LV. 29
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【情報】新資料片: Planes of Prophecy 的前導任務

樓主 star mark Serventes



Expansion Prelude Event: Strange Sensations

There have been whispers at both schools of magical theory – the Academy of Arcane Science and within the Concordium – that something has gone awry with magic. For the most part it, it functions as much as it always has, but there’s a difference with it that no one can quite put their finger on.
在兩大魔法理論學校 ( the Academy of Arcane Science  以及 the Concordium ) 最近不斷地有耳語傳出: 魔法怎麼怪怪的, 有點不對頭. 沒錯, 魔法的大部份功能一如既往地正常, 但就是有一種你說不出來的不同.

Experienced practitioners of the arcane don’t seem to be affected by the mysterious change, but those learning to wield magical energies are having a hard time controlling it. While nothing catastrophic has yet occurred, scholars are having a difficult time understanding what is causing the subtle change, and what the ramifications of this occurrence might be.
老經驗的秘術使用者沒有因此受到影響, 但是那些初學者可就覺得很難控制這些魔法能源. 雖然還未有災變傳出, 但是學者們還無法弄清楚到底是什麼導致這種微妙的改變, 也不曉得這會造成什麼後果.

It will come to the adventurers of Norrath to help those scholars begin to piece together what is happening, and how it must be addressed. Heroes of all levels should expect a letter from one of the schools of magic, imploring them to lend some assistance to the researchers and see if they can get to the bottom of what is happening to the magic of Norrath.
各位諾拉斯的探險者們將要幫助這些學者, 一起去經歷發生了什麼事以及如何應對. 不管你等級為何都會收到魔法學校寄來的一封信, 引導你去幫助這些研究者看看能不能弄清楚諾拉斯世界的魔法到底出了什麼事.

All characters can participate in the prelude expansion event, as the quest requires no prerequisites. Those who complete the quest will be granted Mysteries of the Keeper, which will advance one of your Acension classes from level 10 to level 11 when consumed!
所有的角色都可以參與這個資料片前導事件, 這些任務沒有等級需求, 完成任務者將授予 " Mysteries of the Keeper " 的獎品. 使用這個之後可以讓你的 ascension 等級從十級昇到十一級.

Strange Sensations will be available up until the next EverQuest II expansion, Planes of Prophecy, launches this November.
在十一月會出下一個新資料片: Planes of Prophecy, 在這段時間內你可以完成 Strange Sensations 這個前導任務.
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