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【情報】哥薩克3資料片part2-Rise to Glory

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Dear friends!

We are glad to announce ‘Cossacks 3: Rise to Glory’, an epic addition to the Cossacks series that will see the light of day on February 15.

Cossacks 3: Rise to Glory allows you to take up the mantle of the greatest military leaders of all time and participate in battles that defined the world’s history as we know it. Among other things, it introduces numerous new features to the game: new nations, environments, units, custom campaigns and scenarios and much more!

Main Features:
.Prussian campaign: Take a role of Friedrich the Great and lead the mighty Prussian armies into the fiercest skirmishes 18th century Europe have ever seen.
① 普魯士戰役:扮演腓特烈大帝帶領強大的普魯士軍隊征戰從未見過的18世紀歐洲最激烈的衝突戰場。
.Swedish campaign: Experience the rise of Sweden to its position of the global power under the leadership of Gustavus Adolphus, a genius military leader who invented the modern way of conducting warfare.
② 瑞典戰役:扮演發明直用到現代戰作方式斜線陣的軍事奇國王古斯塔夫二世,帶領瑞典成為世界強權口中的北方雄獅。
.New Original Units: 7 new units come into the game, 3 of which are completely new.
③ 添加新單位:加入7種新軍事單位於原來版本內,其中3種是新單位。(應該是指換新皮膚吧,舊單位新面孔之意)
.New environments: Take out your winter coats, as Rise to Glory introduces winter maps to both singleplayer and multiplayer modes.
④ 新環境:雪地場景將於單人或多人的戰場上呈現。
.New nations: Mighty Bavaria and Saxony – favorites of the old fans – make a comeback to display the military might of German states.
⑤ 新國家:老玩家最愛的巴伐利亞及薩克,充份展示德國各邦聯的軍事實力。
.Custom scenarios:three singleplayer missions will allow you participate in exciting historical battles that took place all over Europe.
⑥ 自定情節:3個歷史模式單人任務,你可以在歐洲地圖各地征戰。

As a reminder, Bavaria and Saxony will be available to everyone for free in one week after the release of the DLC! Deluxe edition and DLC owners will get an exclusive 7-day access to them and new units, everyone else will get their hands on them on 22th of February.
This DLC is part of the Deluxe Edition.

來源: Steam

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