plan
  • Cessna 208 B Grand Caravan EX: fixed default state of avionics Sby & avionic bus guarded switches when starting cold and dark
  • Cessna Citation CJ4: Upper menu and ENG buttons are no longer INOP

Airliners systems

  • Airbus A320neo Fix APU Fuel Flow shutting down left engine
  • Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner/ Airbus A320neo Fixed lack of elevator authority with FBW at low speeds
  • Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner: fixed APU fault light behavior
  • Airbus A320neo : fixed max thrust display
  • Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner: altitude target can no longer be set to negative values
  • Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental: fixed wrong approach VREF speeds

Airliners avionics

  • Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner HUD colors and layout improvements
  • Airbus A320neo : fixed missing runway in the MCDU perf page
  • Airbus A320neo : improved disappearance of legs too early when following a flight plan
  • Airbus A320neo : STARs are filtered to display the ones connected to the selected runway in the MCDU
  • Airbus A320neo : “Invalid entry” has been replaced by “Not allowed” message in MCDU
  • Airbus A320neo : Flaps “F” indication replaced by “FULL” when flaps completely deployed


  • The wind gradient when getting close to the ground on live weather has been fixed
  • Lightning have been added when applicable


  • Average rating has been fine-tuned for more accuracy
  • 3rd party filter is now sorted alphabetically
  • Improved notification system for content bought outside of the marketplace existing in the Community folder
  • Version history is now available when an item is patched


  • The community content is now clearly identified in the content manager
  • The content manager button in the Marketplace will redirect to the corresponding addon content
  • Version history is now available when an item is patched


  • The title’s audio is properly muted when the window is out of focus
  • Graphic settings UI during onboarding has been fixed
  • Apply and Save pop up now displays only once during the Graphic Settings in the Onboarding


  • Various typo fixes in multiple languages


  • Fixed visual glitch happening in camera cuts
  • Fixed wrong LOD selection when a camera cut happens
  • Camera reset function does not revert Cam speed/ momentum to default values anymore


  • CH Eclipse default preset has been added
  • TrackIR can now be enabled or disabled in the camera panel
  • Track IR is now disabled when on the pause menu
  • Improved support for Logitech Multi panel


  • Back on track should no longer show the wrong airport


  • Ocean rendering has been improved (waves scale, foam and reflections)
  • Water mask has been edited to display actual aerial image near the shore in some areas
  • Luminance has been tweaked for some photogrammetry cities (Napoli, Darwin, San Gorgonio, Las Vegas)
  • Fixed terraforming issue which was causing issues in KTEX airport
  • Water elevation has been updated to improve rivers (Missouri river and around Toronto for example) and lakes (center of Canada)
  • Fixed detail map rendering around runway/taxiway borders


  • Game may crash if the VFR Map is not opened right after starting the flight
  • Cessna Citation Longitude: Regression AP FLC and VS mode
  • Cessna Citation Longitude: Autopilot climb and level off issues
  • Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental: Autopilot switches to FLCH mode instead of catching the glideslope
  • Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental: Autopilot switches to VNAV mode on take-off even if VNAV is not used by the pilot
  • Airbus A320neo : PFDs shutdowns randomly
  • The Tour of Japan discovery flight will be greyed out in the main menu if the Beechcraft King Air 350i is not installed
  • A new install on a different install folder will only download the mandatory content and will require a reboot (non mandatory content can be downloaded from the Content manager)

You can leave feedback on various topics here.






  1. 登錄微軟商店或 Steam 並檢查微軟飛行模擬器的更新。確保安裝最新更新 (1.9.3)。
  2. 啟動 SIM 後,可以按 ALT+ENTER 並查看標題列以檢查以確保您擁有最新版本。
  3. 大約 9 GB 的自動更新將開始完成 1.9.3 安裝。
  4. 更新 MSFS (v1.9.3.0) 後,請造訪商店下載日本內容包。


  • LEMG - 馬拉加機場。
  • LFLC - 克萊蒙特-費朗奧弗涅。
  • PAFR – 布萊恩特陸軍機場直升機場。

  • 根據社區反饋對 60 個機場進行改進。
  • 在美國700多個機場增加了控制塔。


  • 靈敏度螢幕現在正確顯示。
  • 手動緩存管理 UI 已改進。
  • ATC 選項現在應正確保存。
  • Liveries 選擇功能表現在應正常工作,如預期的那樣。
  • 現在可以在啟動時的初始下載之前或期間停用音樂。


  • 負高度的碰撞問題已修復。
  • 地面制動功率已調整,以反映更逼真的制動距離。
  • 一些飛機燃油消耗更新重量問題已修復。
  • 沒有燃油洩漏系統的飛機不應再導致墜毀。
  • 飛機陀螺儀穩定性現在可以在我們的 SDK 工具集中設置。


  • 已修復導致不準確的自動駕駛儀行為的不正確能量公式。
  • 下降期間自動駕駛儀超調高度捕獲已得到修復
  • 新AP現在更準確地遵守6000fpm後,允許最高8500fpm的最大爬升速度。

  • Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner:機翼彎曲已經改進。
  • Beechcraft King Air 350i: 舵踏板動畫現在是正確的。
  • Cessna 152 : 修復了在駕駛艙和外部檢視之間切換時出現圖形故障的問題。
  • Airbus A320neo : 修復了與副駕駛 AP 按鈕燈相關的問題。

  • Cessna 172 Skyhawk: 修復了當BUS 1接通而總線2斷開時無法與ATC連接。
  • Cessna 208 B Grand Caravan EX: 修復了飛行員和副駕駛員之間的PFD和MFD按鈕問題。
  • Robin DR400/100 Cadet:現在可以向 ATC 請求地面服務。
  • Cessna 172 Skyhawk (G1000): 修復了“啟動發動機後”過程中的清單照相機問題。
  • Cessna 152 and 152 Aerobat: 修復pilot heat不工作。
  • Cessna 152 and 152 Aerobat: 修復副駕駛未在啟動發動機檢查表過程中將總開關設置為ON。
  • Daher TBM 930:修復燃油箱不正確的工具提示。

  • Garmin 航空電子設備 :修復了從 NAV 到 LOC 的自動開關問題。
  • Garmin 航空電子設備 : 修復了錯誤的國家/地區代碼。
  • G1000/3000 : 飛行計劃輸入/重複航點頁面的修復。
  • G1000 : 顯示最近的機場頁面時性能改進。
  • G3000 : 現在可以主動接近。
  • Cessna 172 Skyhawk (G1000): 修正了加載飛行計劃或進近時自動從GPS更改為VOR 1的問題。
  • Cessna 172 Skyhawk: 修復了刪除直飛計劃時的崩潰。
  • Cessna 208 B Grand Caravan EX: 修復的航空電子設備Sby和航空電子總線保護開關在冷啟動和黑暗啟動時的默認狀態。
  • Cessna Citation CJ4: 上層菜單和ENG按鈕不再是INOP。

  • Airbus A320neo: 修復APU燃油流關閉左發動機的問題。
  • Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner/ Airbus A320neo: 修復了低速 FBW 缺乏電梯權限的問題。
  • Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner:修復阿PU故障燈行為。
  • Airbus A320neo:修復最大推力顯示。
  • Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner:高度目標不能再設置為負值。
  • Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental:修復了錯誤的進近VREF速度。

  • Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner:HUD顏色和佈局改進。
  • Airbus A320neo : 修復了MCDU性能頁面中缺少的跑道。
  • Airbus A320neo:在遵循飛行計劃,過早改善腿部消失。
  • Airbus A320neo : 對STAR進行過濾,以顯示與MCDU中所選跑道連接的那些。
  • Airbus A320neo : MCDU中的“無效條目”訊息已替換為“不允許”。
  • Airbus A320neo : 當襟翼完全展開時,襟翼“ F”指示被“ FULL”代替


  • 在即時天氣下接近地面時的風向梯度已修復。
  • 適用時已添加閃電


  • 已對平均評級進行了微調,以提高準確性。
  • 第三方篩選器現在按字母順序排序。
  • 改進了針對社區文件夾中存在的在市場之外購買的內容的通知系統。
  • 更新項目後,版本歷史記錄現在可用


  • 社區內容現在在內容管理器中明確標識。
  • 應用商店中的內容管理器按鈕將重定向到相應的載入項內容。
  • 更新項目後,版本歷史記錄現在可用。


  • 當視窗不聚焦時,標題的音訊正確靜音。
  • 入職期間的圖形設置 UI 已修復。
  • "應用和保存"彈出視窗現在僅在載入中的圖形設置期間顯示一次。


  • 多種語言的各種拼寫錯誤修復。


  • 修復了鏡頭剪切中發生的視覺故障。
  • 修復了發生相機切割時錯誤的LOD選擇。
  • 相機重置功能不再將凸輪速度/動量恢復到預設值。


  • CH Eclipse默認預設已添加。
  • 現在可以在相機面板中啟用或禁用 TrackIR。
  • 在暫停功能表上,TrackIR 現已禁用。
  • 改進了對Logitech Multi面板的支持。


  • 重回正軌應該不再顯示錯誤的機場。


  • 海洋渲染已得到改善(波浪比例,泡沫和反射)
  • 編輯了水面罩以在某些區域顯示海岸附近的實際航拍圖像。
  • 某些攝影測量城市已對亮度進行了調整(那不勒斯,達爾文,聖戈爾戈尼奧,拉斯維加斯)
  • 修復了導致KTEX機場出現問題的地形變形問題。
  • 更新了水位,以改善河流(例如密蘇里河和多倫多附近)和湖泊(加拿大中部)
  • 修復了跑道/滑行道邊界周圍的詳細地圖渲染。


  • 如果 VFR 地圖在開始飛行後未打開,遊戲可能會崩潰。
  • Cessna Citation Longitude:回歸 AP FLC 和 VS 模式。
  • Cessna Citation Longitude:自動駕駛儀爬升和水平問題。
  • Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental:自動駕駛儀切換到FLCH模式,而不是抓住下滑道。
  • Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental:即使飛行員不使用VNAV,起飛後自動駕駛儀也會切換到VNAV模式。
  • Airbus A320neo : PFD 隨機停機。
  • 如果未安裝Beechcraft King Air 350i,則“日本之旅”探索之旅的主菜單將顯示為灰色。
  • 在其他安裝文件夾上進行的新安裝將僅下載強制性內容,並且需要重新啟動(可以從內容管理器中下載非強制性內容)

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今天更新已經跑三次了 (XGP一次(700Mb)、開遊戲一次(7.3Gb)、購買日本又一次(1.5Gb)...  能不能整合一次載阿! 害我興奮又失落三次  X! )
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急著推出日本 , 很多既有的問題也不先修正, 雖然我不飛中國 , 但是很多中國機場 ils 問題很多 , 微軟不知道嗎?(還是故意的?)
未登入的勇者,要加入 4 樓的討論嗎?

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