LV. 24
GP 113


樓主 . prinze911
舊版的資料可以參考前人大大PO的 konede12552(天草翔舞)
由於本人沒在打國戰 所以國戰那方面不會翻譯 歡迎巴友提供
等於最上面只放新資料 舊的移到推文區放置

■ Fixes
1. Fixed bug that caused abnormal calculation for Magic Attack due to Evasion stats in certain situations.
2. Fixed bug that makes character blinking when certain people cast skill.
3. Fixed bug related to “Beginner Adventurer Kit” that make the wings flap abnormally.
4. Fixed bug that didn’t allow player to retrieve Devil’s Token from auction hall
■ Changes
1. Changes related to “Chaos Arena” Dungeon
Chaos Arena Lv. 1 – Lv. 6 Dungeon monster spawn time change
Reduced from 70-80 seconds to 50 seconds
Change the entry limitation
Chaos Arena Lv. 1 – Lv. 5: Change the max level limitation to 200
Change the Chaos Arena Entrance to Bloody Ice (64,14)

2. Changed to re-enable the entry of three weakened dungeons
Dungeon Entry Items
Available from NPC “Unknown” in Bloody Ice
Weakened Lake in Dusk: 700,000 Alz
Weakened Ruina Station: 1,000,000 Alz
Weakened Tower of the Dead B1F: 1,500,000 Alz
Dungeon Restrictions
Increased up to level 200, 5 times a day, 4 reset a day
3. Illusion Castle Underworld
Quest Stones are dropable (Red/Green/Blue)
On quest completion, quest item will be removed from inventory
4. Changes to dungeon entry sale
New tab for Dungeon Entries which is “Dungeon”
Old tab is named as “General” for all other items

■ Additions新增販賣各副本進入道具並移除掉落
1. Add new NPC to sell Dungeon Entry item
New NPC “Unknown”
Location: Bloody Ice (10,39)
Sell only Dungeon Entry Item
All Dungeon Entry items which are available from NPC are removed out of drop table

■ Corrections
1. Visual Effect of Astral Bike Card – PW5 displays abnormally, bug is fixed.
■ Changes
1. Change the recipe of “Nix’s Jewel”
Nix’s Broken Tiara x1
Circuit Jewel Lv 7 x1
Circuit Jewel Lv 6 x10
Nix’s Broken Tiara x1
Circuit Jewel Lv 7 x2
Circuit Jewel Lv 6 x 5
■ Additions
1. Add items for resetting Bike Costume Options and Epics
Bike Costume Option
Bike Costume Safety Kit
Able to store all options of Bike Costume into a Safety Kit and generate a Bike Costume Capsule
Bike Costume Capsule
Item that stores options of Bike Costume
Account Binding
Can be reused for empty Bike Costume
The number of slots of target Bike Costume must be larger or equals the number of slots in Bike Costume Capsule
Bike Costume Capsule Seal
Item that changes status of Bike Costume Capsule from Account Binding into Sealed – Tradable
Bike Costume Epic
Bike Costume Epic Seal
Item that seals the Epic Option of Bike Costumes
Can be reused for other Bike Costume
Bike Costume Epic Reset Scroll
Can be used for resetting Bike Costume Epic
2. Add new categories inside Auction House
Bike Costume Slot Converter
Broken Bike Card
Bike Costume Safety Kit
Bike Costume Epic Seal
Bike Costume Epic Reset Scroll

■ Fixes
1. Fixed an error that did not categorise “Nix’s Jewel” in Auction House
2. Fixed bug that caused “Legendary Cube – Pandemonium” generated mercenary card pieces with abnormal number
3. Fixed error that related to skill / item cooldown could not be saved when moving between server or channel
■ Changes
1. For dungeon, when character re-enter dungeon, previous location will be saved and automatically restored

■ Additions 跟服裝系統類似 可以打三個插槽 還有字首屬性 有賦予書可以合洞內屬性
跟服裝一樣有魔法書可以開碎片跟賦予書 此系統應該跟現在飛車裝備是分開不影響
1. Bike Costume Option / Epic
Add slots for Bike Costume
Add “Bike Costume Slot Granting” system
Adding Slot for Bike Costume
Need to use 01 “Bike Costume Slot Converter”
“Bike Costume Slot Converter” can be bought from NPC Chloe in Port Lux
Price 20x “Damaged Bike Card”
“Damaged Bike Card” can be obtained from “Mysterious Cube (Normal)” with a specific chance
Bike can be converted up to 3 slots
Convert result:On success, one slot will be granted
On failure, “Bike Costume Slot Converter” will disappear, target bike costume remains unchanged
Granting option for Bike Costume
Need to use “Bike Costume Option Scroll” on bike costume with available empty slot(s)
For each Force Core used, chance to success raised by 2.5%
Option types:HP/Defense/Evasion/Accuracy/Critical Damage/Penetration/Ignore Stun
Ignore Accuracy/Ignore Resist Critical Rate/Ignore Resist Critical Damage
Enhanced Fee:
1st Slot: 500,000 Alz
2nd Slot: 1,000,000 Alz
3rd Slot: 2,000,000 Alz
Bike Costume Force Option Stats
Mysterious Cube (Normal)
A random box that can generate “Damaged Bike Card” or “Bike Costume Option Scroll”
Available from NPC Magic Dealer – Keller – Bloody Ice
15,000,000 Alz and 100AP from
Add “Bike Costume Epic”
Epic can be granted for bike costume using “Bike Costume Epic Converter”
Usable for bike with 2 slots or more
Epic options and value

1. Increase stats of Rare – Lycanus Weapons 提升萊卡努斯武器數值

2. Stop dropping some materials which are available from Manufacturing Merchant
Strange Stem
Blue Feather
Familiar Mineral
Silver Jewel
Powerless Core
Shining Tooth

3.Chaos Upgrade for Earrings 混沌強化耳環
Chaos Stats can be added to some existing Earrings
Chaos Converter
Enable Chaos Upgrade for Earrings
How to use
Right-click on the converter then click on the earrings you want to convert (to add Chaos stats)
After used Chaos Converter, item will be at Chaos Level +1
How to get
From NPC Deighton – Grocer – Bloody Ice / Remote Shop
Nix’s Jewel x 1
10,000,000 Alz
Add new recipe for requesting “Nix’s Jewel”
New item “Nix’s Broken Tiara” can be obtained from the last boss of new DX Dungeon “Pademonium”
Material item is Character Binding
Applicable for:
Earrings +6 or above and Drosnin Earrings
Earring of Guard +6 ~ +9
Vampiric Earring +6 ~ +9
Force Regen Earring +6 ~ +7
Defensive Earring +6 ~ +7
Drosnin’s Earring
Earrings must not have Chaos stats yet
Chaos Upgrade
Use the same Upgrade UI
Only Chaos stats will get increased
Can be upgraded up to +9
Success: Chaos Level +1
Failure: Chaos Level reset (remove Chaos Level, need to do Convert again, item won’t be destroyed)
Upgrade Point is applicable for Chaos Upgrade for Earrings
Item name colour changed based on level of Chaos Upgrade

血色雜商-載頓買混沌轉換器 跟神聖轉換器一樣 使用後會+1
Chaos Seal 新增混沌轉移封印
Use for sealing Chaos Level of Earring and reapply on another earring

Added new DX Dungeon “Pademonium” 新DX5人團
Entry Information
Required Level: 190+
Entry Item: Demonic Invitation
Sold at Bloody Ice – Grocer – Deighton
Price: 4,000,000 Alz
Place of Entry: Portal Inferno (219, 230)
Maximum number of players: 5

Timeout: 30 minutes
Completion of the Dungeon
Victory: Defeat the last boss and open your chest
Defeat: Dungeon timeout is over
Reward: 6 DP
Dungeon Play Time Limit
Weekend: 8 hours
Weekday: 12 hours
Nix’s Broken Tiara
High chance to obtain from last boss of DX Dungeon
Used as material for requesting “Nix’s Jewel” which is used for buying “Chaos Converter”

1. Pet General / Covenant Slot改寵物一般/誓約各能力屬性提升

2. Honour Medal stats changes榮譽勳章能力屬性調整
For each stats, old value is on the left, “New” column is for new value – on the right

3. Increase stats of Weapon / Armour武器防具各能力屬性提升
Target & Stats
Grade: Shadow-Titanium or higher, Lycanus
Stats: Attack, Magic Attack, Attack Rate
Stats (based on non-slot, non-epic)
Grade: Rare or higher, Drei Frame
Rare: Shineguard, Mystic, Terragrace
Stats: Defense
Stats (based on non-slot, non-epic)

4. Increase stats of Extreme Upgrade極限狀態能力提升(武器/防具/飛車)(極限2~6)
Equipment (One-handed weapon/ Two-handed weapon/ Armor): Extreme grade 2-6
Bike: Extreme grade 2-5
Two-handed weapon come with double stats

5. Changes related to dungeon drops

6. Changes related to Divine Upgrade +14/+15
Increase chance to get +14 and +15 of Divine Upgrade
Decrease chance to get -2 upgrade while trying +14 and +15 of Divine Upgrade
7. Allow to use Divine Safeguard for Divine Upgrade +14/+15
Originally, Divine Safeguard can be used for +12 to +13
Now can be used for +13 to +14 and +14 to +15
Required Divine Safeguards
+13 to +14:
One-handed weapon/ Magic weapon: 56
Two-handed weapon: 84
+14 to +15:
One-handed weapon/ Magic weapon: 84
Two-handed weapon: 126

8. Changes related to duration items time calculation

1. Allow reset dungeon entry count for Devil’s Tower / Devil’s Tower (Part2)
Can be reset once a day Fee: 15 Force Gem

1. Changes to formula to calculate Defensive score in Mission War
Reduce the defensive score formula slightly
Some minor updates for defensive formula

Cabal Online - Episode 20 - New Doll Costumes 動物玩偶服飾

1. Changes related to “Devil’s Tower” DX Dungeon
Devil’s Shop changes 更改惡魔商店 材料磁心不再販售 新增高級打磨(500個高級惡魔硬幣)
Stop selling Quartz Core / Astral Core / Material Core (Mithril)
Add new: Slot Extender (High)
Price 500: Devil’s Token (High)
Change dungeon entry from 3 to 4
2. Change the system message content when Premium Service is availabl

Add new DX dungeon ‘Devil’s Tower (Part2)’ 新增惡魔之塔Part2
Entry Level: 190 進入等級限制190以上
Entry Item: Key to the Resurrected Devil
Bloody Ice – Grocer Shop – Deighton 血色雜商戴頓販售副本卡
Price: 8,000,000
Entry point: Porta Inferno (219, 230)
Number of participants: 4
Time limit: 20 minutes
Dungeon completion
Victory: Kill Final Boss (Destroy the Legendary Box)
Defeat: Time Out
Compensation: DP 7
Daily limit: 2 times / day / account
Devil’s Token (Highest)
Can be obtained from the Legendary Box in the Dungeon
Can buy (exchange) for items at NPC Store Devil’s Tower Devil Trader at entrance of DX Dungeon

2017 is the year of Dungeons! A lot of new dungeons were added with varieties of difficulty and type, from Dungeon Defense (Glacies Inferna), many new DX Dungeons (EP17, EP18, EP19, EP20), epic hard dungeon (FT3 in EP19).
And yes dungeon is the core content of CABAL. I am pretty sure that in 2018 we will get more dungeons, in various type.
There are also some rumors that low-level dungeons (Lake in Dusk, Ruina Station…) will be overhauled with new dungeon play mode to not only bring back old memories for CABALers but also give us something new!低階副本翻新模式出現
Recently on Korean CABAL homepage, there is a new banner for promoting for Andromeda server, but it comes with new concept art of Armor.韓版尚未出現的新裝
I did some investigation and finally can bring some sneak-peek for you, below are:
Armor Set (WA/FS/GL)重裝 男/女
Battle Set (FA/FB/FG)輕裝 男/女
Martial Set (BL/WI)絲質 男/女
Up until now, there is no fixed name for the new equipment grade. But somehow, it looks like Black Mithril (or Black Forcium).

Change the request recipe of Dr. Mazael Ring from 1x Slot Extender (High) to 3x Slot Extender (High)
更改魔傑博士的戒指 原需求高打一顆 改為三顆

X'Mas Weapon Costume聖誕節武器裝飾

Essence Runes Item Drop Change
初階符文掉落變更:無視貫穿符文更改在亡者之塔B3F PART2
Change drop location for Essence Rune (Ignore Penetration)
Old: Legendary Box – Abandoned City
New:Legendary Box – Tower of the Dead B3F Part 2
Remove drop from Legendary Box – Abandoned City
Increase drop rate of Essence Rune (Penetration) slightly
Change related to WExp Cube
Change the name of WExp Cube
Original: Essence Cube (WExp) New: Support Cube (WExp)
Sale NPC:Mission War Compensation NPC in Lobby, Desert Scream and Green Despair
Price:Original: WExp 200 New: WExp 300 + 1,000,000 Alz

Dungeon Play Time Limit (DPTL)
Add new Dungeon Play Time Limit (DPTL)
DPTL is divided by several groups
Play time for each dungeon will be deducted from group play limitation
If dungeon is paused, the DPTL won’t be decreased
DPTL is shared for all characters in your account
DPTL resets at 0:00 everyday
Update Dungeon Entry UI with DPTL

For each group of dungeon, there is a different DPTL icon colour
Yellow / Red / Blue / Green icon appear on the button
New “Time” tab to show the time given for each dungeon group
Move mouse on the group list to see the tooltip with remaining time for each group limit by DPTL
Available to “Charge” the DPTL
DPTL group
The new DX Dungeon “Devil’s Tower” will be separated into another group
DPTL is now for testing, specified DPTL values change during the testing time
DPTL Charging
Able to charge the DPTL by Alz or Force Gem
Cannot charge if the total amount exceed mignight
Charging Fee

Add new Guardian epaulet
Drei-frame/Archridium/Palladium Epaulet of Guardian

Change “Guardian” epaulet into “Law” epaulet for Drei-frame grade and above
Change Drei-frame / Archridium / Palladium Epaulet of Guardian into Drei-frame / Archridium / Palladium Epaulet of Law
Items are change on first login after update
Drei-frame Epaulet of Guardian => Drei-frame Epaulet of Law
Archridium Epaulet of Guardian => Archridium Epaulet of Law
Palladium Epaulet of Guardian => Palladium Epaulet of  Law
Change of “Law” epaulet stats (was “Guardian”)
Change the drop related of “Epaulet of Law”
Remove drop of Archridium and Palladium Epaulet of Law in-game
Drei-frame Epaulet of Law still be available from Marquina Outpost
These Epaulet can be bought with WEXP
Increase success rate for Craftsman’s Item and rate to obtain 2-slots items
Added new DX Dungeon “Devil’s Tower”
新增新DX惡魔之塔 等級限制190以上 副本卡:惡魔鑰匙 血色戴頓400W購買
一樣組隊最多三個人 傳奇寶箱新增惡魔代幣 可以換整組的材料磁心、屬性賦予書 以後還會改變
副本地點 魔界最裡面 會新增VIP傳點
Entry Information Level: 190
Entry Item: Devil’s Key
From NPC Deighton (Bloody Ice) Price: 4,000,000 Alz
Entry Point: Porta Inferno (219, 230) Participant Limit: 3 Time limit: 20 minutes
Dungeon Completion:
Win: Kill the final boss (and the Legendary Box) Lose: Timeout
Compensation: 6 DP
Demon’s Token Add new NPCs outside dungeon entrance
Demon’s Token can be obtained from Legacy Box in the “Devil’s Tower” dungeon
Available items in NPCs
Items might be changed in the future
Cores, Upgrade Core (Piece), Force Core (Piece)
Weapon Option Scroll (High), Weapon Option Scroll (Highest)

Add manufacturing item category switching feature, allow to switch between manufacturing category
工匠系列轉換 費用99力量晶石
How to change
Click on “Change Manufacturing” button a new UI will appear
Select the new category of manufacturing and click on change button
Changing fee is 99 Force Gem
Category will be changed in the same type
Craftsman’s / Master’s armors can be switched with each other
Craftsman’s / Master’s weapons are divided into one-handed and two-handed weapon, in each group, can be switched with each other
Ring / Amulet can be switched with each other
Level, Energy maintain during change of Manufacturing type

Add a Bike costume feature新增車子外觀功能
Change the Costume tab in Inventory UI, add new slot for Bike
How to attach Bike costume Right click on Bike costume item Drag & drop to the Bike costume slot
Bike costume just give the appearance, do not provide any stats or activate any related skill

Add quests related to Transcendence Level (which reward OXP)
新增每日巔峰等級任務、古老靈魂NPC 巔峰1以上找血色艾瑞克接任
New NPC “Ancient Ghost” in Bloody Ice
Daily “Bodyguard Hursurf Daily Quest I – X”
Quest is based on Character’s OLV (Overlord Level)
Quest Progress: Accept quest from NPC Eric、Perform requested action
Essence of Ancient Soul
Character Binding
Gain a specific amount of OXP (Overlord EXP)
Can be obtained from “Ancient Ghost” by exchanging “Hursurf Letter” & Core items
Daily quest gives OXP (Overlord EXP) based on quest grade
Introduction quest for new NPC “Ancient Ghost”
Required: OLV 1+
Quest Progress: Talk with new NPC “Ancient Ghost”
Reward: Store from new NPC is activated

LV. 19
GP 340
2 樓 虛無幻境 yam244977
Attack Rate才是命中率
Accuracy 台版翻譯成降低迴避率
然後那個Ignore Res. XXX 應該是無視抵抗XX(擊暈擊退擊倒等等)
Critical Rate是致命機率
LV. 24
GP 116
3 樓 . prinze911
Improved the Aura mode
Multiple Aura mode can be learned
Old: Only one Aura mode can be learned and registered.
New: All 5 Aura mode can be learned and registered.
Remove the “Wind Aura”
Change to Aura mode
Old: All Aura modes have same stats
New: Stats of each Aura mode are different (stats are subjected to change)
obtain from requestion via chloe
soul key is available from chloe/spotted copies
Handle previous Aura modes
All previous Aura will be converted to Earth Aura
Aura Transmuter which is sold in NPC is removed, remove related quest
Features of New Aura modes
Earth Aura can be used as normal
Other Aura modes require “Soul Pearl” for activate
One “Soul Pearl” is required for each activation
“Soul Pearl” can be bought from NPC Deighton in Bloody Ice
1x: 100,000 ALz
100x: 10,000,000 Alz
200級以下所學習只有地光環,風移除,新的 雷/冰/火/水將透過任務取得
港口克羅伊販售靈魂鑰匙(10,000,000 Alz),及spotted copies<不知是不是要通關副本次數>
各屬性能力值為:(地光環統一為舊版的所有屬性光環 之後會自動轉換為地光環)
新版 雷/冰/火/水 光環
將需要靈魂珍珠才能發動(地除外) 血色冰峰NPC戴頓販售 單顆100,000 alz,100顆10,000,000 alz

New “Essence Rune (Normal DMG Up)”
On registration, Normal DMG up (Yellow DMG, not the Blue DMG which caused by critical rate)
Registration Level: 144
Stats & Consumption
新增初階符文石 普通傷害提高 (意指你打出的黃色數字增加傷害)

1. Legend Arena improvements
Change the cumulative score
A. Original: Final score will be calculated by sum of highest score of 7 days
B. Change: Final score will be calculated by sum of highest 5 scores in a week
Daily compensation is now available for 4th and 5th times
傳奇競技場改進 更改累積分數方式:一個禮拜內取得最高分改為一周取最高5次分數的總合

Change Daily Reward UI
A. Separated day reward will be shown in the information tab
B. Detailed reward shows in the information tab for each completion
Expansion of Season Reward
A. Add new range for reward from Rank 21 to 50
B. Increase reward for most of Ranks

擴充稱號欄位Title Slot Expansion Increase number of Title slots from 1 to 3
Split into:M.War / PVP Exclusive title Ability Exclusive title Event Exclusive title
Display title is still available

Increase Honour reward upon dungeon completion

Added the “Mercenary Sealing” feature
Transcendence Mercenary can be unregistered
Once unregistered, all progress will be kept and store in Mercenary Card
Mercenary can be re-registered again just by right-click on the Card
Mercenary Card can be moved inside account
新增傭兵封印功能 誓約系列傭兵可以在帳號內轉移至其他角色
Mercenary Seal Kit
Mercenary Card can be sealed and then traded as normal item
Right click to activate the Seal Kit then click on Mercenary Card to seal
For sealed card, right click to activate and register on demand
Sealed card can be traded and put in Auction Hall and Personal Shop
傭兵轉移道具 跟寵物一樣 封印後可以放置委託或擺攤販賣

#Cabal #Episode19Part2 DX Dungeon Acheron Arena新DX影片

New weapon skins from #Episode17Part2 and #Episode19 of #Cabal
#CabalOnline #CabalTranscendence
Magic Tech and Guardian of the Light Weapon Skins魔法工學及守護之光武器外觀影片


Resist Critical Rate 致命機率抵抗
Attack II 攻擊力II
Magic Attack II 魔法攻擊力II
Defense II 防禦力II
Sword Skill Amp. II 刀劍技能增幅II
Magic Skill Amp. II 魔法技能增幅II
Critical DMG II 致命傷害II
Ignore Resist Critical Rate 無視致命機率抵抗
Ignore Damage Reduction 無視傷害減少
Ignore Resist Skill Amp. 無視技能增幅抵抗
Resist Critical Damage 致命傷害抵抗
Ignore Accuracy 無視降低迴避


2. Add “Costume Warehouse”
The special costume that can store only costume items Head/Garment/Weapon
Available only when special Blessing Bead is activated By default, only 1st tab is available
Tab 2-4 can be expanded by using “Blessing Bead – Costume Warehouse Expansion”
Access: Click on “Custom Warehouse” button in “Costume” tab of “Inventory” UI
Shortcut: Shift + Z Available for all characters in the same server
Blessing Bead – Costume Warehouse
Price:2,000,000 Alz + 10 Costume Cloth
NPC: Deighton – Grocer – Bloody Ice
Property:Account Binding Duration: 1 day
All stored items are still available inside the warehouse and can be withdrawn even after the expiration
Storing requires activation of Blessing Bead
Blessing Bead – Costume Warehouse Expansion (2 ~ 4)
Bead that can expand the 2nd, 3rd and 4th tab of Costume Warehouse
Able to trade and register in Auction Hall
新增服飾倉庫 可以放置帽類/服飾/武器
不確定翻的對不對>>基本放置欄只有第一頁 2-4欄為在使用新增祝福寶珠-服飾倉庫擴充才可以放置,在血色冰峰雜貨商人-戴頓購買(2,000,000 alz+10個服飾布料碎片)寶珠為帳號專屬 使用期限1天 如果寶珠到期 只能領出不能存入

1.Abnormal display of Skill EXP in certain situations.
2. Fixed bug related to Battle Modes animation are still available in certain situations.
3. Spawning animations of some monsters displayed abnormally, bug is fixed
4. Fixed bug that bike with Appearance Change cannot be moved
5. Fixed bug related to performing quests inside dungeons
6. Fixed bug related to Divine Upgrade +12 or higher, the wrong formula were applied for Damage Reduction
Now increase all Damage Reduction by 5 for all item with Divine Upgrade +12 or higher
7. Update tooltips of Blessing Beads, showing that effects will be applied to all characters

1. Increase limitation of Blended Rune from 9 to 30
2. Change the way to mount / unmount Bikes
Bikes now can be mounted / unmounted by clicking right click like other items
Change the shortcut for Bike Storage
Open RW3 storage (Remote Warehouse) : Shift + Right click while mounted
Open PW5 storage (Personal Warehouse) : Alt + Right click while mounted
改變開啟R3、P5倉庫快捷鍵方式  R3為Shift+右鍵 P5為Alt+右鍵開啟倉庫及個人倉庫
3. Reduce Dungeon Boost Level from 10 to 5
Mapping between old and new level
New : 0 => Old : 0
New : 1 => Old : 2
New : 2 => Old : 4
New : 3 => Old : 6
New : 4 => Old : 8
New : 5 => Old : 10
減少副本難度等級 改為0~5 (舊版為0~10)
5. Personal Shop Improvements
Individual item price shown
If stack items are sold at the same time, the individual price is shown in the item description
Mouse over item to show information
Improved the Purchase feature:
Current: Click to open Purchase window
Change: Click “Buy” or double click on item, item will be bought automatically
Added continuous purchase function
Hold CTRL and click “Buy” or click the item you want to buy
All items will be able to buy until item out of stock, unless inventory full / out of Alz
物品有堆疊 修改為滑鼠移至物品上會顯示單價
新增連續購買的方法 Ctrl鍵壓著 點購買或點物品
6. Update for Merit Mastery 升級信任傭兵的能力值
以下表資料 主要台版只有尤安及阿里奧奈爾
尤安 攻擊力(980→2000)攻擊成功率(50%→99%)致命傷害(250%→500%)
阿里奧奈爾 單人被動角色HP低於50%恢復量(300→400)

8. Increase value of Penetration and Critical DMG for Pet in Contract Section
Penetration: From 6 to 8
Critical DMG: From 2% to 3%
9. Change for drops from two Reverse Dungeons
Illusion Castle Underworld (Reverse) &  Illusion Castle Radiant Hall (Reverse)
Add Defensive Earring +7 and Vampiric Earring +8
Illusion Castle Underworld (Reverse):
Essence Runes – HP II
Stats and others can be found here:
Illusion Castle Radiant Hall (Reverse):
Essence Runes – Defense II
Stats and others can be found here:
120外傳掉落初階符文石HP II / 130外傳掉初階符文石防禦力 II
10. Powerless Tempus Ring is now tradeable (Quest item)
Add the item category inside Auction Hall
失去力量的坦普斯之戒改為可以交易 增加委託販賣欄位
6. Add Costume Epic Seal
Removes the Epic option from one costume then saves it to use on another costume
Costumes (Garment) with 2 slots or more
Able to use with Costumes (Garment) without epic only (cannot overwrite)
增加服飾字首效果轉移 可移至2插槽以上無字首屬性的服飾上
7. Add “Essence Runes – Accuracy Ignore” into Legendary Box of Forbidden Island (Awakened)
140遺忘之島(覺醒模式)傳奇寶箱 新增初階符文石-無視降低迴避率
8. Add option for “Disable Battle Mode 3 Armor and Helmet Appearance”
Options> Display> Disable Battle Mode 3 Armor and Helmet Appearance
When option is checked, Battle Mode 3 Armor and Helmet will not be available on Battle Mode 3 activation
新增戰鬥模式3(三變)下外觀不顯示頭盔及衣服(只有顯示三變的武器) 選項-顯示下勾選
9. Add shortcut “talk” with NPC
If there is only one selection in the dialogue: Pressing “Space” will proceed
If there are more than one selection, press number to proceed (1 equals to 1st selection…)
10. Add Minimize and Maximize buttons on “Battle Mode 2 Stage Attack Control” UI
新增戰鬥模式2(二變)段數攻擊UI可以最小化及最大化 [影片參考]
12. Add tooltip information for Runes
Essence Rune: Drop Location
Blended Rune: Material
15. Added HP Capsules Type A / B (Special)
Life Capsule (Special) Type A
When HP is lower than 1,500, automatically heal 1,500 HP
Life Capsule (Special) Type B
When HP is lower than 50%, automatically heals 1,500 HP
新增生命膠囊TypeA&B 1,500 HP(目前只有1,000)

LV. 25
GP 117
4 樓 . prinze911

日版配合11週年慶 12月份將更新EP19廟3資料

CHANGES變更 瑪瑙珠強化至+20,15點上去 失敗一樣不會消失
Increase the limitation of Chaos Upgrade for Carnelian from +15 to +20
Material for Upgrading and Result From +15, item won’t be destroyed

1. Add Titles related to Dungeons:增加各新副本稱號
Glacies Inferna
Illusion Castle Underworld Apocrypha
Illusion Castle Radiant Hall Apocrypha
Edge of Phantom
Tower of the Dead B3F (Part 2)
Acheron Arena
2. Add Fury Potion (Lv4)新增憤怒藥水LV4 回3格SP
Restore 15,000 SP (3 Bars)
Add related category in Auction Hall

1. Fixed bug that disconnect client while wearing items with appearance chance and costume at the same time
2. Fixed bug that causes Attack Ability didn’t update according to the current select skill from Quick Slot
3. Fixed bug related to abnormal drop rate of Bugzard monster
4. Fixed fixed bug related to sealing Divine Upgrade for duration items
5. Fixed bug that items were distributed overlapped while splitting items in Warehouse
6. Fixed bug that cause the on-screen keyboard was displayed abnormally in Login UI

1. Remove honour grade limitation of Glory Plate
2. Change the name of Essence Rune Level 2 to Green colour
3. Change monster’s name in Acheron Arena DX Dungeon
4. If player use specific word for Personal Shop title, title will be disappear

1. Fixed bug that cause character HP is reduced when re-enter Mission War
2. Fixed an error that did not properly apply the Ability Force ability to re-enter the Mission War
3. Added Mission War enter constraint
If there are less than 10 players participating Mission War, all of these players will get entered regardless of other conditions

1. Change Saints’ Force Buff skill stats 更改聖者之力輔助狀態

2. Change “Quest” animation更改任務動畫顯示[左-準備接收任務、右-準備完成任務]
New quest which is ready to receive (left)
Quest which is ready to complete (right)

3. Changes related to Acheron Arena Dungeon
Change the drop of Relic Box
1,000 Alz
Cube of Honour (Low / Medium / High / Highest)
Minor changes to monsters in the dungeon
4. Able to use “Ctrl + Click” to continuously buy items from personal shop

1. Add the Master’s Palladium equipment新增名家滅日裝備
Add Manufacturing
Weapon / Helmet / Armor / Gloves / BOots
1 Slot / 2 Slot items
Shape Cartridge (Lv. 4)
66 Astral Core (Palladium)
31 Discs
28 Force Core (Crystal)
Add Master’s Palladium in Auction Hall
2. Add title for Anniversary of Guild with 11 – 20 years


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