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【情報】其實zen3000的真正御騎還沒來x570可能只是(的盧)而已!! 赤兔神駒還沒來!!

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AMD has announced their X570 motherboards for AMD Ryzen 3000 processors and for the time being, it looked like it was going to be the flagship but not anymore. References towards another premium chipset, the X590, have been spotted by Computerbase and looks like we will be getting slightly better I/O with the new chipset.

AMD X590 Chipset For Ryzen 3000 CPUs Spotted, Higher PCIe Lanes, and Premium Prices

The whole rumor started off with one picture from the author of the DRAM Calculator for Ryzen, 1usmus, who shared a teaser of one of ASUS’s ROG motherboard with the label “X590 Coming Soon”. The tweet has since been removed after media publications started highlighting it. After some quick work, it can be seen that the motherboard is indeed a ROG Crosshair series and could either be much awaited ROG Crosshair VIII Extreme we have already seen the HERO and Formula and the design for this specific motherboard is very different than them.
While the picture is one thing, a forum member of Computerbase forums provided even more evidence around the existence of the X590 chipset. Hidden deep within the BIOS files for X570 motherboards, the X590 chipset is listed next to X570. Now one might think that X590 may be an internal codename for X570 but why have them listed in the retail BIOS by two different names.
A BIOS file for Gigabyte’s X570 motherboards reveals the X590 chipset. (Image Credits: Computerbase)
According to some theories, the X590 chipset may offer a much higher number of PCI Express 4.0 lanes compared to X570 chipset. We heard similar rumors about the Z490 chipset which AMD had planned to launch last year but reportedly canceled it due to higher production costs. The X570 chipset is already a very premium design, to begin with as cost of some of the entry level boards when compared to their X470 predecessors has seen a huge bump so it will be interesting if X590 would share a similar fate or would actually come to market with much higher price points than what the current X570 motherboards are going to end up at.

AMD B550 and A520 Entry-Level Chipsets To Stick With PCIe 3.0 Since ASMedia PCIe 4.0 Chipset Launches in Late 2020

AMD will also be offering two entry-level chipsets but like the rest of the existing 300 & 400 series motherboard lineup, they would stick to PCIe 3.0 rather than PCIe 4.0. PCIe 4.0 functionality will be kept exclusive to the X570 chipset till 2020 when ASMedia starts offering their own chipsets with PCIe 4.0 but till then, AMD’s internally manufactured X570 chipset holds exclusivity to PCIe 4.0 for Ryzen 3000 CPUs.
x570就滿給力了..... 不知道x590會是甚麼樣的神駒?! 聽說售價也不便宜就是了只知道是專為zen 3000設計的,讓我們繼續看下去!!

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若真的還有X590要出的話,ROG大概會再開一個有新命名的系列,或者是在Crosshair VIII系列後面加上額外的煞氣名稱吧XD
(Insanity、Jesus、Holy Crap、Oh?)


Gigabyte:媽的我都已經把唯一一張無風扇的X570 Xtreme拿出來了,現在你跟我說還有X590,我只剩下Waterforce了欸…

MSI:我所有的家當都交了= =



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