LV. 28
GP 1k

【情報】1.03 更新翻譯 (更新中)

樓主 カヂィアの翼 seed1620
跟上次一樣大包,這次終於把常見主要問題修了 ʅ(´◔౪◔)ʃ

  • Xbox One
    7 GB
  • PlayStation 4
    7 GB
  • Uplay PC & Epic Game Store
    6.7 GB

  • 通用改善
    • 修正無人機有時叫不出來
    • 修正造成玩家重生在地圖外的bug
    • 修正造成瞄準時一直跳無人機而無法更變扳機
    • 修正L3GP夜視鏡融進瞄準鏡的問題
    • 修正無限跳出的任務完成 (終於修掉了,爽!)
    • 改善瞄準時瞄準鏡閃爍的問題
    • 現在任務互動優先於載具互動  (讓你不會要講話卻上車ww)
    • 你現在能在掩體後身體連視角換邊了  (這麼基礎的TPS控制終於加了ʅ(´◔౪◔)ʃ)
    • 修正你用黑豹時技能或手榴彈會導致你無法任何動作 (除了移動)
    • 主角終於不會拿夜視鏡看地板了 (角度改成水平而而非向下)
  • Ghost War PVP
    • 不讓你用滾雷+大狙一發幹掉三格血的普通人  (難怪用突擊就不太會被秒)
    • 修正改善PVP統計數據的讀取
    • PVP統計數據現在能顯示正確的使用武裝
    • 鞭屍不會給你命中提示了
    • Q標記現在有CD,避免有人洗頻 (這真的煩死)
  • 耐力:

    • 增加基礎耐力66%.
    • 增加耐力恢復75%.
    • 減少耐力恢復CD 50%.

  • 譯者重點
    • 移除戰鬥獎勵的聲望獲取上限
    • 修正思凱爾地下實驗室中的資料拿不到的問題
    • 修正一直跳任務提示告訴你馬德拉死了的問題
    • 修正不正確的解鎖條件或物品敘述
    • 修正第二專精格有時點了也沒開
    • 修正大多彈出式視窗的文本遺失
    • 從戰鬥獎勵箱開出的迷彩現在會跟你說是給武器還衣服用的


  • Improved AI behavior of Carl's driving path in the A Great Escape mission.
  • Fixed an issue where the turrets did not follow the players.
  • Fixed an issue where the turret cannons did not turn with the player's camera.
  • Fixed an issue where turrets sometimes became unusable by players after being hacked.
  • Fixed an issue where enemies would sometimes break cover before reacting to the players.
  • Fixed an issue where enemies would sometime stop aiming directly at the players if they broke visual contact.
  • Fixed AI navigation path for a enemies in Fen Bog Testing Zone.
  • Fixed an issue with NPC behavior when exiting a vehicle they were stowed in if the players shot the vehicle.
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes the enemies in helicopters would not detect the players.
  • Fixed an issue where the Taipan air patrol crew would survive a crash.
  • Fixed an issue when convoy escort enemies would stop firing at players if they got behind them.
  • Fixed an issue where enemies would not spread an alert after players’ host migration.
  • Fixed an issue where Wolves could detect and shoot players through Submarine Bay at the entrance of Shark Bay.
  • Fixed an issue where the NPCs remained stuck after being freed during a mission.
  • Fixed an issue where enemy patrols would get stuck at a specific location on Skell foundation campus.
  • Fixed an issue where NPC remained stuck in vehicle instead of exiting.
  • Fixed an issue where drone and enemies blocked each other and remained stuck.
  • Fixed an issue where Hunter drone spawned at inconsistent distances.

  • Fixed an animation bug where the character sometimes used the adaptive aim animation with no reason (not near a wall or an obstacle).
  • Fixed Wolves coat texture near second crash site.
  • Fixed character animation when trying to go under a small waterfall.
  • Added spasm animation when an ally is being revived by medic's drone.
  • Added a delay to player detection during the healing animation when using the revive drone.
  • Fixed animation replication bug when teammates were killed while carrying body.

  • Fixed audio issue where Fury figure sometimes had male voices during interrogation scenes.
  • Fixed an issue where players couldn't hear outdoor sounds from inside the building in Auroa Data Farm camp.
  • Fixed surrounding sounds issue at the Battery Farm underground settlement.
  • Fixed an issue where the data transfer sound kept playing when players were interrupted during a hack.
  • Fixed an audio issue in Skell's Villa where players could hear the rain while indoors.
  • Fixed an audio issue where firing or explosion sounds could not be heard if players were in different environments (indoor/ outdoor).
  • Fixed an issue where the Medic Skill sounds were not always present.

  • Fixed an issue where sometimes players would be standing if joined when deploying the bivouac.
  • Fixed an issue where players would sometimes get an infinite loading screen when entering a player-card from the Bivouac menu.
  • Fixed an issue where bivouac behavior would be corrupted if a teammate logged out when the player was deploying the bivouac.
  • Fixed an issue where the character's backpack would sometimes be invisible in the bivouac.
  • Fixed an issue where players could sometimes get stuck or get KIA when breaking camp from bivouac.
  • Fixed an issue where the camera transition did not work properly if a player was in the Tacmap menu while breaking camp from bivouac.

  • Fixed an issue where the camera could pass through the Tavor Assault weapon.
  • Fixed camera stability issue when players stopped to turn while in ADS.

  • Fixed an issue that caused chat input box to reset during game flow transitions.

  • Fixed a bug that caused some players to respawn under the map.
  • Fixed vehicle emergency exit animation while in water.
  • Fixed an issue that caused players to remain stuck if they were pulled into a cinematic in co-op while investigating an intel.
  • Fixed an issue where visual feedback was not always triggered when the players fell and received damage.
  • Fixed an issue when players landed a helicopter on top of another.
  • Fixed an issue where players could go through obstacles if spamming the climb button during animation or revive.
  • Fixed a graphical issue that occurred when players deployed a drone and then quickly ADS.
  • Revised priorities so that the game now prioritizes mission interaction over vehicle interaction to prevent blocking players in some circumstances during missions.
  • Frag grenades now deal more damage to vehicles.
  • Fixed an issue where in a four-player co-op session, players were able to launch additional sync shot drones after the host of the session left.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the drone to stop deploying on some occasions.
  • Fixed an issue where some players could not reach rank 10 Field Medic.
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes allowed players to go through Biometric doors while in prone.
  • Fixed an issue where MK.2 explosives and Intel Grenades were not available to buy in Maria's shop after unlocking them.
  • Fixed an issue where changing fire rate while ADS deployed the drone.
  • Players can now cancel the go-to animation before entering a vehicle by moving away from the vehicle.

  • You can now do a camera shoulder swap at cover! It will also rotate the main player on the spot.
  • Lean aiming is now available from a wider distance and the avatar is less likely to be seen.
  • Looking over and peeking off a cover is now easier to do when holding the movement input towards the cover.
  • Increased the angle to preserve the orientation of the avatar when stopping to aim over a cover up to 45°, so the camera stays more often on its initial side.

  • Fixed a bug where ammunition was not received after being picked up.

  • Fixed a notification bug where the mission name would not be displayed if a teammate replayed a mission that is locked for the player.

  • Fixed a bug that caused the programmers to instantly die when in contact with the car regardless of its speed in the A Great Escape mission.
  • Fixed a bug where players would have their weapon misplaced when entering Puri's office in the Meet Puri mission.
  • Fixed an issue in the Rosebud mission where the mission did not consult if the player skipped the investigation step.
  • Fixed an issue in the An Ingenuous Genius mission where all players spawned in Daigoroh's cell if they get KIA after the extraction.
  • Fixed an issue during the onboarding mission where players could not talk to Holt in Erewhon if they had not checked the third helicopter crash.
  • Fixed an issue in the Guardian Angel mission where Cromwell sometimes did not go to her computer to trigger the mission's next step.
  • Fixed an issue in the The Siren's Call mission where players respawned inside the cave after being KIA, without validating the step.
  • Fixed an issue in the The Great Escape mission where Carl did not drive to the vehicle if it was too far from its spawn point.
  • Fixed an issue in coop that could block the mission flow for all players if two players joined at the same time.
  • Fixed an issue in the The Great Escape mission where the player would respawn inside the prison after getting KIA.

  • Fixed an issue where L3GP night vision goggles blocked the weapon reticle.
  • Realigned the angle of the panoramic night vision goggles to align better with the character's eyes.

  • Fixed an issue where sometimes players could not join a session using the in-game lobby if they stayed idle for too long.
  • Fixed an issue where players would get an Infitinity-00002 error after a failed host migration.
  • Fixed an issue where players would remain in infinite loading when leaving a group in PvE after playing PvP.

  • Fixed an issue that made the Windows key not functional in menus and during gameplay.
  • Improved controls on PC to prevent conflicts when the same key was assigned to several functions.
  • Fixed a crash occurring when trying to access the options menu after changing graphics preset.
  • Improved the Side Missions scroll bar to make it easier to scroll when using mouse and keyboard.
  • Fixed an issue preventing the "Win + Shift + Arrow" shortcut from switching displays in full screen.

  • Fixed an issue in photomode where no visible change occurred when setting grain parameter to values higher than 16.
  • Fixed visual issues in photomode when camera is under water.
  • There is now a message in-game informing players they cannot use photomode when drone is deployed.
  • Fixed an issue in photomode where sometimes the camera would go under the map.

  • Balancing
    • Sniper weapons no longer one-shot while using the Rolling Thunder perk.
    • Sniper weapon damages have been slightly reduced to bring them into line with other sniper rifles (Weapons Affected: HTI, L115A3, M82, SRA1, TAC50, Victrix).
    • Drone health has been reduced, making it less likely to need more than one mag to destroy.

  • Connectivity
    • Fixed several causes of the Infinity error.

  • Gameplay
    • Hit damage indicator accuracy improved when taking shots from the front – the hit damage indicator feedback is orientated in a top-down fashion rather than from player’s perspective.
    • Shooting downed enemies will no longer trigger hit confirmations – which should improve feedback on whether the enemy is down or not.
    • Gas drone damage now interrupts a player using a drone.
    • Improved audio feedback of the Gas Grenade.
    • Added a cooldown to the Ping system to avoid spam.

  • Maps
    • Tech Port: We’ve added new objects to prevent the accidental falling off stairs while running up / down them.
    • We’ve made some general fixes to the maps.

  • Matchmaking
    • Players will no longer join matches in progress, regardless of the round number.
    • Improvements implemented to the balancing of teams after matchmaking completes.

  • Milestones
    • Players can now pin more than 1 milestone for tracking.

  • Replication
    • General improvements to player replication.

  • Stats
    • Fixes implemented to Ghost War stat tracking.
    • The Total Skell Credits gained stat now includes credits earned in Ghost War as well.
    • Ghost War stats are now display correctly in the Loadout menus.

  • Custom Matches
    • Fixed missing cursor on setting up match screen.
    • Fixed an issue that was blocking players from joining a custom match.

  • 修正玩家在有進度的格子上存新角色後會在理想鄉出bug
  • 修正有時候課金後沒收到課金點的問題

  • 修正你用黑豹時技能或手榴彈會導致你無法任何動作
  • 修正跳車後導致物品欄打不開的問題

  • 增加基礎耐力66%.
  • 增加耐力恢復75%.
  • 減少耐力恢復CD 50%.

  • 修正玩家被防空導彈鎖定後小地圖沒紅
  • 靜音標誌現在更容易看到了
  • 修正第二專精格有時點了也沒開 (我記得版上有人問過,現在修好了,隔了半月。)
  • 修正一直跳任務提示告訴你馬德拉死了的問題 (你是阿尼嗎ww)
  • 修正警報標記大小的調整根本沒用
  • 修正幫助中心的醫療無人機沒顯示"偵查並標記"
  • 修正選單中多處的寫死編碼 (不好解釋,參見Hardcoded,簡而言之就是暴力法)
  • 修正按著購買或販賣時移動鼠標會導致意外購買 / 賣出)
  • 修正 NK3 Ritual CQC 的武器名稱,以前被叫做 NK3 K Black / 尼克3 黑掛頸式
  • 修正打開裝備介面時可能導致Tab圖示出現間隙
  • 修正更換遊戲語言後可能造成某些未知文字
  • 修正不正確的解鎖條件或物品敘述
  • 修正如果玩家在 Onboarding 任務中離開遊戲,目標板會被鎖住  (這關中文我不知道)
  • 修正諮詢輸入會顯示的是"按"而不是"壓" (?)
  • 修正大多彈出式視窗的文本遺失 (未玩先猜商店物品介紹)
  • 從戰鬥獎勵箱開出的迷彩現在會跟你說是給武器還衣服用的
  • 修正你在點開無人機夜視鏡前就有切換按鈕圖示
  • 修正無法在駕駛時使用教學快捷鍵
  • 修正主機遷移而導致公開配對中斷時沒有提示玩家
  • 修正數個錯別字
  • 修正無限跳出的任務完成

  • 修正運輸隊有時會"垂直"重生在陸上
  • 修正理想鄉的直升機重生時就受損了

  • 修正熱成像在晚上沒辦法給望遠鏡用
  • 修正火箭彈線、導彈跟爆裂物的視覺問題
  • 修正「哨兵海軍基地」有時材質錯誤讀取
  • 修正多人同時開一箱導致箱子的超自然震動
  • 修正直升機遠離玩家時不能正確的消失 (應該是指敵方,有時會看到遠處有人懸空)

  • 修正 A2 突擊步槍裝上 MAWL-DA 會跟鐵瞄重疊的問題
  • 修正P227能穿重裝兵頭盔 (真.主角槍被nerf了 (誤))
  • 修正霰彈槍第一發總是變成獨頭彈
  • 修正 Zasatava's M93 不能穿盔的問題,現在行了
  • 改善瞄準時的閃爍問題
  • 閃光彈不再被樹叢擋住了 (廢到笑w)

  • 修正商店附近能卡人的點
  • 移除「奧羅亞資訊農場」的漂浮物
  • 修正思凱爾地下實驗室中的資料拿不到的問題
  • 移除霍奇森山中蒼白嶺附近的地圖洞
  • 移除海洋中央的奇怪結構
  • 修正直升機降落在水上時沒觸發水面動畫的問題

戰鬥獎勵系統 (Battale Pass)
  • 移除每日聲望上限

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