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廣受馬迷們崇拜與喜愛的 G4 小馬創世神蘿倫浮士德女士又回來啦!這次的答客問既不是在推特也不是在什麼馬聚會場, 而是在網路界鼎鼎大名的 4 chan 討論區!蘿倫的突然出現相信大家都很驚訝, 與小馬相關的提問也如潮水般湧入 /MLP/ 討論區塊. 現在就讓我們來看看這次蘿倫大神又回答了哪些跟小馬有關的問題吧!

Q: How have the characters deviated from your original vision? More specifically, since you left?
現在劇中的角色跟妳原先所構思的版本差異有多少? 更明確一點, 在妳離開團隊之後有什麼不一樣?
A: The characters evolved a bit from the original bible descriptions--- but that happens on all shows. Writers, board artist, voice actors help define the characters further and you go with the flow. Some personalities might have been a bit more exaggeratted--- I wanted RD to have an irresponsible streak, and I wanted Rarity to have a more "don't touch my stuff" relationship with Sweetie Belle. More so than is in there, but I was not unhappy with where they ended up. I haven't seen the recent episodes, so I can't judge any changes made
跟當初編寫的聖經比起來, 角色們各自有了不少發展, 但其實這是所有節目中都有的事. 編劇, 分鏡, 配音都給了角色更進一步的定位. 有些角色個性可能有被誇張化: 原本我希望雲寶是有點不負責任的個性. 珍奇跟甜貝兒之間的關係應該再多一些"別碰我的東西!!" 諸如此類, 但我並不會對於角色們的現況感覺不滿. 最近的集數我沒看過, 所以我無法評論

Q: Hows Craig been doin
妳的先生 Craig 最近如何?
A: Great! Having fun on the new show.
很棒! 他很享受他的新節目
( Craig 指 Craig Mccracken, 是 Lauren Faust 的先生也是飛天小女警的創造者)

Q:  How would you have ended S3?
如果是妳, 妳會如何為第三季做結?
A: I would have used it to lay groundwork for my plans for the characters' ultimate destinies and the series finale.
(無法看到 Lauren 版的 S3 最終回想必是許多馬迷一生中的重大遺憾....至少我是這樣覺得)

Q:  How goes the work with Mane6?
妳與 Mane6 團隊的工作進行得如何?
A: Good, but slow (because of me and stupid schedule.) Hopefully, we should have some stuff to share in a few weeks.
很好, 但進度緩慢 (因為我自己還有那愚蠢的排程) 希望在幾週之後我們能有一些成果可以分享給大家
( Mane6 就是之前製作 Fighting is Magic 的同人團隊)

Q:  I too, wish to know what Lauren Faust thinks of the comics
我想知道 Lauren Faust 對漫畫的想法
A: I haven't read them, but from what I gather, they are exploring some interesting themes.
我還沒有看過漫畫, 但據我所知, 漫畫探究了許多有趣的主題

Q:  Why didn't Hasbro just request a Galaxy Girls show to sell something to compete with Monster High? Were they high or something?
為什麼孩之寶不乾脆直接用 Galaxy Girls 做出一些商品來與 Monster High (精靈高校) 競爭? 他們是嗑藥發神經了還是怎樣?
A: No large company wants something they can't own and control completely.
(精靈高校是美泰兒公司旗下的玩具品牌之一, 有人認為孩之寶看見了精靈高校在銷售上的成功所以跟風創造了 Equestria Girls )  

Q: I think we all need to know. Who is best pony?
我想大家都需要知道, 誰是最棒的小馬?
A: You are going to hate this answer, but I can't pick. It's like asking a Mom to pick her favorite child.
你們會恨這個答案, 但我真的沒辦法選. 這就像是要一位母親挑出她最愛的小孩一樣困難
(中肯! Lauren 真的就像小馬們的母親一樣, 每次看到她這麼說就更為她的離開感到難過)

Q: Can you post some sketches of what you'd like? That would be really neat to see
妳能貼一些妳喜歡的素描作品嗎? 如果能看到的話就太棒了
A: I have some sketches I did several months ago I've been thinking of posting on DA. I'll do it next week when I get home (I'm traveling)
我有想過把一些幾個月前畫的素描放到 DA 上. 下週我回到家後就會貼上去 (我正在旅行中)

Q: I think I remember you telling someone on DA that you originally planned to have the main six have different body types/styles but were either short on time or money. If you had any specific ones already in mind could you describe what each pony would have looked like had been able to spend more time designing them? Also, great to see you here again!
我記得妳曾經在 DA 上面說過, 妳希望 mane 6 各自擁有不同的體型與外貌風格, 但因為時間或預算問題而沒有實現. 可以分享一下如果妳有更多時間設計這些小馬的話她們看起來會是如何? 另外, 很高興看到妳又出現在這了!!
A: It's not that we were short on time and money, it's that I anticipated it would be a production nightmare to make them all different. I tried to get as much of their individuality into their hair and eye shape as I could.
並不是因為時間或預算不足, 而是我覺得如果她們外型各異的話對於動畫製作而言會是場惡夢. 但我仍盡我所能在她們的頭髮與眼睛上製造出角色個體的差異

Q: So what's the deal with the Princesses? Did you ever plan on going in to more detail with their history?
A: I didn't plan on it, but I was hoping I could
當初並沒有這方面的計劃, 但我希望我可以
(之前在推特上就有許多馬迷表示願意賣腎也想看到 Lauren 做出有關皇家姊妹的篇章, 又是個無法實現的夢想...有關內容在這篇文章有詳述)

Q: Lauren, Seriously, I love you. Stay safe in here, it can get freaky at times, but we all mean well in the end.
Lauren, 講真的, 我好愛你. 安全的待在這裡吧, 儘管這裡有時會變得很瘋狂, 但大家都是出於善意
A: I know. :)
我知道 :)
(這傢伙趁亂告白阿!! 好吧....說真的有誰不愛大神呢?)

Q: Why did you choose to come here (4chan)? It's not like we have the best "fame" in the fandom. I'm just curious...
為什麼你會選擇來到 4 chan ? 這裡的名聲一直都不太好. 我只是好奇問問....
A:  I've said it before, but I've seen some of the most thoughtful critiques here. I need to dig through some awful stuff to find it, but people are smart here sometimes.
我以前曾說過, 但我在這裡看見許多值得深思的評論. 我必須在許多亂七八糟的東西中挖出這些, 但有時這裡的人還是很聰明的
(我雖然沒在逛4chan, 但一個劇集的核心人物親臨網路討論區還真的不多見, 馬迷們真的很幸福!)

Q: Lauren are you going to any conventions this year?
A: I think I'll be at Comic Con--- not sure yet
我想我會參加今年的 Comic Con 但仍然不確定
(她應該是說今年7月18~21日在美國聖地牙歌所舉辦的 Comic Con )

Q: Lauren, what was your biggest influence on Rarity?
Lauren, 珍奇這個角色是受哪個人物影響最深?
A: Audrey Hepburn

Q: Yo Lauren Faust, "Luna Eclipsed" and the midsection of "Hearth's Warming Eve" in Season 2 really feel like your work (and more like Season 1) than the other eps in that season. Am I right?
Also, which episodes of Season 2 did you work on the most (stories, mostly)?
Yo! Lauren Faust, 第二季 Luna Eclipsed 和 Hearth's Warming Eve 的中段跟其他集數比起來感覺很像是妳的作品(更像是第一季). 我猜對了嗎? 另外, 第二季的哪些集數你參與最多(故事方面)?

A: Wow. I can't believe you noticed.
哇! 我真不敢相信你注意到了
I worked on all the stories, structurally, and only did script work on the first half. Luna Eclipsed, HWE are two I had a heavier hand in-- also Lesson Zero. Can't remember which others.
我參與所有故事結構上的製作, 但只為前半部想劇本. 然而 Luna Eclipsed 和 Lesson Zero 還有 Hearth's Warming Eve 是我參與度較高的三集

以上就是目前 Lauren Faust 在 4 chan 上所回答的問題整理與翻譯, 今天很不要命的在上班時間趕工翻完, 還請大家幫忙 debug 一下, 如果有任何新增問題也請跟我說, 我會更新進文章裡面, 感謝!

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