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【情報】哥薩克3資料片part1-Days of Brilliance

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Dear friends!

We are thrilled to announce that on December 8th we will be releasing the first DLC for Cossacks 3 – “Days of Brilliance”!

Days of Brilliance adds even more depth and content to the battlefields of 17-18th century Europe, enhancing your overall experience with Cossacks 3 with new campaigns, missions, units and much more!

Days of Brilliance introduce new exciting features to the world of Cossacks 3:

Polish campaign: Experience the most thrilling events of the Polish history in 17th century. From the genius Battle of Klushino to the grand Saving of Vienna, lead the mighty winged hussars over the plains of Europe in the age of their greatest triumphs and victories.

New exclusive missions: 5 new exciting missions will take you all over the Europe and allow you to assume the role of general in the key historical military events of the 17th and 18th century Old World.

Additional nations: Play as mighty Denmark or the swift Netherlands, each with its own new unique buildings, units and music themes.
增加國家: 丹麥及荷蘭,兩個國家皆擁有獨自特色建築、單位及主題音樂

Brand-new original units: 5 new units will set their foot on the battlefields of 17th century Europe, including original new units, exclusive to Cossacks 3, for new nations and Poland.

In addition to that, we keep our word and as a second part of the DLC Denmark and the Netherlands will be available to everyone for FREE! As a reminder, Deluxe edition and DLC owners will get an exclusive 7-day access to them and new units, everyone else will get their hands on them on 15th of December.

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